The Universal

“Our treatment of children, the elderly and marginalized indicates whether we serve the universal or self and state.” — Suzanna Aaring 2013

We are One with the Universal

Kicking my feet through the banks of snow
I hear a million crystals chiming

I am white, I am black, I am
Of brown, yellow and red tones too

French and English, Russian and German
I am Jewish, and I am Moslem

I am one with Christ and Buddha, both
I am one with all humanity.

I may be blasphemous, heretic
But at least I am whole, I am the

Light on the Statue of Liberty
Rock on top of Kilimanjaro

Breeze formed by butterfly wings
Winds of change in the social milieu

I am one with the fishes of the deep
I am one with stormy and calm sea

I am the circle of creation
And the emptiness space within it

I cannot change the world but I can
Imagine how it should and can be

That’s when I remember my real self
On horse with no name, desert-empty.