Synthetic GM Crops – Health Hazard?

Health or Health Hazard?

GM Crops and Microbes for Health or Public Health Hazards?: “Food crops genetically modified to overproduce single nutrients could be a public health hazard as overdose of many single nutritional factors are known to be toxic.

In the guise of nutritional benefits and health foods, products like genetically modified gut bacteria that could turn them into pathogens pre-adapted to invade the human gut. A lot of work involving genetic modification is in progress, targeting every aspect of nutrition and health.” (adapted from Institute of Science in Society Press Release)

Although the in-exact science of manipulation and modification of genetic material in order to produce the weaker GM organisms that have unusual and often unpredictable characteristics, may perpetuate the imbalance in distribution of resources to pharmaceutical and chemical industries… the question is does it work? I mean we can manipulate genes in the name of health till the cows come home, but it doesn’t mean it won’t over time contaminate the entire food chain and consequently destroy us as a species despite calling a spade, a rake.

Instead of raking our inheritance of genes over the coals, Body’Fit Life proposes that if we want to survive, we will need to arrange our economic system to work within the pre-established pattern for a body fit life… ie. there’s a reason for what’s evolved here. Rather than disrupting the balance of the natural world, Body’Fit Life puts it’s energy into supporting, restoring and protecting that balance, with the perfect pre-established pattern of the human body as the template.

Allergies, Stress and Immunity

Soy Info Online! (

A recent experiment has shown that when animals were fed GMO foods in reasonable amounts, it caused very gradual organ damage and immune system damage. Gradual is significant isn’t it, especially if we start eating genetically modified soy, corn, canola, dairy and potatoes at an early age? (Experimentation on humans seems to have been done on a much wider scale outside the laboratory).

The immune system ( becomes active when the body is under stress. When the physical, emotional or chemical stress is on-going, over time it can become hypersensitive and over-react – allergic.

Solutions? Yes there are, and some are immediate. Avoidance of sources of stress often costs nothing except making up your mind. And now, a complete all in one physical exercise warm-up cool down and workout that avoids immune system stress is being democratized: