“Evolution culminates in the human organism however it remains up to us to claim our full stature as individuals, sustainability means nothing without inner and outer unity.” — Suzanna Aaring 2013


“Our principles are what make us human… Continuity Integrity Tenacity Interaction Equality Expression Freedom Tolerance Mindfulness… if we compromise on human values, we’re basically wasting our time here.” — Suzanna Aaring 2013


“Sustainability requires that we not only overcome the manipulation destroying our ecological environment, we also meed to overcome the manipulation of our minds destroying internal integrity.” — Suzanna Aaring 3013



“As the top of the evolutionary scale human beings give sustainable practices meaningful purpose only if our full potential for freedom is the goal.” — Suzanna Aaring 2013



“Information by itself is of no consequence, it’s what you do with it that gives it meaning.” — Suzanna 2012



Currently Body’Fit pH Fitness™ (short form… pHx™) isn’t available to the general public, please contact Meta Living Design for details.



“If you’re wrong both ways because you play both sides, doesn’t matter because it won’t serve the common good of the individual either way.” — Suzanna Aaring 2012


Efficiency vs Performance

Development of the opposable thumb and stereoscopic vision allows us to ‘conquer’ our environment, however it’s our concept of beauty that allows us to ‘master’ it. Our sexuality differs from lower animals in that human beings make love face to face. On the question of how this differentiates us: what is the sex organ, is it a performance tool, is it a reproductive system, is it an ornamental accessory, what is it? Outrageous? Maybe… and that’s the point, isn’t it. If it’s an organ, then how do we perceive it? If it’s a thing of beauty, then what is beauty?

What’s most beautiful to us is that which is most like us in terms of our internal evolution; therefore the energy of eroticism produces a different kind of cohesion. If love is that which recognizes it’s equal in another, then lovemaking is an expression of who we are. We enjoy being with another human being because that’s what’s most meaningful. This has allowed us to evolve as a species. Since it can only be consciousness which recognizes itself, awareness is the vehicle by which we develop intellectual capacity to think through whole cycles that match our innate complete perfect pattern, with the utmost efficiency and environmental sustainability. Our thoughts fit reality when we take that template as our reference. We cannot take reasonable responsible action when we don’t understand the parameters of what makes the human race a humanity.

This innate ability to recognize ourselves in each other impacts our brain’s directive executive function. When thinking is fully developed, we see structure from the perspective of whether it’s meaningful to us in terms of who we are. That’s how we determine the most efficient way to get things done. When we’re identified with socially conditioned mores where performance for it’s own sake is a goal in itself, we do things that are inefficient, wasteful and damaging to ourselves and the environment. Performance holds no beauty unless it meets our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs with precision, i.e. efficiently. Each organ of the body vibrates at a different frequency, flora and fauna have a certain frequency, as do inorganic minerals. So the question really is, are what we’re doing resonating at the frequency optimal to health and wellbeing?

When we build a car, do we consider our experience in this regard? Is it sympathetic to expressing our intuitive sense of coordination with a clarity of attention and awareness of conscious that recognizes itself in our environment? Is drive and determination towards beauty (what actually is) or stymied by what we think beauty should be? Beauty is in the vitality of substance, that’s how our aesthetic sensibility determines whether something is moving towards life or away from life. Efficiency has more potency than performance because it recognizes and respects environmental sustainability upon which our existence depends. Bye the way it also happens to have the most ergonomic structure, no more and no less than needed. The closest we’ve come so far is inventing a vehicle that gets 3000 miles to a gallon. That’s a beautiful thing, isn’t it?

Relief from Obesity’s been Taxed

Have we completely lost our noggins? We’ve just spent $70 million this past year in BC promoting healthy living and sport. Now we’ve suddenly reversed direction with a new taxation system (HST) that, for one thing, has added 13% after income tax onto numerous sport activities, including fitness and gym clubs, skiing, bikes, even bicycles parts and service. Hello-oooo (: the verbs ‘subsidize’ and ‘tax’ can’t be ‘harmonized’. Cancelling out the effort of the ministry of healthy living and sport is devoid of common sense without historical precedent.

Monkey business going on halls of law-making by people we’ve put in charge goes way beyond simply ludicrous to anarchic insanity. Tax-restricted access to fitness clubs, gyms, and sports is akin to shooting yourself in the foot. Never before in the history of humanity has government been so diabolical as to have deterred the very foundation of freedom  of health – fresh air, clean water, sunshine, regular whole food, or exercise. Yet, just as Obesity has risen to an all time high worsening progressively with younger generations, the government has made it even more difficult to overcome the hurdles to health fitness exercise.

It’s nonsensical, contradictory, and a direct attack on the green agenda of the people they have pretended to represent. Ostensibly the HST helps business by shifting the tax burden away from businesses and onto consumers. Will the exercise and sports industry benefit? Well, gyms are not businesses that can create a disproportionate distribution of wealth (to the point of economic collapse), so no, it will only make doing business that much more difficult, locally and globally. Business owners may party for a day on their artificial increase in profits, but in the end nobody wins. Not even the 1% hoovering our debt-based money supply (that replaced means-of-exchange money over a century ago) with over-productivity killing us and the planet. Debt is the plague of the planet and the money suckers bank on it, general health & prosperity hasn’t ever been on that agenda.

Can you guess who’s behind taxing our health? Taxation of what restores health to its peak instead of what has proven itself ad nauseam to have failed to, gives a clue. It has to be a very powerful lobby group with lots of money to buy the logic right out of government. Someone with a vested interest in keeping the general population medicated in subdued dis-ease with heart attack, cancer, medical & drugs within the top  mortality stats (no HST added). Because medical intervention is highly effective in the treatment of trauma, ethics have been compromised by curriculum funding sources (which by the way haven’t been taxed equally). About half of our national budget (1/3 in USA) goes to the industry without restoring health to the general population. But remember, in a democracy they’re outnumbered. Governments won’t get very far with taxation laws that are socially unjust, if we don’t let them. Or if we all actually get healthy

[Former NFL player Mike Hollis said of this tax, that if it had happened in the USA instead of Canada it would be “the beginning of the end for American people with health issues directly resulting from obesity!” NOTE: the HST also applies to recipient US business and businesses outside the zones that have instigated HST in Canada (British Columbia, Ontario, and the Eastern seaboard provinces). In other words HST has made it more difficult to do business internationally.[

[Ed Sullivan from SPORTS CAREERS group on LinkedIn made a fitting comment, “Maybe they should go the opposite direction and tax fast food, junk food, and sugar-based soda, if they are serious about healthy living of their constituents”.]

[“The HST makes it more expensive to lead a healthy lifestyle because the tax is not levied on items such as doughnuts or other goodies, said Ontario  NDP Leader Andrea Horwath. “How wrong-headed is that?” she asked. “People should be encouraged to get fit and taxing physical activity will act as a deterrent”, Horwath added. “Cheap fast-food that makes you fat is tax-exempt yet the kinds of things we need people to engage in like fitness activities and smoking cessation programs are being taxed at 8 per cent,” she said. “The government should take a hard look at whether it really wants to tax these activities when in the long run it will pay more in health costs,” she added. “It is simply the wrong thing to do,” she said]


Complete, Perfect, and Pre-Established

It’s kind of funny really. From the clothes we wear to the roof over our heads, everything is constructed out of the blueprint of nature. Yet our ego seems to view its manipulation with regards to our food as an advancement on Nature; and we miss the enduring quality, abundance, and priceless value of the regular, unaltered and ordinary. What makes pre-established templates complete and perfect? Nature produces the most efficient pattern for each blueprint for sustainability with the whole of our environment, making it possible for cycles to occur seamlessly in complete synchronicity.

In this way the human body depends on the entire scale of planetary evolution – it’s the fruit of the tree. Evolution is a process that follows a pre-established plan with the human body as the final result, the completion of the cycle as a whole. True evolution of a species is always for the case of survival. If the mutation is correct and in the case of evolution it is, the species survives and even thrives.

While the body is the result of evolution of plant and animal species, the mind is the result of social development. In man’s unceasing thought-based evolution focused on manipulation of nature, the result has more often the weakening of species. An imagination that makes as its sole reference, the social constructs from which it develops, without deference to the authority of nature’s pre-established structure cannot, by definition, match reality.

We would take well to realize that when we are tampering perfection, invention that doesn’t fit the whole is disruptive and destructive to the cyclical processes which optimize its potential (DNA cloning and nano manipulation of pre-established molecules, is one example. The lack of sufficient land allotment for humane husbandry of farm animals, is another.). Our mind’s potential is optimized in exact proportion to it’s harmony with the body. Only social constructs which match the pre-established pattern or blueprint of nature, can provide a basis for the mind to be stabilized by the body.

We cannot determine the best action to take with integrity if we don’t understand intuitively, emotionally, and mentally the limits our natural environment can bare (especially at the rate a very small percentage of us have been using up most of the world’s non-renewable resources – having children out of social expectation is one example. Another is the dispute over water between Egypt and Ethiopia’s burgeoning population, yet exploding growth has gone out of control with respect to limits of natural environment, leading to the threat of war over manipulation of the Nile.) We need to consider whether we’re not better served by taking care of our own internal integrity, and developing and implementing green solutions, so that ALL children can fulfill their potential, and not procreate than we can properly take care of.

The degree to which our mind is based on the reality of the perfection and completeness of nature, determines how well we can survive as a species. Unless development of the mind fits pre-established blueprints, history shows even religion has fantastically assumed the mental construct that the Creator goes against creation, and orthodox academic propound justified greed instead of championing reason (building oil wells in fragile environments, etc. ad nauseum). There are, of course, precise scientific laws to cultural unity based on self-responsibility  for perpetuity of the world at its highest level, and at the speed we’re approaching global limits…

Precision that achieves fast kinesthetic balance under conditions of the physiologic pH balance gives the rapid homeostatic equilibrium that  sustains a tenacious link unifying mind, body, and emotions all day long.”


Oxygen Depletion Hazardous

Nitrogen gas is used in food preservation post harvest because it prevents oxydation – like the ‘pinking’ or browning of the cut areas of Romaine lettuce. Because it’s considered an ‘inert’ gas, it is generally assumed to be harmless. This tendency to play down the hazards of nitrogen-induced oxygen deficiency therefore increases the risk of over-exposure and over-saturation. When the percentage of nitrogen rises beyond 78% of atmospheric gas we normally breathe, the following changes are observed in the human body:

  • 81% Adverse but unnoticeable physiological effects.
  • 84% Increased pulse and breathing rate, impaired thinking and attention, reduced coordination.
  • 86% Abnormal fatigue upon exertion, emotional upset, faulty coordination, poor judgment.
  • 88.5% Very poor judgment and coordination, impaired respiration that may cause permanent heart damage, nausea, and vomiting.
  • 90% Inability to move, loss of consciousness, convulsions, death

Furthermore, post-harvest nitrogen application to fresh produce combined with sulfur pre-harvest application, can complicate the oxygen-depleted environment which occurs in the small intestine during exercise with the production of hydrogen sulfide. Industrial use of nitrogen gas is the more immediately hazardous due to the incidence of death from asphyxiation, however intake of nitrogen-saturated fruits and vegetables that have absorbed excess levels (under sealed plastic, for example) may also be symptomatic.

The oxygen naturally present in food is an important element in healthy digestion and immune system wellness. More research needs to be done. What happens to the body when we eat food that has absorbed varying degrees of preservative gas above and beyond levels normally present in the atmosphere? What  chemical changes that occur in fresh fruits and vegetables under pressurized exposure? Also what are the effects of the anaerobic environment created by nitrogen gas, does food rot and molder in the gut… can digestion default to putrification increasing toxicity?  If we do not investigate and monitor the levels of nitrogen gas fumigation in the food industry (including certified organically grown food) our immune system, already under duress from environmental poisons, may pay the price.

While nitrogen gas cannot be detected by our sense of smell or taste, sulfur dioxide is immediately noticeable. If you’re familiar with the smell of sulfur dioxide and it’s various derivatives in wine, you may have noticed the characteristic odor on fresh fruits and vegetables in recent weeks. The industry is not insensitive to the fact that customers have been complaining, and have invented a sulfur compound that allows levels of the preservative to be used at maximum levels without detection. Recently, several studies have shown that the SO2 derivatives may induce chromosomal aberrations in cultured human blood lymphocytes in vitro. The DNA-damaging effects of sulfur dioxide (SO2) derivatives may affect the cells of various organs (brain, lung, heart, liver, stomach, spleen, thymus, mone marrow and kidney) in mammalian cells. Furthermore, have you have noticed more sniffles and respiratory tract ailments? Not to mention “the alchemy of sensations is the source of pleasure”.

To improve your capacity to feel good in the meantime – optimize cellular oxygen-absorption and pH balance in the deep organs. Body’Fit Life offers a unique warm-up cool down to radically increase absorption of oxygen by making all the tissues of the body metabolically active during exercise, not only the muscles as is usually the case. It’s explained in detail here how to rev up oxygen reserves with unprecedented sustainability in respect to time, space, and comfort.

New Year’s pHx Resolution

Ever notice how New Year resolutions tend to come to mind as easily as they tend to leave? We all know it too well; without a specific plan of action and the right tool – it will never work!

Probably the greatest challenge we face is sustainability of our physical foundation at it’s peak to meet the demands of our lives with motivation, accomplishment, and most importantly, enjoyment. The keyword here is ‘sustainability’. Just check out the new cover of O Magazine and Oprah exclaiming, “how did I let this happen?” My question, “how can you do what you need to do”, and in the case of Body’Fit™ pH Fitness exercise (short form… pHx™), how do I block out 7 to 15 minutes a day?

While the ease and speed of the pHx routine makes it a powerful tool for sustainability in itself; force of habit comes in as a close second. A tip for making pHx a daily habit is to attach it to an already existent habit… like your morning shower. You can do it before or after the shower, however, the sooner you do pHx after waking up, the easier it is to do, and the more you’ll get out of your day.

And last but not least… remember why you’re doing it. Nothing is achieved without PREPARATION. Before you exercise, prepare your body for physical activity. Before you start any intellectual activity, prepare your mind. Before you exercise your body and mind, prepare yourself with “pH fitness” (Google it now).

Evolution: Olympic Sports Fit

When is science a body fit, and when does it not fit the body. And is it real science if it’s just a clever (disintegrative) abstraction which doesn’t lie within the context of reality as a whole? I was watching a YouTube video on the future of human evolution, and this Canadian journalist was promoting the idea that the human race will disappear and be replaced by clones. What do you suppose would induce a ‘prestigious’ journalist to take this position on such a ridiculous proposition, especially since cloning always makes an organisms weaker than the original genomes from which they are derived? Ignorance, money, whatever… the seed is being planted for the acceptance of the genetic manipulation of human genes.

The reality is the human organism is at the top of the planetary evolutionary scale, it has reached the level of perfection within the context of the planet as a whole. However physiologic development of our body is separate from our mental and emotional development which has a social context. The demands of ethics require us to prevent our extinction as a result of pollution including genetic engineering of DNA (or overpopulation, or improper distribution of resources, or nuclear weapons). Our minds and emotions, which are a social development, will need to catch up with the completed evolution of the physical body in order to support our DNA structure. This is where our evolution is not yet complete, and it doesn’t happen automatically. It’s a deliberate process of specialized exercise science that can accomplish integration of neural centers in the head, chest, and abdomen quickly in 5 to 15 minutes on a daily basis. Body’Fit pH Fitness™ exercise (short form… pHx™) is a basic tool for the completion of our evolutionary journey via balancing of the physical foundation.

Money Management: Cash Flow Crisis

Treating money as a commodity (eg. money markets, debt cash flow, etc.) always has been and always will be an abuse of the monetary system. Money is nothing more or less than a means of exchange. If people want to hog and hoard, hog and hoard, hog and hoard, then I say let them hog and hoard themselves into a stupor.

The consumption capacity of any individual has a limit that falls far short of what they can hog and hoard. And if the abundance of the planet did not by far exceed what we can use, we wouldn’t have survived as long a as we have. The Function of Space (ownership) depends on our awareness of what part of the wealth of everything is ours. And this changes all the time depending on what we need to fulfill our life in this moment.

This isn’t just idle social commentary. Money is not actually within the domain of Ownership, it’s within the function of coordination. If this is reversed you get social enslavement instead of social freedom and justice. The only sustainable purpose of money is to assign a positive value to cash so as to coordinate the distribution of wealth. By assigning a positive value to a piece of paper, rather than a negative value (debt) everyone can exchange what they contribute for what they need at any given time ( which determines the quality of our interactions as a society). Therefore when a large amount of (hog ‘n hoard) cash goes out of circulation for an extended period… it is the constitutional duty of the government to issue an equal amount to match that through means such as job creation, guaranteed minimum income, grants to entrepreneurs and small business owners, etc. so there is sufficient positive money supply available to coordinate exchange of goods and services.

The Bank of Canada still has the authority to issue the money supply as real cash flow even though in the early 1900’s Canadian private banks were given the right (behind closed doors) to issue the money supply as a debt. However in the United States of America the private sector usurped the government when the Federal Reserve became privatized in 1913. Ultimately money needs to be electronic, and designated as ‘in circulation’ or ‘out of circulation’ and supported by checks and balances including price controls. When money remains a ‘means of exchange’ for the purpose of health, both personal and economic (rather than a means of control) it’s possible as a society to direct our energy towards the cohesiveness of unity rather than dis-solution of fragmentation.

Limitless Economic Growth Failed

What now? Well a lot of us are bemoaning the state of the economy. What are we really bemoaning… a figment of our imagination about the tangible world we live in, an illusionary idea that some of us had about how to hog the money supply, or the fact that there is no such thing as getting something for nothing (see Andrew Carnegie/Napoleon Hill, “Think and Grow Rich”). The childishness of these abstract concepts is now only exceeded by the crybaby being confronted by reality of limits in a physical world. 

NO, it’s time to wake up, grow up, and take a reality check. Creating wealth without compromise is possible. We can be leaders, are you in the tribe? We can now finally begin to take stock of what we have, and what we can do with what we have. This is the only true wealth… money games are just that… money games we played during our economic childhood. Some of us had a lot of fun at the expense of the rest of us but isn’t that all just part of growing up? We now have an opportunity to put all that  behind us, let bygones be bygones, and start taking responsibility.

How do we stay within the limits of our planetary resources, individually, nationally, and as part of the population of the earth as a whole? For one thing, we need to turn our sense of pleasure vs. pain from narcissism to protecting a life of dignity and respect for everyone. This means investing in research to identify how much ownership of space every human being on the planet needs to do that, and subtracting it from the sum total of available space. And it is the responsibility of all of us to stay within the limits of planetary space so that we do not harm the health of a single soul within the body of humanity. Our times are not for living up to political ideals, our times are for discovering what it takes to live a life that fits the limits of reality.