Mind Body and Split Economy

The contradiction that exists between the ambitions of the psyche and the limitations of the body creates an imbalance in our lives. Our normal experience in a technological society causes tension and stress. Stress can paralyze a human being totally, because we immediately fall into the conflict of body and mind. The body wants to escape, the mind doesn’t know what to do. Unlike animals which have no mind expression at all, where the action of saving themselves is complete, human beings have developed a mind that is separate from the body.

We take on the beliefs and mental constructs of our social environment at a very young age. When these externally derived perceptions do not match reality, the aims and aspirations of the psyche oppose those of the body. This conflict between mind and body is what produces most illnesses in human beings. For example, if the mind wants to complete a task that exceeds the physical limitations of the body (organized according to complete logic), our psychic purpose can be so strong that it overpowers the body. Eventually the body responds by becoming sick.

Analogically (part of the same mind/ body continuum really) when Wall Street games pulled most of our money supply out of circulation, it imposed such huge stressors on the marketplace an economic split occurred, resulting in a convalescing means of exchange. It’s much the same with exercise where the muscles pull most of the blood out of deep circulation, the biochemical imbalance that results when there isn’t an equitable flow of energy to all organs, splits mind and body even further.

How can we resolve the internal conflict between our idea of what we should be doing and what we are doing at the moment?  Only by balancing mind and body so that their aims and aspirations are in harmony rather than contradiction can we mend as individuals and societies, and live a complete life. There are many approaches. For the most efficient restoration of acid base equilibrium with greatest efficacy, Google pH fitness. For latest marketplace solutions, check out Lynchpin by thought leader, Seth Godin.


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