“Actualization (faking it won’t work) of the axiom that problems can’t be solved at the same level  of awareness they’re created, is the most difficult and most powerful realization, our true destiny.”  Suzanna Aaring 2014 #thenewwaytothink



“How well we understand ourselves as individuals according to universal principles of consciousness, beyond ego differences, functions to determine the level of our ability to reason in reality.” — Suzanna Aaring 2014



“Fragments of knowledge out of context can only be grasped as a belief, without the whole picture reasoning doesn’t fit reality.” — Suzanna Aaring 2013



“Our ability to reason makes us human however reason is an achievement, not a given, which can take our entire lifetime.” — Suzanna Aaring 2013



“When I can say that what I know is not only based on fact and intuition, but also on experience, I know it’s true.” — Suzanna Aaring 2012

Perfect Fit for Reasoning Critique

Ever since Meta Living Design came up with the marketing concept “…because it fits” when the Body’Fit Life site was first launched several years ago, we have seen an avalanche of mass marketing hopping on the band wagon.  From the car they’re trying to sell you to the toxic products they’re promoting at the drug store they’re saying it’s a ‘perfect fit’.

What the marketers aren’t telling you is that the perfect fit for their pocketbook, not for your body. Your first clue is if your body does not respond with optimal health to what they’re  selling you. The best marketing lie I saw was ‘Sci-fit” as if science always has the answer to the ‘perfect fit’. The intelligence of the body by far exceeds scientific explanation, unless the reasoning we’re using has the philisophical basis to explain reality as it is. That is, that science is used to fit the body, and not the body trying to fit ‘side-effect’ science.

Reasoning requires the ability to find the connection between the physical and the sociological sciences. Otherwise there can be no basis for universal understanding.