Recession Symptom of Adjustment

Much like symptoms, which are the self correcting side of the immune system; recession is the self correcting side of the economy. The symptoms are saving our life, so don’t touch them.

Prices self adjust preventing self destruction of continuing escalation of prices of everything from housing to personal essentials. For example half a litre of maple syrup went to 17 dollars about a year ago, readjusted to 15 dollars a few months ago, and last week this same bottle was 9 dollars, which is about what it was 3 years ago. As the market will only bare what the customer will pay, and since wages for the general working population (except those in the top 1% who have given themselves record increases) have been frozen, prices need to eventually reflect that.

Re-adjustment back to reality in terms of prices on consumer goods, also necessitates re-adjustment with respect to production of sustainable products by industry. While in the past, fast food has been the primary trillion dollar industry followed closely by drugs, the emerging wellness industry will need to replace these unsustainable industries in order to reflect the reality of our need for health.

And the third area that badly needs adjusting is respecting our main source of wealth, people. That’s where all the creativity and innovation lies latent waiting for the corporate barriers to drop their cog-wheel mentality (when the boss says one plus one equals three, you’ve gotta agree). The competitive edge has been expended with in-fighting within the corporate hierarchy. Cheap, fast and bad profit needs to be adjusted for more efficient and effective productivity where quality is the goal of the team as a whole.

Honestly, the only way I see all three happening realistically, is by adjusting how money comes into circulation so that it nourishes the economy wholistically. And this won’t happen without the internal integrity to entrust the issuing of society’s money supply to an independent body that does not profit from the system. Or until the number of people who have attained their health potential reaches critical mass…