“Focus isn’t just about mindset, and it isn’t only physical readiness, it’s knowing how to breathe to bring the two together without compromising body pH .”– Suzanna Aaring 2013


Muscle Balance

“Body’Fit movement and breathing needs to be performed following precise natural laws or muscle balance becomes impossible.” — Suzanna Aaring 2013


Currently Body’Fit pH Fitness™ (short form… pHx™) isn’t available to the general public, please contact Meta Living Design for details.


“A life that fits the body follows pre-established natural laws of internal and external evolution.” — Suzanna Aaring 2013


Currently Body’Fit pH Fitness™ (short form… pHx™) isn’t available to the general public, please contact Meta Living Design for details.

Raising Consciousness


“Raising consciousness out of the levels of subjectivity through clarification is the antidote for subliminal indoctrination, which relies on attaching to our ego conditioning. Awakening objective levels of reasoning is our primary defence against totalitarian aggression.” — Suzanna Aaring 2013

pHx™ and Pilates

Pilates Studio

Joseph Pilates at work in his Studio

“Why pHx works so well as prep work for Pilates is that while both adhere to similar principles of movement functionally Pilates concerns itself more with core strength and structural alignment, whereas pHx functions primarily metabolically. Body’Fit pH Fitness (pHx) builds oxygen reserves in deep organs and prevents the usual circulatory shut down that cools visceral tissues, even as V02max rises in all individual muscle groups within 7 to 14 minutes. The pHx routine is design sensitive, it’s about triggering pressure points, bringing the ventilation-perfusion ratio in the three lung segments closer to a value of one, and distributing circulation to all the cells of the body equally so as to elicit the sudden absorption of electrolytes needed to alkalize pH acidity with any type of exercise workout.” — Suzanna Aaring 2013

Personally I do Pilates for postural re-education but it find it cools off my organs too much unless I also do  a pHx warm-up cool down to eliminate muscle soreness, accelerate conditioning, and ace weight loss  »


Currently Body’Fit pH Fitness™ (short form… pHx™) isn’t available to the general public, please contact Meta Living Design for details.

Three Tips for Top 1% on LinkedIn

How did I achieve the top 1% most viewed profiles on @LinkedIn for 2012? My passion for accomplishment lead me to focus on three main points of attraction:

  • Profile Photo I attribute my success primarily to, believe it or not, my photo.  I made the conscious choice to have a photo taken by a professional. I didn’t just pose for a traditional profile picture or worse yet go for something ad hoc that was too small, too dark, or unrecognizable as myself. My profile photo on LinkedIn is the result of an entire day of taking pictures in many different locations, in many different situations, from the perspective of the alchemy of dance. 
  • Participation The second most significant reason for my LinkedIn views of course is consistency, meaningful participation in all aspects of the LinkedIn community on a regular basis. I post discussions, I participate in discussions both in my own groups, Busy Woman Entrepreneurs and SportsVisionVideo, but also in as many other groups as possible within the LinkedIn platform. Even it’s just one little thing, I try to do something every day. I post updates, I ask and answer help questions.
  • Controversy Speaking the truth can be risky. When I made the decision to join LinkedIn I also made the decision to take that risk. I soon learned the high road isn’t the easy road, and you have to be prepared for backlash from those hiding behind a cloak of truth. However staying polite and professional has paid off and proved to be worth the obstacles and opposition. I’ve never been afraid to try new and different things, even if it’s cost me, even if I made mistakes. Mistakes often present new opportunities to do what you have to do to take responsibility for yourself, for business without compromising our innate principles as human beings.

Honestly, in retrospect I don’t think I would have had the guts if it wasn’t for a foolproof way to awaken will to do everyday, however pHx is not now available to the public, contact me for more information.

Ignite Passion with pHx™, Suzanna


Currently Body’Fit pH Fitness™ (short form… pHx™) isn’t available to the general public, please contact Meta Living Design for details.

[ pHx ] Why the Unusual Focus? Part II

Three things need to happen to accelerate the normalization of body pH to steady state levels whenever blood and cellular fluid becomes acidic under stress which splits mind and body. The warm-up cool down criteria required to achieve a pH fit with any program of physical exercise include:

pH Fit #1 
Design of the breathing pattern needs to fit the oxygen needs of each movement with such precision that the usual quickening and heaviness of breath during exercise is never observed under any circumstance of speed, intensity or duration.

pH Fit #2
Circulation of blood and lymph which usually gets shut down in the deep organs during exercise as fluid volume shifts to the large long working muscles, needs to be addressed in order to distribute oxygen and electrolytes more equitably between all tissues of the body.

pH Fit #3
To prevent the competition for oxygen between tissues during exercise when the same V02max isn’t (and it usually isn’t) achieved in the small muscles of the wrists and ankles as in the large muscles, it’s necessary to oxygenate the anatomical cavities in order of greatest blood volume and work the muscles in corresponding sequence.

If you’re a busy woman like myself who enjoys experiencing a real difference in acuity, mood and stamina very fast first thing in the morning try Body’Fit pHx™ » Yes it’s easy.


Currently Body’Fit pH Fitness™ (short form… pHx™) isn’t available to the general public, please contact Meta Living Design for details.

Science and Humanity


“Science is meaningless without application that fits our pre-established wholeness and perfection.” — Suzanna Aaring 2012


Currently Body’Fit pH Fitness™ (short form… pHx™) isn’t available to the general public, please contact Meta Living Design for details.



“If balance is our only source of real enjoyment, enjoyment is our only responsibility.”– Suzanna 2012


Currently Body’Fit pH Fitness™ (short form… pHx™) isn’t available to the general public, please contact Meta Living Design for details.

…because it fits


“Sooner or later, everyone eventually figures out nothing else works as well without pHx™.” – Suzanna Aaring 2012


Currently Body’Fit pH Fitness™ (short form… pHx™) isn’t available to the general public, please contact Meta Living Design for details.

pHx Beyond the Usual


“pHx… so subtlety the same yet so different.” — Douglas Aaring 2012

What you can do with next to nothing


“Our internal resources are always FAR greater than our external possibilities.” — Suzanna Aaring 2012



Currently Body’Fit pH Fitness™ (short form… pHx™) isn’t available to the general public, please contact Meta Living Design for details.

[ Busy Women ] Entrepreneurs : Talk About Passion

Let’s face it, just about everyone is talking about passion these days. Heck, in my email just today, the new broadcasts were; master passion, stay passionate, stir passion, along with of course the free webinars and ebooks to support or should I say sell the idea. Now don’t get me wrong here, I strongly believe passion is at the root of all success, in fact I call it “Will To Do”, as it’s the unstoppable driving force that gets things done, and gets us to take action. However the difficult part is in the ‘how to’, not in the ‘what’ (which is easily identified). As it turns out the natural laws for accomplishing this are very precise.

On our website, » even the header announces “Where Women and Men with the passion for accomplishment getFit and stayFit”. We built it because as you know, even if you love what you do, it takes an extra boost to ignite passion for both work and working out, and we need to do that with much more speed, ease and efficiency than we ever have in the past. You can read Suzanna’s Story Here » and find out how she put into action a new fitness modality (Body’Fit pHx™) on par with the discovery of yoga, Pilates and martial arts. It works and I can personally testify to that. By the way, when Suzanna started signing her articles and videocast email posts, Ignite Passion, that’s when it seems the current buzz about passion really ‘ignited’.

But not to digress, the point of my rouse is this; yes, we all have passion, but the key to success is in fact figuring out how to fire it up without getting over-worked, overweight, and stressed out. I love Alicia Keys new album, “Girl On Fire” » wow what a great way to realize that the secret is in how you fan the flame. Here’s the catch – passion is not just an intellectual concept, the intellect by itself comes with a lot of baggage, the kind that usually stops you dead in your tracks. Some people call it karma, others call it limiting beliefs. Either way, we need a method that doesn’t require thinking ourselves into it.

What I’m saying is that we can’t ignite passion with thought alone, it’s way too difficult, and way too unreliable. I’ve found that the kind of driving force willpower that gets things done can only be accomplished consistently by working directly with the body. That’s because the power I’m referring to here is the ‘will to do’ soul at the core of our existence that comes from deep within the gut and can only be integrated with the mind if we … click Here »  and discover the secret to how you can ignite passion quickly, easily and effectively in just a few minutes first thing every morning, without having to think about it.


Currently Body’Fit pH Fitness™ (short form… pHx™) isn’t available to the general public, please contact Meta Living Design for details.

[ Busy Women ] & pHx, trick or treat?

When asked why she joined my new group Busy Women Entrepreneurs on LinkedIn, one woman said she liked the nature of the group, “AND I’m a 30+ year entrepreneur – not 30 years old!!!!!!!!!!” I thought this fit well with another woman’s query (who is in her 30’s) who asked, I’ve just looked at your website and it sounds interesting, how is pHx™ different from other workout regimens?

The answer is in the question… pHx is not just another workout regimen that repeats, reuses and repackages a little bit of this and a little bit of that and presents it as the latest cocktail of something you’ve done before. It’s an entirely new exercise modality, at par with the discovery of yoga, Pilates, or martial arts, that encompass all previous knowledge to go beyond anything you’ve experienced before. Yes there is something new under the sun, and it’s a treat not a trick.

pHx changes everything and that becomes obvious the very first time you do it. I do it everyday, its how I’ve stayed fit all these years even when I was too busy to go to the gym. Now whenever I do go for a game of squash, some weight lifting or a Pilates class, I always do a 7-minute round of pHx as my warm-up and then again as my cool down. It totally revives me and prevents any soreness I’d otherwise experience from sports and exercise.

I could go on and on because I’m passionate about getting the word out and having others experience the advantages of pHx. Bye the way, it’s all in the Body’Fit Life website, we built it to give you all the information, training and support you’ll need to make pHx a part of your life. And we’ve even included other bonuses to make sure you have what you need to achieve total business success. Women deserve to make more money and have a better life. That’s why we’re here, it’s what I do because it works for me and I know it will work for you.

Ingnite Passion, Suzanna

Access Gold Plus Membership Here »
Join Busy Women Entrepreneurs Here »

p.s. Contact me if there’s anything you’d like to know about, or if you have any suggestions how this group can work better for you. Remember it pays to pay the invitation forward to friends and colleagues… so they too can benefit. And please feel free to leave a comment.


Currently Body’Fit pH Fitness™ (short form… pHx™) isn’t available to the general public, please contact Meta Living Design for details.

[ Busy Women ] Entrepreneurs : Making a Difference

Are you ambitious, do you have a strong desire and determination to succeed? I’d like to invite you to join my new group for Busy Women Entrepreneurs on LinkedIn. This is a networking group for business owners as well as enterprising women aspiring to be in business for themselves, who want to make a difference.

What is your vision, purpose, and chief aim? Feel free to share what your business is all about, your challenges, and your accomplishments too. Don’t be shy, ask questions regarding what ever you need right now to increase business. None of us can go it alone. Share your expertise, contacts and viewpoints to coordinate what you’re doing with what others are doing for mutual benefit.


The group logo has been chosen to represent the woman who handles business and self employment with poise and serenity, a Busy Woman Entrepreneur just like you. All of our combined voices and all our energy are needed if we’re to make a real difference. This group is your chance to pay it forward and become even more successful with the help of other women like you. It’s about making more money and living a better life.

I call it wealth without compromise.

Ignite Passion,
Suzanna Aaring

Join Busy Women Entrepreneurs Here »

p.s. Please take a moment to check out my Website » and add me to your professional network on LinkedIn. Be sure to contact me if there’s anything you’d like to know about, or if you have any suggestions how this group can work better for you. Pay the invitation forward to friends and colleagues… so they too can benefit.


Currently Body’Fit pH Fitness™ (short form… pHx™) isn’t available to the general public, please contact Meta Living Design for details.

2 Sure Ways to get New Clients this Month

I don’t usually do this, but I feel like doing something a little extraordinary today… I’ve come to understand that when things go well for you, you’ve got to pay it forward so that others experience abundance too. I call it wealth without compromise, the kind that benefits all.

This is an ebook you can’t afford to miss, and by sharing it with your customers too, you’ll find they get more inspired and motivated to reach their health-fit goals. Plus you’ll attract new clients too, usually within just days. It’s no charge, nothing. It’s my gift.

DOWNLOAD Weight Loss Shortcut (discover the ‘pH’ secret to dropping those extra pounds you dread).

It’s literally the best shortcut out there, and everyone’s looking for it, especially busy women. It’s easy to follow and free to download right Here.

But that’s not all, Fabienne at Client Attraction has asked me to share with you her top selling ebook to help you get 3 new clients in the next few days. So you’ll get both right away. This is something she’s currently selling on her website for $39 (and like the Weight Loss Shortcut which I provide for fast effective results, it’s something she’s used for many years to get new clients). Act NOW, Fabienne’s ebook is only available free for a few days.

These 2 ebooks work exceptional well together, because without a fast doable health-fit shortcut to give you and your clients outstanding presence, business can be really tough! Plus, you’ll need a system and tools that really work to attract new clients. Where this pays off is when you start helping your clients do the same.


Ignite Passion,


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Currently Body’Fit pH Fitness™ (short form… pHx™) isn’t available to the general public, please contact Meta Living Design for details.

[ Sports Exercise ] Heart Attack Risk

Okay, there’s an elephant in the room no one likes to talk about, and that is the physiologic changes that occur when the body becomes acidic during exercise and sports, and that the body can take hours if not days to recover even with the most rigorous warm-up cool down. This article » is but one example… Because most sudden deaths from cardiac arrest usually occur at home this study concludes that they are therefore not exercise-induced.

By the same token the majority of sudden deaths that occur during or shortly after sports training or competition are due to cardiac arrest. Even if the cardio vascular accident happens hours after exertion, there’s no dogging that exercise-induced stress plays a significant role. The basics can be found in any standard medical text. Metabolic acidity of the blood and cellular fluid not only changes the shape and function of protein cells, it also impacts the electrical activity of cells. When combined with the nicotine-like affect of adrenaline, it should be no surprise that hardening of the arteries and heart disease has been shown to exist in young athletes.

It’s tempting to turn a blind eye because you’re not the originator of a solution, or aren’t willing to take a serious look at the precise natural laws that must be followed because the answer doesn’t fit the status quo for prep and recovery. When we re-envisioned how fitness must evolve to mitigate the stress and strain of sports training and physical conditioning we had discard the old legacy thing in order to engineer an aerobic crossfit warm-up cool down workout which addresses the challenges of pH acidity with efficacy. No, you won’t find this one in any university curriculum, it’s ahead of the curve.

Like most people I used to think that regular exercise can condition and rejuvenate our heart so we don’t ‘”get old” before our time or risk heart attack. It’s true, almost any kind of exercise is better than nothing. As long as we warm-up and cool down for safer conditioning and faster recovery. It’s been shown that while most exercise reduces our cardiovascular risk by a factor or three, strenuous exercise like running, biking and most sports increase our risk by a factor of seven. This is why it’s especially important to restore body pH balance as well as muscle balance within minutes after a strenuous workout. As it turns out, not every warm-up cool down has this capability.

Without a fast way to neutralize body acidity produced by exercise, including most sports and sports-specific warm-up cool down routines, you can actually be increasing your risk of a cardiovascular accident. To prevent arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure, angina, fibrillation, hypertension, and heart disease in general, which can cause a heart attack or stroke during exercise, we need a quick reliable way to prevent and recover from acidosis due to electrolyte imbalance and ischemia (oxygen deprivation in the heart muscle) as a result of the circulatory imbalances that normally occur during exercise.

Just getting heart rate up and warming up the large long muscles of the body unfortunately won’t do it.  Most exercise and most exercise warm-ups do just the the opposite, i.e., acidify body chemistry.  Why focus on normalizing the drop in body pH produced during exercise and sports, as the goal? Because it requires, not only the restoration of  equal levels of oxygen in metabolically-active muscle tissue (V02max) and between small and large muscles, but in every organ of the body. The five neuro-endocrine plexus must be awakened in a specific order to balanced, otherwise it’s not possible to achieve homeostasis at Peak Metabolic Potential (PMP™) for fast recovery within minutes. Click Here » for details.

How do we increase the efficiency of warming up and cooling down, with sufficient efficacy to reduce the risk of heart attack? Body’Fit pH Fitness™ (short form… pHx™) compresses physiologic mechanisms in 7-14 minutes to facilitate peak conditioning. It’s very unique because the faster you do it the more energized you become; you get a complete workout without being exhausted. And you can even exercise at home – safely!

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Currently Body’Fit pH Fitness™ (short form… pHx™) isn’t available to the general public, please contact Meta Living Design for details.

Exertional Heat Stress

What’s the big difference between winter and summer Olympic games, besides the weather I mean? Sports like running, rowing and biking, are more intensely endurance, while winter sports like ski jumping, snow-boarding and sledding are more technical. In the summer when the sun is high, Olympic athletes are at a higher risk of heat stroke, both because of the weather and because of the nature of their sport. Due to the necessary aerobic intensity of summer Olympic games, lowering the risk of heat stroke is particularly challenging. How can we help athletes ignite their spark plug without overheating their engines?

Left untreated, heat stroke may progress to coma. Death may result due to kidney failure, malfunction of the lungs, acute heart failure, or direct heat induced damage to the brain. This is a concern to athletes because heat stroke risk rises as body pH drops during exercise. Acidification of metabolic pH can lead to acidosis. Cellular response to stress is altered contributing to overtraining syndrome. Toxicity increases when the hypothalamus cannot regulate core temperature ultimately affecting the role of the pineal gland [the tiny cone shaped gland that has recently been found to be an important link between the nervous and endocrine systems.] This gland is linked to the CNS via the sympathetic nervous system. And is at particular risk when circulation shuts down in the deep tissues as it shifts to large long muscle.

Studies which have provided an in vitro model for the study of mechanism of injury in exertional heat stress when the body is unable to dissipate heat leading to heat stroke conclude: “Heat stroke mortality is worsened in the presence of acidosis. Using cell culture as an in vitro model of exertional heat stress, we have shown that physiologic acidosis (pH 6.8) significantly increases cell death from hyperthermia. We have further demonstrated that acidosis augments the heat response of the human HSP70 3′ untranslated region…”  Metabolic acidosis has been shown to inhibit the heat control mechanism in the hypothalamus, and is a potential causative factor in heat stroke. And drug-based corrective measures can’t restore intracellular and extracellular electrolyte balance.

Electrolytes are electrically charged ions that our cells need in order to carry electrical impulses to other cells that maintain muscle and nerve control. Since physical exertion generally causes a drop in body pH anyway, in the summer heat, the ‘imbalance’ of electrolytes can be as potentially damaging as the ‘loss’ of electrolytes since circulation shuts down in deep organs under stress. Hydration will restore the supply of electrolytes, however by itself cannot ensure the proper distribution of electrolytes required for optimal cellular function, unless we can open up circulation in the deep organs, including the pineal gland. Subsequently pH fitness is an even greater consideration as environmental temperatures rise when building protection against heat stroke into your training schedule.

If you like this article click Here

For extended article on acidosis, heat stroke, and hyperthermia click here.

Body’Fit pH Fitness™ exercise (short form… pHx™) is a routine that presents a solution for body temperature control during exercise, it warms up the body without over-heating it. Designed to spike metabolism in deep organs while equilibrating VO2max in all muscles, both large and small, this unique exercise sequence disperses heat by opening up blood vessels in tissues which normally shut down even under moderate exertion, giving an alkalizing rather an acidifying result. Combined with restoration of acid base equilibrium (within 7 to 14 minutes), the dynamic 24-exercise series helps reset temperature regulating mechanisms, very fast. In the hot weather pHx adds that definitive spark to ignite passion, while lowering the risk of heat exhaustion and heat stroke. It’s so short sweet and complete the short 7-min version can be done as a mindset revitalizer during competition. Are you staying ahead of the curve?

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Currently Body’Fit pH Fitness™ (short form… pHx™) isn’t available to the general public, please contact Meta Living Design for details.

Balance pH to Ignite Passion

What’s the fastest way to achieve the pH fitness to Ignite Passion?

When you reach for your  Peak Metabolic Potential (PMP™) without disrupting homeostatic pH, without anaerobic stress, and without without the drudgery of the same old same old, you’ll beat the blahs and get more out of exercise with elegance & style… .

Discover the three-in-one warm-up cool down workout everyone’s talking about. It’s no secret body pH balance is the health fit solution for sustainable avoidance, detoxification, and regeneration that can Ignite Passion.


Currently Body’Fit pH Fitness™ (short form… pHx™) isn’t available to the general public, please contact Meta Living Design for details.

An Effective Brainwashing Technique

A simple psychological research test reveals a wealth of information about how our mind can play tricks on us.

Participants were given a very monotonous meaningless task to perform and then given monetary incentive to lie to the next person in line that it was a very interesting task. Amazingly those least compensated actually came to believe their own lie, and most strongly defended the boring task. Transgression of integrity was the most easily denied by those who were paid the least, and ratiomalised by those who felt they had a solid financial reason to tell a lie.

This gives us insight into why people believe whatever they’re told if the truth is too painful to admit. Focus on the real issues threatens the comfort of denial, and so we divert our eyes. As long as we’re asleep to the perilous state of democracy we prefer any petty distraction to doing our homework. And that plays right into the hands of destructive powers which exist only if we naively believe everything we hear on TV or read in the newspaper, without question. From the slanting of definitions in your computer dictionary to the sandwich board at your local cafe, without the necessary mental tools, we’re liable to be held hostage with a bombardment of deceptive messages. The default of neural networks completely anesthetized with unexamined fear, guilt, etc. is stunted mental development that renders us susceptible and vulnerable, with no protection whatsoever from white-washed lies.

Of course when we’re aware of how the mind works it’s much easier to catch ourselves. We need to be fully awake don’t we, to detect the telling inconsistencies that constitute today’s methods. For example all movies that have ever been made should be available on iTunes, yet the distribution monopolies only allow movies that suit their agenda or that have no choice but to distribute. For example Live and Let Die, the only James Bond movie filmed in the US, must contain some unacceptable footage since it’s been erased from the repertoire. It seems Edgar Hoover’s soulless dynasty  has virtually cut out authentic Charlie Chaplin Hollywood; ever notice there’s almost no watchable new movies on iTunes lately, and where are all the real stars? Honestly, few and far between who haven’t been compromised. Jim Carrey’s latest movie subvertely poking fun at Chaplin is the icing on the cake. I actually bought if for a minute, didn’t you? Although it’s interesting since posting this link on Twitter there’s a couple of Chaplin movies for rent without having to buy – rather obtuse but an improvement nonetheless. And the recent Sherlock Holmes movie hides behind Charlie Chaplin authenticity and steals it’s soul from the TV series even following the same acting and production style ): disgusting. Only Disney carries the torch of truth it seems; today’s Hollywood despise movies that have a noble heart because they point to the real villains of our world.

If video doesn’t appear then it’s been tampered with, and blog security has been breached.

Here’s an example from youtube: Are these legitimate Occupiers or simply infiltrators wearing cloaks of passificity carrying bags of money and bribes? Analyzing the discrepancies between Occupy protestors and impostors helps us decipher the truth we sense instinctively.

If we observe the general demeanour of the three people in the video we see they are all the same, the sunglasses, the clothing, and they’re so accustomed to having their needs cared for they don”t realize they stand out In the crowd. Listen closely, their turn of phrase is more of a certain segment of American urbanite than Canadian. We don”t talk like that. And it’s certainly not characteristic of the group at Occupy Vancouver. How else can you tell if they’re legit, or not? The police are lining up for their fancy pamphlets, and they’ve been well publicized by mainstream media.

However the kicker is the content of their message. They begin by setting the stage with a wishy washy pose they believe aligns with the peaceful milieu, except their exaggerated stance belies their intent. Each of the three pretenders has their own specialty, and this clues us in that they haven’t been randomly picked for the job. The real give-away is the third speaker who delivers the punch and divulges the agenda by introducing the concept of “privatization” as the economic future. This is in contrast to the interview by the award-winning journalist at Democracy Now where privatization of public domain is precisely identified as the cover by which our inalienable rights and freedoms are eroded. Rhetoric about how the 99% has suffered at the hands of inept government bureaucracy rounds out the package, ostensibly making military takeover by security forces, worldwide, more socially acceptable.


Currently Body’Fit pH Fitness™ (short form… pHx™) isn’t available to the general public, please contact Meta Living Design for details.

True Wealth is a Body Fit

Mis-construed concepts of our collective minds always seem to get in the way of our freedom, don’t they… freedom to speak, freedom to realize our full potential, even freedom to move as we see fit. Does it mean that we have to stop thinking to gain our freedom? Actually it means we need to start thinking in terms of what fits the totality of who we are, instead of settling for what we think should fit us, culturally.

Steve Jobs never gave up on consciously seeking what fits us as human beings regardless of the obstacles in his way. He did accomplish that in terms of Apple technology because he was very outspoken and expected everyone in the company to be so too (whereas it’s usually considered insubordination). He knew it was the only way to cut through the crap and get to the truth of the customers experience and meets the needs of reality. The next frontier is awareness of what fits the parameters of health for body & mind, both. It’s an axiomatic truth that our brain must be developed to the support the completeness and perfection of a human being’s freedom and self realization.

Here’s an excerpt from The Art of Fitness, “Our body needs to be retrained to move healthy. It means, on a regular basis, moving your body the way it is designed to move, every muscle, every joint, with full range of motion, in every direction, at all speeds, performed with agility, power and grace.” How do we make sure we do this every day so we can enjoy sports and activities without injury? Even if you spent hours and hours a day, we may not put all the muscles and meridians into balance. To awaken the natural intelligence of the body otherwise inhibited by fascial adhesion and tension, the free flow of electrolytes along connective tissue under the skin and along lines that connect the organs must be intentionally promoted daily.

To do this we need to account for every aspect of physical movement, as well as every physiological aspect of body chemistry. Traditional methods usually take hours of daily practice to awaken the perfect pattern. How can we, say in 7 to 14 minutes achieve it without cortisol acid stress – remind the body of the completeness and perfection of its template. This is where our contemporary knowledge can improve on traditional disciplines like yoga and qi gong. So how do we synthesize traditional principles with our scientific understanding, so that once such a routine is performed each morning we really don’t have to think about our posture for the rest of the day?

If it really is a body fit the more you relax release and enjoy it the better it works without observable huffing and puffing at any speed. Personally I use Body’Fit pH Fitness exercise (short form… pHx), it conforms to principles of our perfect pattern so our body can once again think for itself according to its pre-established laws. Specific breathing matches oxygen needs precisely for each of the movements, which isolate muscle groups with ergonomic postures which safely and easily equalize VO2max throughout the body, without acidification of pH in blood and cellular fluid. Radical? Absolutely.


Currently Body’Fit pH Fitness™ (short form… pHx™) isn’t available to the general public, please contact Meta Living Design for details.