No Money in Selling Solutions

Not a real solution that solves a problem for good. It doesn’t fit our economic model. Bic has sold a lot more ball point pens since they started making them to skip; everyone thinks that a new Bic will work better. Repeat business is generated by partial solutions, teasers, quality impairment, built-in obsolescence, and even outright problem generation. We have no option, we have to make money; and once you provide a solution there’s no more money in it. It’s the root cause of the improper distribution of wealth.

It’s not that the solutions aren’t there, waiting in the wings. When we run out of oil, rest assured the oil companies will by then own all alternative energy sources, and our supply of energy won’t skip a beat. That’s if we’ve survived the environmental crisis. If the pharmaceutical companies can’t find a market for a new drug, they invent a disease and then promote the “cure”. Until someone wants a real health solution, they’ll keep buying the fake… then they don’t have to face fear of failure, they already know deep down it won’t work and have something to blame it on.

No, solutions are way too threatening, and no investor would touch them with a ten foot pole. Sooner or later though, if you’re like me, you start to look for real time solutions in the spirit of self reliance. Good health is the foundation of life, without it there’s no self sufficiency in terms of performance and enjoyment of life, not only in our senior years, but right now. Dropping by your local gym for some one on one with a personal trainer starts to sound better and better when you think of the alternative, doesn’t it?