Why Tiger Woods didn’t win the Masters

The point is NOT quite as Google Sports puts it,”…he didn’t win the Masters. But Tiger Woods run on Sunday showed, once again, why he’s still the biggest story in golf.” The point is my friend that losing the Masters by a inch is as good as a miss by a mile. Nobody plays to come in second, and Tiger Woods should have won it.

What did his run on Sunday show? That Tiger Woods still has the mental skill to win the Masters, but his physical ability was not up to par. His putting style is what gives Tiger Woods the edge, and that edge has been put into jeopardy because of his driving style. The micro-movement that gives him hundredth of a milli-meter adjustments in the wrist has been over-trained and over-strained. Tiger Woods didn’t have the coordination at the Masters he once had, and still could if his wrist micro-movement was trained at V02max…

It’s not widely understood why the small ‘putting’ muscles of the wrist can’t reach the same VO2max as the large ‘driving’ muscles in the arms even at maximum training heart rate. And that this can only be accomplished by a warm-up and cool down that can recover wrist elasticity by restoring full VO2max to the small muscles of the dexterity…  daily during training and especially during competition when stress tends to shut down circulation in the palms of the hands. Needless to say this requires a specialized protocol of wrist oxygenation that cannot be achieved simply with training the wrist harder. When the large long muscles of the shoulders and arms are hogging the power, the wrist needs more technique than exertion, more brains than braun.

Golf tip for the putt point …                                                                                                            “Where You Heard it First”


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No Space, No Boundaries, No Unity

Human beings require the structure of space in order to experience freedom. You could say space is what differentiates freedom from slavery.  Free will depends on the health of our body; when we’re depressed and fatigued our will power (spirit) is weak. Break the body and the will eventually breaks, break the will and the body will eventually breakdown. Without personal space there is nothing protecting us against the breaking of  body or will.

This is why external demonstrations of unitu cannot be genuine without the internal unity of our mind and body as an actual fact of neural integration. Aggression is the result of a lack of health, as much as a lack of health is the result of aggression. We need space and privacy in which to fully develop our ‘selves’. There is a need for the completeness and perfection of our energy and health to be actualized, since it’s the basis of our ability to experience the reality of our connectivity with others. The amount of time and space needed is unique to each individual and can only be determined by the ‘self’ since it changes continually depending on circumstance.

The bottom line is internal integrity comes before we can experience our connection with other human beings. Without personal space connection is replaced with co-dependent demonstrations of unity that are meaningless actions since they don’t contribute to our health. They’re experienced as an invasion of privacy, passive aggressive behaviour that voluntarily or involuntarily disconnects us from our own being.

The complete neural integration which gives us control over our mind and body cannot be achieved without biochemical pH fitness (electrolytes in acid base equilibrium). Circulation follows the distribution of electrolytes which become imbalanced under stress that disrupts homeostasis. Without health we cannot fully experience the bond that exists between us as human beings. Furthermore the strength of our bioelectric field depends on all other living organisms. Although bio-electricity may seem ethereal because we can’t see it, it’s real and requires a process for integration between body and brain.

The psychological default of not being able to control the integrity of our own being is that we can neither take personal space nor can we respect the personal space of others. The extent of acknowledgement of personal space determines the extent of our unity. An example that clearly demonstrates where we’ve failed in this is when the Canadian Supreme Court passed a law that has decreed that personal space ends at the curb. Once personal property leaves private property it’s been made into law that we no longer respect a person’s space, protect them from identity theft , or value the importance of privacy.

Eventually we’re faced with the need to understand who we are as human beings, essentially because unity is the pre-established reality, either through aggression or mutual agreement. This is our choice now, and we are at the historical moment for each of us making that decision.


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Integration or Fragmentation

“Lizard brain” pragmatism which dictates the knee-jerk reaction of fight or flight cannot take into consideration the whole cycle of a process, which is the domain of the higher centres of the brain. It’s the difference between an attitude of ‘divide and conquer’ vs ‘together we stand, divided we fall’. Only thoughtful consideration of the cause and effect reveals how fragmentation can produce dissolution and how integration of all the different parts can produce a resolution in line with far-reaching goals and aspirations.

That’s why fighting disease makes the body weak, while building health makes the body strong. Why splitting organism from environment with DNA derangement degrades the ecosystem, while respecting interdependence furthers sustainability. And why conducting business by cooperating internally within an organization takes a quantum leap over competition with external forces which cannot be controlled. I’m sure you can think of many more examples.

A recent one that comes to mind is the move at Examiner.com to fragment the body of an article itself by inserting unrelated advertising content against the best judge of reason and best interest of the author. Not withstanding the necessary cohesiveness of a creative piece of journalistic writing, the lack of intellectual continuity of thought with the audience makes it a self-defeating proposition. Despite plenty of non-infringing advertising real estate available on their web pages, without a unifying raison d’etre, the underlying connection between reader and writer has sadly been undermined as a result of  boundaries breached. And the layout is pretty deceitful too because sometimes the unrelated advertising shows up in the middle of the article and sometimes elsewhere. Google ads do it to, but only as text, not images (some bordering on the pornographic) which is even more invasive, and offensive.

And of course in my own field I’m constantly reminded of the fine line between the fragmenting aspects of exercise that impacts integration of the pre-established perfection of the human organism. Step too far on one side or the other and you’ll exacerbate sympathetic or parasympathetic overtraining, produce cortisol stress that promotes inflammation, and lactic acid buildup that compromises immune system resilience. A deliberate focus on developing techniques for balancing the complete adaptation/ recovery cycle results in pH fitness which accelerates metabolism, and neural/ endocrine balance which prevents deformation of cells and malfunction of organs.

Is the choice simply a matter of decision? That hasn’t been my experience; engagement of the conscious directive functions that can integrate processes require an input of energy, while the fragmentation of a cog mentality inevitably defaults to a myopic view.


Currently Body’Fit pH Fitness™ (short form… pHx™) isn’t available to the general public, please contact Meta Living Design for details.


Radioactive Zero Tolerance

One would think that logic has driven public protection from irradiated and radioactive material… not so. The criteria used is merely the ‘perception’ of risk, determined by assessment of it’s acceptability to you and me.

Since this is the foundation upon which decisions are made it would be naive, wouldn’t it, to believe the platitudes that there has been no health risks from exposure to low level radioactivity in North America, and of course the world.

We didn’t object when radioactive waste metal was quietly spread around into thousands of consumer products from cheese graters, handbags, fencing, and recliners to automobiles over the last few decades (despite our mounting health problems). And now a widespread campaign of public ‘education’ has been launched to assure our acceptance of current levels of radiation exposure from Japan.

Acceptance of nuclear reactors is at the root of social dysfunction born of an irrational basis for action where that which is acceptable is considered safe.  Nuclear reactors serve no useful purpose… they are not even necessary for producing electrical energy. Not since Nikola Tesla discovered how to harness the unlimited source naturally present in the ionosphere over a century ago.

That however has been unacceptable because it means energy is virtually free to everyone on the planet. There would be no need for war, no need for scarcity, no need for the cog mentality. No more hoarding, controlling, and fear mongering. Pre-established abundance of health, diversity, and creativity would reign. But such has not been our lot. We’ve been reluctant to think, and so we’ve been told. Self sacrifice became the default when we gave up self-esteem.


Currently Body’Fit pH Fitness™ (short form… pHx™) isn’t available to the general public, please contact Meta Living Design for details.

Measurement Reduces Assumptions

Whether it’s Return On Investment (ROI) or Body Mass Index (BMI), measurement provides a comparison of the components of success for business to fitness. It’s what allows us to understand the relationship between our actions and our results. Of course graphs, charts and yardsticks aren’t everything, that”s why we also have observation and practical experience.

Being reasonable and informed helps us take care of business with a clarity, confidence, and creativity that syncs with reality. The point is, reducing assumptions that can otherwise accompany the ‘need to be right’, gives us the common ground for interacting on the basis of simple agreement rather than costly conflict.

Harvard School of Business associate Rita McGrath talks about the process of  acquiring the necessary knowledge as a willingness to suspend belief, risk failure, and try different things fast, cheap. and often – till gold emerges out of muddy waters. It gives us permission to listen to intuition and open the door when we hear opportunity knocking. “Plan to learn not plan to be right” McGrath points out in her interview.

However actions speak louder than words, and business knows how confidence without guts doesn’t necessarily add up to Will to Do. Harvard showed their true colours when they publicly admonished Steve Jobs’ strength of character based on biography recently, much to the chagrin of biography author, Walter Isaacson who said Jobs was nothing  like they perceived through the Harvard lens. As Seth Godin put it, Harvard grads may have confidence, but they don’t have what it takes to follow through on risk. They may do the research but they’re not willing to gain the experience by putting themselves on the line.

You can’t ignore will power as the primary root of business. Sometimes, there’s no established way, no other means, no resources; inner will is the only way. That’s where Meta Living Design comes in, What makes Metawork different? It’s a company that provides measureable tools to develop the guts, heart, and brain power for business (not as usual). This takes a logical method with the speed to match the realities of technological pace for sustainable success, to sustain reason, to Ignite Passion consistently. When compared to other methods the difference is that Metawork is explainable and understandable, not just experiential; but it’s that too…


Currently Body’Fit pH Fitness™ (short form… pHx™) isn’t available to the general public, please contact Meta Living Design for details.


Limbic-System-Exercise, Mood Change

What’s the best way to support the executive directive function of the frontal lobe, pineal gland and limbic system directly is to restore the physiological balance to Ignite Passion, providing a more reliable advancement on the usual psychological self-talk required to convince ourselves to exercise?

When we understand the impact of intense emotional experiences accumulated in the process of growing up, we know that memory creates networks of physical tensions that splits brain and body at an early age. This is one of the reasons that simply playing IQ improvement games fail to fully integrate mind and body. By liberating deeply held physical tensions, we also liberate psychic tensions, because every group of muscle cells is also connected via the neural and endocrine systems to the brain. This signifies anything blocking the extreme of a nerve ending has actually imprisoned it’s corresponding cerebral cell which no longer receives any messages. It is enclosed in a kind of biological anesthesia. We do not want to use these muscles in certain ways because they cause us pain. Therefore we restrict these movements and start patterning more comfortable movements, and as we do this, awareness, cleverness, and the most valuable cerebral functions are lost.

Therefore working just with the mind cannot achieve emotional calm centered-ness deliberately, or can it Ignite Passion spontaneously. Stored tensions remain until released by deep body work combined with physical exercise that aims to integrate gut and brain. This integration can occur very fast if we design a warm-up cool down that follows precise natural laws for awakening the endocrine, neural, and circulatory systems in a specific sequence under conditions of chemical balance, i.e. acid base equilibrium. To achieve the pH fitness integration necessitates, such a series of exercises must be in accord with the sequence of interrelations of our organic functions.

pHx™ gets More Out of Exercise™ with Physiologic Compression of pH Fitness at Peak Metabolic Potential.


Currently Body’Fit pH Fitness™ (short form… pHx™) isn’t available to the general public, please contact Meta Living Design for details.


Pre-requisite Prescription Fit

The Coca Cola signage read Perfect Match. For what exactly, obesity or cancer? I thought to myself. It’s a perfect example of how we can’t add value if we don’t know what fits our parameters as a living organism.

Consumption isn’t the purpose of life, nor is it a motivation. Although judging by our collective girth it seems we’ve been trying to find the incentive to get up every morning thru manipulation of our bodies as well as our mind and emotions (even movies have been promoting love of drug consumption).  This only serves to disconnect us further from ourselves, doesn’t it.

The good news is this past year meat consumption, which acidifies the body, (and also produces more greenhouse gases than all cars, trucks, planes, and ships combined) dropped a few percentage points, and the bad news is vegetable consumption, which is alkalizing, dropped quite a few more. So what are we eating? Consumption of sugary processed non-foods has been on the rise, along with acid stress. Quick ‘artificial’ fixes have sadly become a priority. We can extract some enjoyment from junk, but in the end we only create an imbalance that makes things worse, a lot worse.

Stimulants like sugar, drugs & supplements or any kind of synthetic for that matter, ultimately limits our enjoyment of life and only serves to anaesthetize the symptoms. On the other side of the coin discomfort  is being used as a perceived motivator for productivity (turning down the heat in the middle of winter for example). The fact is, if we don’t experience true enjoyment in all that we do, we can’t accomplish much that’s sustainable. Any discomfort is a distraction, and receptivity to creativity breaks down when we can’t concentrate. Sustainable enjoyment is the outcome of health and well-being, we all know this, and yet few have been willing, or even able, to change business as usual.

Perhaps it’s because health fitness is the pre-requisite for life, not the prescription we get at the drugstore or that comes on our food as a preservative. Whole food nutrition, sunlight, fresh air, aerobic-anabolic exercise, and a purposeful life, is the pre-condition of the immune health that keeps us vital and thinking young.

QUIZ: Is it true that any kind of exercise is okay as long as it gets us moving? It is, and it isn’t. As long as we use a warm-up cool down workout that fits the natural laws for achieving the all-new homeostatic Peak Metabolic Potential™ which advances weight loss, strength and endurance, our workout works. At this point I think we can all agree on a  stronger faster easier way toIgnite Passion.


Currently Body’Fit pH Fitness™ (short form… pHx™) isn’t available to the general public, please contact Meta Living Design for details.

Mind Body and Split Economy

The contradiction that exists between the ambitions of the psyche and the limitations of the body creates an imbalance in our lives. Our normal experience in a technological society causes tension and stress. Stress can paralyze a human being totally, because we immediately fall into the conflict of body and mind. The body wants to escape, the mind doesn’t know what to do. Unlike animals which have no mind expression at all, where the action of saving themselves is complete, human beings have developed a mind that is separate from the body.

We take on the beliefs and mental constructs of our social environment at a very young age. When these externally derived perceptions do not match reality, the aims and aspirations of the psyche oppose those of the body. This conflict between mind and body is what produces most illnesses in human beings. For example, if the mind wants to complete a task that exceeds the physical limitations of the body (organized according to complete logic), our psychic purpose can be so strong that it overpowers the body. Eventually the body responds by becoming sick.

Analogically (part of the same mind/ body continuum really) when Wall Street games pulled most of our money supply out of circulation, it imposed such huge stressors on the marketplace an economic split occurred, resulting in a convalescing means of exchange. It’s much the same with exercise where the muscles pull most of the blood out of deep circulation, the biochemical imbalance that results when there isn’t an equitable flow of energy to all organs, splits mind and body even further.

How can we resolve the internal conflict between our idea of what we should be doing and what we are doing at the moment?  Only by balancing mind and body so that their aims and aspirations are in harmony rather than contradiction can we mend as individuals and societies, and live a complete life. There are many approaches. For the most efficient restoration of acid base equilibrium with greatest efficacy, Google pH fitness. For latest marketplace solutions, check out Lynchpin by thought leader, Seth Godin.


Currently Body’Fit pH Fitness™ (short form… pHx™) isn’t available to the general public, please contact Meta Living Design for details.


Chemical bas(e)s for an acid mood

Ouch! aren’t they in a huff, we say when someone’s in an acid mood! We speak of blood as being bad, bile as being sour, the brain as being fried, we’ve all heard the expressions that indicate a connection between our mind, our mood, and our body. We now know that positive (or negative) thoughts, feelings and sensations come down to electrolyte interactions and chemical reactions. And current research in the field of psychoneuroimmunology gives us more physiologic insight.

Abstract: Psychoneuroimmunology of the mind and body

“Over the last several decades, increased attention has been given to psychoneuroimmunology investigation of the putative physiological mechanisms underlying mind and body interaction. In addition to presenting novel interdisciplinary evidence, this review discusses psychosomatic disease, stress biomarkers, and recent clinical and basic research into psychoneuroimmunology. When functioning normally, the response of the neuro–endocrine–immune systems to stress results in the maintenance of homeostasis in the organs. However, dysfunction of such physical systems in response to stress may lead to psychosomatic disease. Clinically, several stress biomarkers have been shown to be useful for the measurement of the degree of physical response to stress, including several neurotransmitters, hormones, cytokines, and other materials from the neuro–endocrine–immune systems. A large number of observational studies and clinical trials have clearly shown that chronic, real life stress suppresses immune function and exacerbates autoimmune and allergic disease. We have recently used mouse models of these diseases to show that hyporesponsiveness of the hypothalamus–pituitary–adrenal axis is critical to such stress-induced exacerbation.”

Experientially it makes sense too, a breath of fresh air clears the mind, calms the emotions, and invigorates the constitution. We cannot experience thinking, feeling or sensing outside the myriad of nerve, plasmic, and cellular membrane exchanges of ionic particles going on in our body.

In other words, physical, emotional and mental wellbeing depends on neuro-endocrine-organ balance which in turn depends on the restoration of chemical balance  (acid-base equilibrium), the healthy body pH being slightly alkaline. The bottom line is that our cells like to fire at maximum capacity, and that requires an intra and extra cellular pH value of  7.4 and 7.2 respectively if you want to achieve homeostatic Peak Metabolic Potential™ (PMP™) during a stressful activity such as exercise.

The latest scientific information supports intuitive understanding, and points to a new exercise paradigm that can achieve pH fitness faster. Since our emotional balance depends directly on the quality of our breathing (it may very well be the reason why GABA levels in the brain are more elevated in people who do hours of qi gong and yogic breathing, for example), an advancement on the traditional disciplines requires equilibrated acids and bases in the blood and cellular fluid to he held at a slightly alkaline value even as metabolism peaks within minutes during exercise.

When under physical, emotional or mental stress, the body triggers the sympathetic nervous system as our primary response for fight or flight. Adrenaline immediately shunts blood out of the deep organs and into the muscles, the heart races to keep up to the demand, and the lungs huff and puff. Typically during exercise we rely on the hyper-ventilatory response, and that has it’s place in the conditioning of muscle tissue. However it’s an outdated paradigm for oxygenation since it waits for an emergency response to CO2 and excess H+ ions to indicate more air intake. And then waits again for more huffing and puffing to pay off the oxygen debt, and again for the kidneys to normalize body pH (and natural levels of GABA).

It’s more practical and proactive to engineer breathing, circulation, and electrolyte absorption to the point where hyperventilation, vessel constriction, and oxygen debt are rendered unnecessary at all degrees of exercise intensity, speed and duration. Although there’s much research to be done it’s well known since antiquity that balance between alkaline and acidic forces in the body affect mood, temperament and disposition. And we also know that pH acidity plays a leading role in inflammation which is the common link among leading causes of death. Besides we already have the scientific knowledge for a practical compression of the physiological mechanisms beyond what was previously possible. Find out more about the radical warm-up cool down workout that gets More Out of Exercise™ fast without stress (or drugs). There’s no reason to be left behind.


Currently Body’Fit pH Fitness™ (short form… pHx™) isn’t available to the general public, please contact Meta Living Design for details.


pHx ™ how’s it different?

It’s how all the pieces of information are put together to work better as a comprehensive unit, that gives the knowledge a useful practical meaning (not simply rote repetition). Anyone with access to scientific knowledge can understand the physiological and anatomical parameters of the human organism. The more accurately more of the components are integrated, the more they get out of exercise, and the more efficacy in keeping us at our peak health potential our entire lives.

This is why although almost any program can be designed to improve strength/ endurance, coordination/ core stability, and flexibility/ agility by conditioning heart, vascular and lung capacity, stretching and developing muscles, and balancing the  neural, lymphatic, and endocrine systems… however not just any any combination of exercises can do so all at once all-in-one in under 10 minutes (while balancing all muscles with core building weight bearing pull ups and body weight press downs before they get a chance to tense up in the morning). And without adrenaline, cardiac, or acid stress, without circulatory, neural, endocrine imbalance, and without disrupting the chemical acid base equilibrium necessary  for integration of immune resilience, mood, and metabolism.

The pH fitness required to reach our full potential in physical, emotional and mental health that comes from a new intensity and depth of electrolyte delivery to all organs, is no longer dependent on time… hours of rest and recovery, or even hours of yoga and qigong. Just like data compression has advanced our communication networks, Meta Living Design has done the hard work (so you don’t have to) with compression of physiologic/ anatomic mechanisms. For example the rapid building up oxygen reserves in deep organs allows for long breath holding immediately before swimming under water (and even longer if also performed first thing in the morning as well). Increasing speed with remarkable ease elicits an entirely new and radical response in all body systems. And not only with respect to exercise that triggers acidifying Type II muscle fibres, but also relative to traditional exercise which engages primarily aerobic slow twitch Type I postural muscle.

Fortunately when the results are axiomatic, they speak for themselves; even before all the ins and outs of the encrypted code can be comprehended. It’s like software programming that gets More Out of Exercise… it’s easily added to your current regimen, in this case as a warm-up cool down, or done as a complete stand alone workout on days you can’t get to the gym. All that’s needed to enjoy the benefits immediately is developing the neural pathways to use it. ( by the way, the learning curve is  about 6 hours plus 20 minutes/day of practice over 3 weeks.) Like all new technology, it’s ‘magic’ isn’t so obvious until you’ve personally tried pHx™.


Currently Body’Fit pH Fitness™ (short form… pHx™) isn’t available to the general public, please contact Meta Living Design for details.


Cortisol Stress – exact pH fit

How do we warn up deeper than with treadmill intervals without the cortisol stress that can diminish sports workouts? Warm up deep organ as well as muscle tissue equally within minutes, and without disrupting the normal homeostatic pH balance in the body.

“Cortisol is potently immunosuppressive, and elevated levels of it and/or lack of physiologic release during normally low diurnal periods may compromise components of immune function. Of equal interest is the fact that NK cell activity and cortisol can be influenced adversely by stress. Even if the effect of stress-induced changes on immune and endocrine function are modest, they provide an important area for researching comprehensive integration of brain and body with the potential to minimize the risk of cancer and degenerative disease and reduce health care cost.” Read more

We can recover mood and motivation by directly regulating the acid-base equilibrium of the blood. When biochemical balance is achieved, our body and our mind begin working together in unity because cellular electricity is firing at full potential. Usually we think of whole food as the source of alkalizing elements required for pH fitness.  However, even with the best alkaline diet cannot prevent the inevitable drop in body pH during physical, emotional or mental stress – when circulation shuts down in the deep organs. Only a systematic sequence of  exercise that can achieve a new homeostatic Peak Metabolic Potential™ can fulfill this aim.


Currently Body’Fit pH Fitness™ (short form… pHx™) isn’t available to the general public, please contact Meta Living Design for details.

Body pH fitness can be described as the point where the mind becomes an expression of the body at the same time that the body is the expression of the mind. Body’Fit pHx is the missing link to mind body integration that gets More Out of Exercise ™ fast for peak performance without stress in business or sports.


Olympic IQ, EQ, PQ

“The pHx warm-up is perfect too as a stand alone workout during the supercharge phase of a peaking training cycle. Winding down intense sports specific training with pHx charges up metabolic rate without stress for the dynamic explosion of your life…” Suzanna Aaring 2012

How does IQ/ EQ/ PQ readiness make a difference at the finish line?

It won’t matter will it, if you’re physically fit but not mentally and emotionally focused, and visa versa. All three must happen fast in the same instant, to finish strong consistently. Vitality integrated with clarity and motivation into one-pointed willpower prevents good intentions defaulting into actions that jeopardize success in sports and in business. And it really counts at the end of the day for speed of recovery and regeneration. We tend to assume that brain-heart-body integration happens automatically or just comes naturally to the talented among us.

Optimizing IQ EQ PQ separately

Generally we’ve recognized problem solving requires our 100% emotional and mental engagement. However the reality becomes especially obvious in Olympic sports where our life can depend on integration of our emotions, intellect and physical focus. In competitive sports, Phil Jackson’s ability to motivate the Bulls & Lakers to so many victories was a pivotal turning point in coaching. It’s a key factor in the untouchable success of Tiger Woods at least during the years he was coached by his father.

Athletes now train with a motivational coach to get more in touch with the source of their motivation while learning to let go of their emotions. It’s the basis of honesty and fairness and the only way to sustain logical continuity during competition. Mental preparation, or the use of visualization to imagine one’s self fit, accomplished, a winner, etc. requires a different kind of coaching however. And finally athletes must work with a strength and conditioning coach to prepare their kinaesthetic system for the rigours of competition.

Summing up will power consistently when working separately with the mental, motivational, and physical components is not nearly as effective as working directly with the physical foundation to integrate the head, heart and body. A sudden and radical integration builds unmatched will power. When accomplished under normal alkaline conditions in the blood and cellular fluid, problem solving during demanding activity acquires the extra edge of physical coordination, vitality, stability, strength, and endurance as well as motivation, inspiration, and clarity. Otherwise if our blood is too acid, the result is depression and bad humor. Conversely, if our blood is more alkaline than normal, the result is overenthusiasm that causes us to burn more energy than necessary. Very soon over enthusiasm is followed by depression, both indicative of a loss of self-control. It also indicates an imbalance, a weakness, in our body. A body that is easily strained by emotion or one that does not react emotionally is weak.

Integrating IQ EQ PQ directly

Integration of the anatomical cavities has the added benefit of preventing pre-mature aging, which is a determinant of sports longevity. A recent study indicates that DNA in the organs of the pelvic cavity does not shorten and age like the chromosomes in the organs of the abdominal, thoracic, and cranial cavities. The reproductive system doesn’t age due to the production of an enzyme called telomerase. Since telomerase is produced in the pelvic cavity and not in the rest of the body, integration of the five anatomical cavities is essential to obtain the benefits of telomerase throughout all the organ systems.

The second factor that acts to preserve chromosome length is the maintenance of aerobic fitness. Building up oxygen reserves in deep organs and balancing V02max in muscle tissue restores the acid-base equilibrium the body requires to rejuvenate itself continuously. Not only is the resulting chemical balance necessary to prevent inflammation and irritation which ages DNA, complete integration of all organ systems can only be achieved under conditions of a normal body pH. Both are required for a safe workout that promotes health as well as fitness.

Observed Body’Fit difference 

The Body’Fit pH Fitness™ exercise (short form… pHx™) warm-up cool down workout integrates IQ EQ PQ by quickly restoring normal body pH chemistry usually disrupted by aerobic and anaerobic exercise. It’s specialized design necessarily accounts for the five groups of organs, glands, related to the physical, emotional and mental centers situated in the abdominal, thoracic, cranial, pelvic and dorsal cavities. Body’Fit pHx accomplished integration of the circulatory, kinaesthetic, and neural systems as a whole in the natural order they normally wake up in the morning, and without disrupting body chemistry.

It’s observed that the pHx sequence awakens the five anatomical cavities in rapid succession to produce a flash of oxygen and electrolytes throughout the entire body which results in heightened mental acuity, stamina, and emotional tone that can sustain long hours of concentration without fatigue. The specialized routine can easily be performed in a business suit, pre or post athletic training, or in the middle of a sports event (when the endorphines wear off) in as little as 7 to 14 minutes. By restoring acid base equilibrium, equalizing VO2max, and balancing the central with the peripheral nervous systems at Peak Metabolic Potential, this three-in-one formula balances emotions, clarifies thinking, and awakens kinaesthetic sensibility for more mental and physical focus.

Each of these three elements on their own helps integrate mind, body and emotions, and when combined within a single routine, it provide an entirely new advancement in physical, mental and emotional focus. The pHx system is singular in its approach in that it’s based on the premise that accelerating performance readiness cannot be accomplished without an integrative tool that works with the physical foundation in two very important ways. The first is to produce a sudden and uniform oxygenation of all the body tissues usually drained of blood by adrenaline constriction of deep arteries during exercise (or when released as a fight/flight reflex), and secondly to move the spinal vertebrae in a way that can rapidly stimulate the neural and endocrine centres in the five anatomical cavities in the sequential order that oxygenates the body in order of greatest blood volume. Optimization requires a deliberate exercise tool that can accelerate physiological wake up combined with deep body oxygenation that promotes the equitable rise of V02max in all muscle groups in the sequence that prevents competition for oxygen between organs and muscles.

Establishing electrolyte balance for acid base equilibrium fast in minutes with pHx optimizes propagation of nerve impulse across the five  blocks of organs, prevents the depression of mood, and the pH acidity that saps vitality needed for physical exertion. Otherwise it can take the kidneys take hours or even days to return pH of blood and cellular fluid to normal after sports. The consequence of inducing an uninterrupted flow of electrolytes across the organ groups in the head, chest, and abdomen produces an entirely new level of simultaneous integration optimizing clarity, motivation, and kinaesthetic coordination to establish vitality and one-pointed focus without losing time and energy. Without an aerobic anabolic warm-up and cool down, anaerobic catabolic sports workouts on their own don’t have an innate ability to neutralize metabolic acidity caused by stress, consumption of acid foods, or from muscle-contraction lactate. When combined with more muscle VO2max balance and pHx DynaStretch™  techniques, Body’Fit pH Fitness exercise provides additional support for a winning edge to the finish.

The sooner the Body’Fit pHx routine is performed in the morning after waking up (before muscles begin to tense up with adrenaline hustle and bustle), the faster a dramatic improvement in general health is observed – the daily stress of working before fully awake is relieved with rapid stimulation of the organs, glands and nerves under conditions of acid-base equilibrium. If physical or intellectual activities are undertaken before the bones and muscles feel in place, a positive mood is set for the day, and our brain and nervous system is fully focused (a process which left on its own takes about three hours), the subsequent stress diminishes the means by which we transform contradictory and negative thoughts, emotions, and feelings, into the will power for purposeful action.

Body’Fit pHx balances the emotions by restoring acid base equilibrium, equalizes VO2max to promote kinaesthetic sensibility, and builds mental acuity by engaging the mind in the performance of each movement. Each of these three elements on their own helps integrate mind, body and emotions. And when combined within a single sequence of exercises following the natural order the head, chest and abdomen wake up in the morning, it provides an entirely new way to raise your physical, mental and emotional quotient in a hurry. Participants notice immediately that their mind is more clear, their mood more motivated, and their movements more efficient and agile after a round of pHx performed precisely and in the sequence specifically indicated. Achieving IQ EQ PQ integration in a single session undoubtedly serves sports performance as well as your business day.


Currently Body’Fit pH Fitness™ (short form… pHx™) isn’t available to the general public, please contact Meta Living Design for details.