La La Land or Sanity – pick one

… but don’t confuse the two. Thinking based on beliefs about reality is not enough match the wholeness that defines sanity. Which can only come from reasoning based on the premise of pre-established perfection and completeness. Adhering to consciousness of self as constituting whole cycles in continuity with a complete thought circumvents la la asleepness to reality. Wholeness begets wholeness; and it cannot be reconciled by serving two masters.

Self realization and the well being of humanity go hand in hand. By definition, la la altruism doesn’t condone self actualization, and is poised to quickly admonish the flock with accusations of selfishness. Unless we intuitively feel motivated to give something of our own free will and have the means, selflessness fosters helplessness (tactic of crafty dictator, pseudo-scientist, and holier-than-thou proponent). Paying lip service to both is the give away. They’re in there like a dirty shirt after the fact when it comes to owning processes, inspired by self awareness, that benefit the whole.

It brings to mind an incident where a regulatory agency went out of their way to falsely accuse a dairy producer of contaminated milk… because it was selling natural non-pasteurized milk to it’s share owners. Even though there hasn’t been any food poisoning from raw milk in the last 50 years, as agency directors under the guise of selfless authority, they simply shrugged their shoulders when their trumped up charges were exposed. Altruism put them in a position to purport to know better than the individual themselves what’s healthy, and they washed their hands of ethical self-responsibility. That case is now before the Supreme Court.

Without selfness, by definition, there can be no self sufficiency nor self responsibility. Deference to the well being of others before taking care of self, not only harbingers an avenue of perpetual obligation, remorse and blame, it also bypasses the very vehicle by which sustainable decisions can be made. Namely, a mind in unity with our living breathing Temple, not socially accepted mores (like recycling of nuclear waste into household goods, molecular derangement of food by a monopoly, claiming natural recovery as medical miracle, and so on). Without a grounding in our own nature, fragmentation, manipulation, and the lowest common denominator reigns to the demise of life and security.

What would you rather do? Follow objective laws of logic directing us towards the confluence that integrates whole cycles? Pick sanity. Follow externally construed directives that put us in contradiction with thinking for ourselves? That’s fine, pick la la land. Just let’s not pretend we can play two sides, please.


Currently Body’Fit pH Fitness™ (short form… pHx™) isn’t available to the general public, please contact Meta Living Design for details.


Radioactive Zero Tolerance

One would think that logic has driven public protection from irradiated and radioactive material… not so. The criteria used is merely the ‘perception’ of risk, determined by assessment of it’s acceptability to you and me.

Since this is the foundation upon which decisions are made it would be naive, wouldn’t it, to believe the platitudes that there has been no health risks from exposure to low level radioactivity in North America, and of course the world.

We didn’t object when radioactive waste metal was quietly spread around into thousands of consumer products from cheese graters, handbags, fencing, and recliners to automobiles over the last few decades (despite our mounting health problems). And now a widespread campaign of public ‘education’ has been launched to assure our acceptance of current levels of radiation exposure from Japan.

Acceptance of nuclear reactors is at the root of social dysfunction born of an irrational basis for action where that which is acceptable is considered safe.  Nuclear reactors serve no useful purpose… they are not even necessary for producing electrical energy. Not since Nikola Tesla discovered how to harness the unlimited source naturally present in the ionosphere over a century ago.

That however has been unacceptable because it means energy is virtually free to everyone on the planet. There would be no need for war, no need for scarcity, no need for the cog mentality. No more hoarding, controlling, and fear mongering. Pre-established abundance of health, diversity, and creativity would reign. But such has not been our lot. We’ve been reluctant to think, and so we’ve been told. Self sacrifice became the default when we gave up self-esteem.


Currently Body’Fit pH Fitness™ (short form… pHx™) isn’t available to the general public, please contact Meta Living Design for details.

Revitalization 2010

“It’s like you’re not doing anything yet you reach your vital peak daily, physically, emotionally, and mentally.” Suzanna Aaring

Does speed matter? If all you need is a few minutes, a t-shirt, and pair of runners (or bare feet), well revitalization is yours anywhere, anytime. It makes for an ideal travel companion. Revitalization that keeps pace with a technological world fits well with today’s lifestyles. No argument there. Any time saved in both method and outcome is of value in more ways then one.

Typically a program of revitalization takes hours per week, and includes:

  • Core strength conditioning that promotes kinaesthetic efficiency
  • Deep organ aerobic cardio that promotes metabolic efficiency
  • Body chemical pH balance that promotes neural efficiency

It’s fairly standard now for six-pack abs to come with a core strength conditioning program (which establishes the muscles that rotate the trunk around the pelvis at the foundation of coordinated movement). Pilates was especially developed for this purpose to help keep bed-ridden patients active and their blood circulating. And it’s a central focus for Yoga – originally developed to be done over long hours, it’s well known yoga includes breathing techniques to help restore emotional balance, combined with concentration on poses to help integrate body and mind.

Compression however, not only elicits an entirely new physiological response that helps get you more revitalization with ease and speed. Accelerating core strength conditioning, true 100% aerobic cardio, and body pH balance, utilizing compression, requires specialized movement and breathing engineering that goes beyond orthodox methods. Just as today’s compression of data makes software programs more user friendly, compression of physiologic/ anatomic mechanisms can make revitalization more readily attainable for a diverse demographic under all circumstances of time, space, and physical condition.

Nothing short of a scientific breakthrough in movement technology can accomplish this, say in 10 or 15 minutes, with muscle balancing efficacy. With the emergence of Body’Fit pH Fitness™ exercise (short form… pHx™) compression of kinaesthetic, endocrine, neural, and circulatory mechanisms this fast, at all degrees of performance speed and intensity, makes daily revitalization sustainable. The pHx warm-up is so easy and natural to perform because it follows precise laws for maximum compression… neural efficiency builds on metabolic efficiency builds on kinaesthetic efficiency. Its design does the work, not exertion. What is, is; and similar doesn’t cut it.  As a deep organ aerobic cardio warm-up and cool down that gets more out of  exercise, yoga/ Pilates, or sports training, pHx is doable even on those jet-lagged days there’s no motivation for anything else. Or if you just want to enjoy the golf course, spa, or lie on the beach all day.

pHx… so gentle and easy, yet effective! A scientific breakthrough that doesn’t stress the body, a completely natural revitalization movement technology.


Complete, Perfect, and Pre-Established

It’s kind of funny really. From the clothes we wear to the roof over our heads, everything is constructed out of the blueprint of nature. Yet our ego seems to view its manipulation with regards to our food as an advancement on Nature; and we miss the enduring quality, abundance, and priceless value of the regular, unaltered and ordinary. What makes pre-established templates complete and perfect? Nature produces the most efficient pattern for each blueprint for sustainability with the whole of our environment, making it possible for cycles to occur seamlessly in complete synchronicity.

In this way the human body depends on the entire scale of planetary evolution – it’s the fruit of the tree. Evolution is a process that follows a pre-established plan with the human body as the final result, the completion of the cycle as a whole. True evolution of a species is always for the case of survival. If the mutation is correct and in the case of evolution it is, the species survives and even thrives.

While the body is the result of evolution of plant and animal species, the mind is the result of social development. In man’s unceasing thought-based evolution focused on manipulation of nature, the result has more often the weakening of species. An imagination that makes as its sole reference, the social constructs from which it develops, without deference to the authority of nature’s pre-established structure cannot, by definition, match reality.

We would take well to realize that when we are tampering perfection, invention that doesn’t fit the whole is disruptive and destructive to the cyclical processes which optimize its potential (DNA cloning and nano manipulation of pre-established molecules, is one example. The lack of sufficient land allotment for humane husbandry of farm animals, is another.). Our mind’s potential is optimized in exact proportion to it’s harmony with the body. Only social constructs which match the pre-established pattern or blueprint of nature, can provide a basis for the mind to be stabilized by the body.

We cannot determine the best action to take with integrity if we don’t understand intuitively, emotionally, and mentally the limits our natural environment can bare (especially at the rate a very small percentage of us have been using up most of the world’s non-renewable resources – having children out of social expectation is one example. Another is the dispute over water between Egypt and Ethiopia’s burgeoning population, yet exploding growth has gone out of control with respect to limits of natural environment, leading to the threat of war over manipulation of the Nile.) We need to consider whether we’re not better served by taking care of our own internal integrity, and developing and implementing green solutions, so that ALL children can fulfill their potential, and not procreate than we can properly take care of.

The degree to which our mind is based on the reality of the perfection and completeness of nature, determines how well we can survive as a species. Unless development of the mind fits pre-established blueprints, history shows even religion has fantastically assumed the mental construct that the Creator goes against creation, and orthodox academic propound justified greed instead of championing reason (building oil wells in fragile environments, etc. ad nauseum). There are, of course, precise scientific laws to cultural unity based on self-responsibility  for perpetuity of the world at its highest level, and at the speed we’re approaching global limits…

Precision that achieves fast kinesthetic balance under conditions of the physiologic pH balance gives the rapid homeostatic equilibrium that  sustains a tenacious link unifying mind, body, and emotions all day long.”