pHx™ and Pilates

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Joseph Pilates at work in his Studio

“Why pHx works so well as prep work for Pilates is that while both adhere to similar principles of movement functionally Pilates concerns itself more with core strength and structural alignment, whereas pHx functions primarily metabolically. Body’Fit pH Fitness (pHx) builds oxygen reserves in deep organs and prevents the usual circulatory shut down that cools visceral tissues, even as V02max rises in all individual muscle groups within 7 to 14 minutes. The pHx routine is design sensitive, it’s about triggering pressure points, bringing the ventilation-perfusion ratio in the three lung segments closer to a value of one, and distributing circulation to all the cells of the body equally so as to elicit the sudden absorption of electrolytes needed to alkalize pH acidity with any type of exercise workout.” — Suzanna Aaring 2013

Personally I do Pilates for postural re-education but it find it cools off my organs too much unless I also do  a pHx warm-up cool down to eliminate muscle soreness, accelerate conditioning, and ace weight loss  »


Currently Body’Fit pH Fitness™ (short form… pHx™) isn’t available to the general public, please contact Meta Living Design for details.

Relief from Obesity’s been Taxed

Have we completely lost our noggins? We’ve just spent $70 million this past year in BC promoting healthy living and sport. Now we’ve suddenly reversed direction with a new taxation system (HST) that, for one thing, has added 13% after income tax onto numerous sport activities, including fitness and gym clubs, skiing, bikes, even bicycles parts and service. Hello-oooo (: the verbs ‘subsidize’ and ‘tax’ can’t be ‘harmonized’. Cancelling out the effort of the ministry of healthy living and sport is devoid of common sense without historical precedent.

Monkey business going on halls of law-making by people we’ve put in charge goes way beyond simply ludicrous to anarchic insanity. Tax-restricted access to fitness clubs, gyms, and sports is akin to shooting yourself in the foot. Never before in the history of humanity has government been so diabolical as to have deterred the very foundation of freedom  of health – fresh air, clean water, sunshine, regular whole food, or exercise. Yet, just as Obesity has risen to an all time high worsening progressively with younger generations, the government has made it even more difficult to overcome the hurdles to health fitness exercise.

It’s nonsensical, contradictory, and a direct attack on the green agenda of the people they have pretended to represent. Ostensibly the HST helps business by shifting the tax burden away from businesses and onto consumers. Will the exercise and sports industry benefit? Well, gyms are not businesses that can create a disproportionate distribution of wealth (to the point of economic collapse), so no, it will only make doing business that much more difficult, locally and globally. Business owners may party for a day on their artificial increase in profits, but in the end nobody wins. Not even the 1% hoovering our debt-based money supply (that replaced means-of-exchange money over a century ago) with over-productivity killing us and the planet. Debt is the plague of the planet and the money suckers bank on it, general health & prosperity hasn’t ever been on that agenda.

Can you guess who’s behind taxing our health? Taxation of what restores health to its peak instead of what has proven itself ad nauseam to have failed to, gives a clue. It has to be a very powerful lobby group with lots of money to buy the logic right out of government. Someone with a vested interest in keeping the general population medicated in subdued dis-ease with heart attack, cancer, medical & drugs within the top  mortality stats (no HST added). Because medical intervention is highly effective in the treatment of trauma, ethics have been compromised by curriculum funding sources (which by the way haven’t been taxed equally). About half of our national budget (1/3 in USA) goes to the industry without restoring health to the general population. But remember, in a democracy they’re outnumbered. Governments won’t get very far with taxation laws that are socially unjust, if we don’t let them. Or if we all actually get healthy

[Former NFL player Mike Hollis said of this tax, that if it had happened in the USA instead of Canada it would be “the beginning of the end for American people with health issues directly resulting from obesity!” NOTE: the HST also applies to recipient US business and businesses outside the zones that have instigated HST in Canada (British Columbia, Ontario, and the Eastern seaboard provinces). In other words HST has made it more difficult to do business internationally.[

[Ed Sullivan from SPORTS CAREERS group on LinkedIn made a fitting comment, “Maybe they should go the opposite direction and tax fast food, junk food, and sugar-based soda, if they are serious about healthy living of their constituents”.]

[“The HST makes it more expensive to lead a healthy lifestyle because the tax is not levied on items such as doughnuts or other goodies, said Ontario  NDP Leader Andrea Horwath. “How wrong-headed is that?” she asked. “People should be encouraged to get fit and taxing physical activity will act as a deterrent”, Horwath added. “Cheap fast-food that makes you fat is tax-exempt yet the kinds of things we need people to engage in like fitness activities and smoking cessation programs are being taxed at 8 per cent,” she said. “The government should take a hard look at whether it really wants to tax these activities when in the long run it will pay more in health costs,” she added. “It is simply the wrong thing to do,” she said]


Evolution: Olympic Sports Fit

When is science a body fit, and when does it not fit the body. And is it real science if it’s just a clever (disintegrative) abstraction which doesn’t lie within the context of reality as a whole? I was watching a YouTube video on the future of human evolution, and this Canadian journalist was promoting the idea that the human race will disappear and be replaced by clones. What do you suppose would induce a ‘prestigious’ journalist to take this position on such a ridiculous proposition, especially since cloning always makes an organisms weaker than the original genomes from which they are derived? Ignorance, money, whatever… the seed is being planted for the acceptance of the genetic manipulation of human genes.

The reality is the human organism is at the top of the planetary evolutionary scale, it has reached the level of perfection within the context of the planet as a whole. However physiologic development of our body is separate from our mental and emotional development which has a social context. The demands of ethics require us to prevent our extinction as a result of pollution including genetic engineering of DNA (or overpopulation, or improper distribution of resources, or nuclear weapons). Our minds and emotions, which are a social development, will need to catch up with the completed evolution of the physical body in order to support our DNA structure. This is where our evolution is not yet complete, and it doesn’t happen automatically. It’s a deliberate process of specialized exercise science that can accomplish integration of neural centers in the head, chest, and abdomen quickly in 5 to 15 minutes on a daily basis. Body’Fit pH Fitness™ exercise (short form… pHx™) is a basic tool for the completion of our evolutionary journey via balancing of the physical foundation.