Exertional Heat Stress

What’s the big difference between winter and summer Olympic games, besides the weather I mean? Sports like running, rowing and biking, are more intensely endurance, while winter sports like ski jumping, snow-boarding and sledding are more technical. In the summer when the sun is high, Olympic athletes are at a higher risk of heat stroke, both because of the weather and because of the nature of their sport. Due to the necessary aerobic intensity of summer Olympic games, lowering the risk of heat stroke is particularly challenging. How can we help athletes ignite their spark plug without overheating their engines?

Left untreated, heat stroke may progress to coma. Death may result due to kidney failure, malfunction of the lungs, acute heart failure, or direct heat induced damage to the brain. This is a concern to athletes because heat stroke risk rises as body pH drops during exercise. Acidification of metabolic pH can lead to acidosis. Cellular response to stress is altered contributing to overtraining syndrome. Toxicity increases when the hypothalamus cannot regulate core temperature ultimately affecting the role of the pineal gland [the tiny cone shaped gland that has recently been found to be an important link between the nervous and endocrine systems.] This gland is linked to the CNS via the sympathetic nervous system. And is at particular risk when circulation shuts down in the deep tissues as it shifts to large long muscle.

Studies which have provided an in vitro model for the study of mechanism of injury in exertional heat stress when the body is unable to dissipate heat leading to heat stroke conclude: “Heat stroke mortality is worsened in the presence of acidosis. Using cell culture as an in vitro model of exertional heat stress, we have shown that physiologic acidosis (pH 6.8) significantly increases cell death from hyperthermia. We have further demonstrated that acidosis augments the heat response of the human HSP70 3′ untranslated region…”  Metabolic acidosis has been shown to inhibit the heat control mechanism in the hypothalamus, and is a potential causative factor in heat stroke. And drug-based corrective measures can’t restore intracellular and extracellular electrolyte balance.

Electrolytes are electrically charged ions that our cells need in order to carry electrical impulses to other cells that maintain muscle and nerve control. Since physical exertion generally causes a drop in body pH anyway, in the summer heat, the ‘imbalance’ of electrolytes can be as potentially damaging as the ‘loss’ of electrolytes since circulation shuts down in deep organs under stress. Hydration will restore the supply of electrolytes, however by itself cannot ensure the proper distribution of electrolytes required for optimal cellular function, unless we can open up circulation in the deep organs, including the pineal gland. Subsequently pH fitness is an even greater consideration as environmental temperatures rise when building protection against heat stroke into your training schedule.

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Body’Fit pH Fitness™ exercise (short form… pHx™) is a routine that presents a solution for body temperature control during exercise, it warms up the body without over-heating it. Designed to spike metabolism in deep organs while equilibrating VO2max in all muscles, both large and small, this unique exercise sequence disperses heat by opening up blood vessels in tissues which normally shut down even under moderate exertion, giving an alkalizing rather an acidifying result. Combined with restoration of acid base equilibrium (within 7 to 14 minutes), the dynamic 24-exercise series helps reset temperature regulating mechanisms, very fast. In the hot weather pHx adds that definitive spark to ignite passion, while lowering the risk of heat exhaustion and heat stroke. It’s so short sweet and complete the short 7-min version can be done as a mindset revitalizer during competition. Are you staying ahead of the curve?

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China’s Olympic Gold Lead Secret?

It’s no accident that China is leading the Gold metal win early in the 2012 London Olympic Games this week. Their rise to the upper echelons of Olympic glory is no surprise to those of us who know that the Chinese have chosen not to go with the same old, same old. They lead in the last summer Olympics too, and it’s not only because they have a much larger demographic; they’ve prepared their athletes to win, they’ve looked beyond how they’ve trained in the past.

When I shared my 100% aerobic crossfit shortcut with the unassuming young man from China years ago, we had no idea what influence he would have. We had become friends and when we invited him over for dinner, he brought a gift, a valuable work of traditional Chinese art. In retrospect, as the son of a high ranking official in China it comes as no surprise that eventually they’d be lead to the gold he had procured by his interest in our work during his time in Canada.

Of course it doesn’t hurt that we contacted thousands of sports and health fitness venues in China, as well as the States and around the globe, since then. It only goes to show that the truly leading discoveries are usually found in the most unlikely places. But only if your will-to-win is strong enough to overcome the status quo. Conventional concepts of athletic training have been well engrained in the West, and any radical paradigm presents a challenge that can be met with resistance. C’est la vie, that foreign feeling of defeat is the price to pay for the openness to wake up and smell the roses on the podium.

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Currently Body’Fit pH Fitness™ (short form… pHx™) isn’t available to the general public, please contact Meta Living Design for details.

An Effective Brainwashing Technique

A simple psychological research test reveals a wealth of information about how our mind can play tricks on us.

Participants were given a very monotonous meaningless task to perform and then given monetary incentive to lie to the next person in line that it was a very interesting task. Amazingly those least compensated actually came to believe their own lie, and most strongly defended the boring task. Transgression of integrity was the most easily denied by those who were paid the least, and ratiomalised by those who felt they had a solid financial reason to tell a lie.

This gives us insight into why people believe whatever they’re told if the truth is too painful to admit. Focus on the real issues threatens the comfort of denial, and so we divert our eyes. As long as we’re asleep to the perilous state of democracy we prefer any petty distraction to doing our homework. And that plays right into the hands of destructive powers which exist only if we naively believe everything we hear on TV or read in the newspaper, without question. From the slanting of definitions in your computer dictionary to the sandwich board at your local cafe, without the necessary mental tools, we’re liable to be held hostage with a bombardment of deceptive messages. The default of neural networks completely anesthetized with unexamined fear, guilt, etc. is stunted mental development that renders us susceptible and vulnerable, with no protection whatsoever from white-washed lies.

Of course when we’re aware of how the mind works it’s much easier to catch ourselves. We need to be fully awake don’t we, to detect the telling inconsistencies that constitute today’s methods. For example all movies that have ever been made should be available on iTunes, yet the distribution monopolies only allow movies that suit their agenda or that have no choice but to distribute. For example Live and Let Die, the only James Bond movie filmed in the US, must contain some unacceptable footage since it’s been erased from the repertoire. It seems Edgar Hoover’s soulless dynasty  has virtually cut out authentic Charlie Chaplin Hollywood; ever notice there’s almost no watchable new movies on iTunes lately, and where are all the real stars? Honestly, few and far between who haven’t been compromised. Jim Carrey’s latest movie subvertely poking fun at Chaplin is the icing on the cake. I actually bought if for a minute, didn’t you? Although it’s interesting since posting this link on Twitter there’s a couple of Chaplin movies for rent without having to buy – rather obtuse but an improvement nonetheless. And the recent Sherlock Holmes movie hides behind Charlie Chaplin authenticity and steals it’s soul from the TV series even following the same acting and production style ): disgusting. Only Disney carries the torch of truth it seems; today’s Hollywood despise movies that have a noble heart because they point to the real villains of our world.

If video doesn’t appear then it’s been tampered with, and blog security has been breached.

Here’s an example from youtube: Are these legitimate Occupiers or simply infiltrators wearing cloaks of passificity carrying bags of money and bribes? Analyzing the discrepancies between Occupy protestors and impostors helps us decipher the truth we sense instinctively.

If we observe the general demeanour of the three people in the video we see they are all the same, the sunglasses, the clothing, and they’re so accustomed to having their needs cared for they don”t realize they stand out In the crowd. Listen closely, their turn of phrase is more of a certain segment of American urbanite than Canadian. We don”t talk like that. And it’s certainly not characteristic of the group at Occupy Vancouver. How else can you tell if they’re legit, or not? The police are lining up for their fancy pamphlets, and they’ve been well publicized by mainstream media.

However the kicker is the content of their message. They begin by setting the stage with a wishy washy pose they believe aligns with the peaceful milieu, except their exaggerated stance belies their intent. Each of the three pretenders has their own specialty, and this clues us in that they haven’t been randomly picked for the job. The real give-away is the third speaker who delivers the punch and divulges the agenda by introducing the concept of “privatization” as the economic future. This is in contrast to the interview by the award-winning journalist at Democracy Now where privatization of public domain is precisely identified as the cover by which our inalienable rights and freedoms are eroded. Rhetoric about how the 99% has suffered at the hands of inept government bureaucracy rounds out the package, ostensibly making military takeover by security forces, worldwide, more socially acceptable.


Currently Body’Fit pH Fitness™ (short form… pHx™) isn’t available to the general public, please contact Meta Living Design for details.

Apple Famine in Midst of Plenty

Apples, apples, everywhere, and not a single one to eat. The organic certification standards are anything but foolproof, in fact you’d think they were out to fool you. It’s been a bumper crop this year, yet conventional, certified organic, doesn’t matter, every variety of crisp crunchy juicy apple has been rendered inedible. At least that’s been the case here. What’s happened to all the apples, how could we let an apple famine happen?

As has become all too commonplace the latest miracle pre/ post harvest chemical is said to be safe even natural of course, however the criteria for safe obviously didn’t include so called ‘side’ effects like muscle cramps, blurred vision, joint pain, irritability, etc. (If you’re lucky the body puts on extra weight to store the toxins in fat cells which protects you in the short term until Obesity gets out of control.) Every three months a whole slew of new additives for fertilizers, fungicides, etc. for pre and post harvest is approved, and if body awareness, observation and experience are any indication, this last round has been a doozy.

If you haven’t felt 100% lately you’re not alone; it’s no secret that there’s a famine of health out there. The breakdown in the organic culture is not with farmers and retailers who have a long standing commitment to safe clean and unadulterated produce, it seems to be with the middleman: the shippers, distributors, and  handling packaging moguls. It makes one wonder, has this been done intentionally to keep targeted populations drugged, is it a way to limit the lifespan of a burdensome aging population, or is it simply the dysfunction of unconsciousness, without thought for anything but self-serving bad profit?

Certainly fragmented thinking and lack of internal tools for developing logical objective reasoning in terms of who we are as whole human beings, is not helping. Plus our bottomless debt has created an abyss where there’s never enough money. A continual stream has to continue to come from somewhere because it doesn’t circulate. But it goes deeper than that, doesn’t it? Stopped-up circulation is set up intentionally to benefit the 1%… a much more nefarious motive than simple greed is at work, which in a laissez faire market  would usually be rectified. The resulting polarization is the necessary adjunct for power mongers and monopolies seeking control over inalienable rights and freedoms.

Power in the hands of a few (could even be benevolent) is ultimately expressed as enslavement of the many, where the reality of equality within the pre-established structure of the human psyche eventually forces a conflict or, if we have the tools and the will to do the internal work, pushes our evolution to a new level of living, being and doing that transforms society. It’s no wonder people everywhere are taking a stand, following their heart and participating in peaceful proactive action. It takes courage, passion, and clarity of mind to rise up and see the effort through to real sustainable change, which to a large extent also depends on conscious choices as well as the availability of clean food, air, and water.

Berries, fruit, vegetables including lettuce, almost everything’s been compromizedpoisoned really. Flour is a real problem. Whole grain needs to be washed with hydrogen peroxide then dried and ground in a flour mill by hand to remove at least some of the neuro-active toxins. Of course if chickens eat the grain the contaminants transfer to the eggs too. Even supplements are suspect due to revised USDA standards for organics. Source bio-dynamic from local growers, get to know farmers who don’t put allowable anything on their crops (just make sure they protect themselves from sabotage) or try imported food that hasn’t been shipped from a country under the influence of GMO and food contamination policies. And beware of toxic product camouflaging as European imports, and of genetically engineered food mis-labelled as organic.

Why have we insisted on doing this to ourselves ad nauseum; this is the pressing question of our times isn’t it? Scientific, judicial, and social processes have become corruptible in the last few years especially. It would be naieve to believe we can reach realistic agreement regarding either the problems or solutions without a clear basis for understanding that we must live within natural laws to survive. Social decay is pushing our internal evolution like never before. We need to become clear about t scientific exploration fits our body, otherwise the perils that have threatened our health and well being cannot be overcome. Objective measurement of the possibilities of the psyche is required for full realization, and it’s easier when we know the territory, exactly. Otherwise as we’ve seen, we can end up back at square one in a most inopportune crisis if we don’t get it right and wake up.


Currently Body’Fit pH Fitness™ (short form… pHx™) isn’t available to the general public, please contact Meta Living Design for details.

True Wealth is a Body Fit

Mis-construed concepts of our collective minds always seem to get in the way of our freedom, don’t they… freedom to speak, freedom to realize our full potential, even freedom to move as we see fit. Does it mean that we have to stop thinking to gain our freedom? Actually it means we need to start thinking in terms of what fits the totality of who we are, instead of settling for what we think should fit us, culturally.

Steve Jobs never gave up on consciously seeking what fits us as human beings regardless of the obstacles in his way. He did accomplish that in terms of Apple technology because he was very outspoken and expected everyone in the company to be so too (whereas it’s usually considered insubordination). He knew it was the only way to cut through the crap and get to the truth of the customers experience and meets the needs of reality. The next frontier is awareness of what fits the parameters of health for body & mind, both. It’s an axiomatic truth that our brain must be developed to the support the completeness and perfection of a human being’s freedom and self realization.

Here’s an excerpt from The Art of Fitness, “Our body needs to be retrained to move healthy. It means, on a regular basis, moving your body the way it is designed to move, every muscle, every joint, with full range of motion, in every direction, at all speeds, performed with agility, power and grace.” How do we make sure we do this every day so we can enjoy sports and activities without injury? Even if you spent hours and hours a day, we may not put all the muscles and meridians into balance. To awaken the natural intelligence of the body otherwise inhibited by fascial adhesion and tension, the free flow of electrolytes along connective tissue under the skin and along lines that connect the organs must be intentionally promoted daily.

To do this we need to account for every aspect of physical movement, as well as every physiological aspect of body chemistry. Traditional methods usually take hours of daily practice to awaken the perfect pattern. How can we, say in 7 to 14 minutes achieve it without cortisol acid stress – remind the body of the completeness and perfection of its template. This is where our contemporary knowledge can improve on traditional disciplines like yoga and qi gong. So how do we synthesize traditional principles with our scientific understanding, so that once such a routine is performed each morning we really don’t have to think about our posture for the rest of the day?

If it really is a body fit the more you relax release and enjoy it the better it works without observable huffing and puffing at any speed. Personally I use Body’Fit pH Fitness exercise (short form… pHx), it conforms to principles of our perfect pattern so our body can once again think for itself according to its pre-established laws. Specific breathing matches oxygen needs precisely for each of the movements, which isolate muscle groups with ergonomic postures which safely and easily equalize VO2max throughout the body, without acidification of pH in blood and cellular fluid. Radical? Absolutely.


Currently Body’Fit pH Fitness™ (short form… pHx™) isn’t available to the general public, please contact Meta Living Design for details.

La La Land or Sanity – pick one

… but don’t confuse the two. Thinking based on beliefs about reality is not enough match the wholeness that defines sanity. Which can only come from reasoning based on the premise of pre-established perfection and completeness. Adhering to consciousness of self as constituting whole cycles in continuity with a complete thought circumvents la la asleepness to reality. Wholeness begets wholeness; and it cannot be reconciled by serving two masters.

Self realization and the well being of humanity go hand in hand. By definition, la la altruism doesn’t condone self actualization, and is poised to quickly admonish the flock with accusations of selfishness. Unless we intuitively feel motivated to give something of our own free will and have the means, selflessness fosters helplessness (tactic of crafty dictator, pseudo-scientist, and holier-than-thou proponent). Paying lip service to both is the give away. They’re in there like a dirty shirt after the fact when it comes to owning processes, inspired by self awareness, that benefit the whole.

It brings to mind an incident where a regulatory agency went out of their way to falsely accuse a dairy producer of contaminated milk… because it was selling natural non-pasteurized milk to it’s share owners. Even though there hasn’t been any food poisoning from raw milk in the last 50 years, as agency directors under the guise of selfless authority, they simply shrugged their shoulders when their trumped up charges were exposed. Altruism put them in a position to purport to know better than the individual themselves what’s healthy, and they washed their hands of ethical self-responsibility. That case is now before the Supreme Court.

Without selfness, by definition, there can be no self sufficiency nor self responsibility. Deference to the well being of others before taking care of self, not only harbingers an avenue of perpetual obligation, remorse and blame, it also bypasses the very vehicle by which sustainable decisions can be made. Namely, a mind in unity with our living breathing Temple, not socially accepted mores (like recycling of nuclear waste into household goods, molecular derangement of food by a monopoly, claiming natural recovery as medical miracle, and so on). Without a grounding in our own nature, fragmentation, manipulation, and the lowest common denominator reigns to the demise of life and security.

What would you rather do? Follow objective laws of logic directing us towards the confluence that integrates whole cycles? Pick sanity. Follow externally construed directives that put us in contradiction with thinking for ourselves? That’s fine, pick la la land. Just let’s not pretend we can play two sides, please.


Currently Body’Fit pH Fitness™ (short form… pHx™) isn’t available to the general public, please contact Meta Living Design for details.