“Until there’s room for not knowing, once we’ve processed all the relevant data, we can’t receive insight that fits reality.” Suzanna Aaring 2013

No Space, No Boundaries, No Unity

Human beings require the structure of space in order to experience freedom. You could say space is what differentiates freedom from slavery.  Free will depends on the health of our body; when we’re depressed and fatigued our will power (spirit) is weak. Break the body and the will eventually breaks, break the will and the body will eventually breakdown. Without personal space there is nothing protecting us against the breaking of  body or will.

This is why external demonstrations of unitu cannot be genuine without the internal unity of our mind and body as an actual fact of neural integration. Aggression is the result of a lack of health, as much as a lack of health is the result of aggression. We need space and privacy in which to fully develop our ‘selves’. There is a need for the completeness and perfection of our energy and health to be actualized, since it’s the basis of our ability to experience the reality of our connectivity with others. The amount of time and space needed is unique to each individual and can only be determined by the ‘self’ since it changes continually depending on circumstance.

The bottom line is internal integrity comes before we can experience our connection with other human beings. Without personal space connection is replaced with co-dependent demonstrations of unity that are meaningless actions since they don’t contribute to our health. They’re experienced as an invasion of privacy, passive aggressive behaviour that voluntarily or involuntarily disconnects us from our own being.

The complete neural integration which gives us control over our mind and body cannot be achieved without biochemical pH fitness (electrolytes in acid base equilibrium). Circulation follows the distribution of electrolytes which become imbalanced under stress that disrupts homeostasis. Without health we cannot fully experience the bond that exists between us as human beings. Furthermore the strength of our bioelectric field depends on all other living organisms. Although bio-electricity may seem ethereal because we can’t see it, it’s real and requires a process for integration between body and brain.

The psychological default of not being able to control the integrity of our own being is that we can neither take personal space nor can we respect the personal space of others. The extent of acknowledgement of personal space determines the extent of our unity. An example that clearly demonstrates where we’ve failed in this is when the Canadian Supreme Court passed a law that has decreed that personal space ends at the curb. Once personal property leaves private property it’s been made into law that we no longer respect a person’s space, protect them from identity theft , or value the importance of privacy.

Eventually we’re faced with the need to understand who we are as human beings, essentially because unity is the pre-established reality, either through aggression or mutual agreement. This is our choice now, and we are at the historical moment for each of us making that decision.


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