Efficiency vs Performance

Development of the opposable thumb and stereoscopic vision allows us to ‘conquer’ our environment, however it’s our concept of beauty that allows us to ‘master’ it. Our sexuality differs from lower animals in that human beings make love face to face. On the question of how this differentiates us: what is the sex organ, is it a performance tool, is it a reproductive system, is it an ornamental accessory, what is it? Outrageous? Maybe… and that’s the point, isn’t it. If it’s an organ, then how do we perceive it? If it’s a thing of beauty, then what is beauty?

What’s most beautiful to us is that which is most like us in terms of our internal evolution; therefore the energy of eroticism produces a different kind of cohesion. If love is that which recognizes it’s equal in another, then lovemaking is an expression of who we are. We enjoy being with another human being because that’s what’s most meaningful. This has allowed us to evolve as a species. Since it can only be consciousness which recognizes itself, awareness is the vehicle by which we develop intellectual capacity to think through whole cycles that match our innate complete perfect pattern, with the utmost efficiency and environmental sustainability. Our thoughts fit reality when we take that template as our reference. We cannot take reasonable responsible action when we don’t understand the parameters of what makes the human race a humanity.

This innate ability to recognize ourselves in each other impacts our brain’s directive executive function. When thinking is fully developed, we see structure from the perspective of whether it’s meaningful to us in terms of who we are. That’s how we determine the most efficient way to get things done. When we’re identified with socially conditioned mores where performance for it’s own sake is a goal in itself, we do things that are inefficient, wasteful and damaging to ourselves and the environment. Performance holds no beauty unless it meets our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs with precision, i.e. efficiently. Each organ of the body vibrates at a different frequency, flora and fauna have a certain frequency, as do inorganic minerals. So the question really is, are what we’re doing resonating at the frequency optimal to health and wellbeing?

When we build a car, do we consider our experience in this regard? Is it sympathetic to expressing our intuitive sense of coordination with a clarity of attention and awareness of conscious that recognizes itself in our environment? Is drive and determination towards beauty (what actually is) or stymied by what we think beauty should be? Beauty is in the vitality of substance, that’s how our aesthetic sensibility determines whether something is moving towards life or away from life. Efficiency has more potency than performance because it recognizes and respects environmental sustainability upon which our existence depends. Bye the way it also happens to have the most ergonomic structure, no more and no less than needed. The closest we’ve come so far is inventing a vehicle that gets 3000 miles to a gallon. That’s a beautiful thing, isn’t it?