“Uncompromised intelligence is the outcome of spirit and passion which is the outcome of balance in mind, body, and emotions.” — Suzanna Aaring 2013

Six Common Myths of Passion

1/ Passion is found. The most common misconception is the belief that you can find your passion, that if you simply figure out what it is you like to do you’ll automatically have passion. If that were true all those engaged in an occupation of their own choice would be motivated to perform at their peak every single day.

2/ Passion is self sustaining. Over enthusiasm causes us to burn more energy than necessary, and eventually ends up in depression which prevents us from having the necessary enthusiasm. It’s a vicious circle that can happen to anyone even if we enjoy our work. If passion was self sustaining we would never find ourselves on this roller-coaster.

3/ Passion is exclusive. The idea that there is this one thing you were meant to do to the exclusion of everything else, is false.  If it were true we couldn’t adapt and survive in a variety of different circumstances. A few people can work at the same occupation and fulfill their life, but most of us will meed to do four or five or more.

4/ Passion is endowed as a talent.  The most dangerous idea in the world is that we are not all the same. Although each individual is unique each of us has the same potential for awakening passion, it’s built into our DNA as a species, it’s what differentiates us from the lower animals.

5/ Passion happens by chance. We expect passion to happen by chance magically mysteriously, and when it doesn’t we assume we haven’t found what we’re supposed to be doing. Necessity is the mother of invention, not fate. Passion is not the goal, passion is the means.

6/ You have passion or you don’t.  The myth that some people have more passion than others, is misleading. It’s one of the main reasons we think we need to do only what we’re good at, when we find that we don’t have the passion this belief stops us from exploring all the possibilities for success.

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[ Busy Women ] Entrepreneurs : Talk About Passion

Let’s face it, just about everyone is talking about passion these days. Heck, in my email just today, the new broadcasts were; master passion, stay passionate, stir passion, along with of course the free webinars and ebooks to support or should I say sell the idea. Now don’t get me wrong here, I strongly believe passion is at the root of all success, in fact I call it “Will To Do”, as it’s the unstoppable driving force that gets things done, and gets us to take action. However the difficult part is in the ‘how to’, not in the ‘what’ (which is easily identified). As it turns out the natural laws for accomplishing this are very precise.

On our website, » even the header announces “Where Women and Men with the passion for accomplishment getFit and stayFit”. We built it because as you know, even if you love what you do, it takes an extra boost to ignite passion for both work and working out, and we need to do that with much more speed, ease and efficiency than we ever have in the past. You can read Suzanna’s Story Here » and find out how she put into action a new fitness modality (Body’Fit pHx™) on par with the discovery of yoga, Pilates and martial arts. It works and I can personally testify to that. By the way, when Suzanna started signing her articles and videocast email posts, Ignite Passion, that’s when it seems the current buzz about passion really ‘ignited’.

But not to digress, the point of my rouse is this; yes, we all have passion, but the key to success is in fact figuring out how to fire it up without getting over-worked, overweight, and stressed out. I love Alicia Keys new album, “Girl On Fire” » wow what a great way to realize that the secret is in how you fan the flame. Here’s the catch – passion is not just an intellectual concept, the intellect by itself comes with a lot of baggage, the kind that usually stops you dead in your tracks. Some people call it karma, others call it limiting beliefs. Either way, we need a method that doesn’t require thinking ourselves into it.

What I’m saying is that we can’t ignite passion with thought alone, it’s way too difficult, and way too unreliable. I’ve found that the kind of driving force willpower that gets things done can only be accomplished consistently by working directly with the body. That’s because the power I’m referring to here is the ‘will to do’ soul at the core of our existence that comes from deep within the gut and can only be integrated with the mind if we … click Here »  and discover the secret to how you can ignite passion quickly, easily and effectively in just a few minutes first thing every morning, without having to think about it.


Currently Body’Fit pH Fitness™ (short form… pHx™) isn’t available to the general public, please contact Meta Living Design for details.