Obesity in America

It’s inconceivable isn’t it? With the varietal abundance of nature, if animals (homo-sapiens included) needed to consume food that’s been altered artificially, it would of been pre-established in the first place. Of course, without patentable man-made synthetic consumables (the superiority of which we’re sold on), it’d be difficult to monopolize the money supply wouldn’t it?

In fact, for generations we’ve been so convinced of  it, we’ve become obese as adults (nature protecting us as best it can from foreign toxins by storing fat among other things) and have had children obese from birth. We have to remember it was with the advent of manipulated molecules that obesity rose dramatically in the 1990′s. Eating real sugar and real fat has always been part or our diet, however, with widespread consumption of cheap GMO corn and canola, irradiated by nuclear waste for indefinite self life, and microwaved for convenience, we’ve become denatured by decadence. North Americans are over-fed and under-nourished – even dietary supplements have been nano-ized for patentability.

It’s the first time a generation of children may not outlive their parents; 1 in 3 children are obese in America. As First Lady Michelle Obama points out in her Let’s Move campaign, it’s a wake-up call to change the status quo. Obesity is a complicated disease that makes it difficult to exercise without exacerbating it’s health problems including heart disease and diabetes. Over-simplified by the adage to eat less and exercise more, obesity has long been misunderstood by the general population – making motivation even more difficult to come by.

Acid-base equilibrium improves both motivation and weight loss.Eating alkaline foods helps normalize body pH, however exercise that stabilizes alkalinity is the pivotal turning point for re-forming, instead of con-forming. Find out why improving on acidic diets and pH-disruptive workouts by eating fresh raw alkalizing foods and performing stress-free pH-balanced cardiovascular warm-ups prior to exercise and sports improves pH fitness and consequently, weight loss – google “pH fitness”. Health begins with awareness of the potential of human existence according to free will. Coco Chanel said it best,” The most courageous act is to think for ourselves. Aloud.”