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“Just because you haven’t figured out yet how it all fits into the big picture doesn’t mean you shouldn’t start, you can’t fit in the next piece till this one’s in place.” — Suzanna Aaring 2012



“Information by itself is of no consequence, it’s what you do with it that gives it meaning.” — Suzanna 2012



Currently Body’Fit pH Fitness™ (short form… pHx™) isn’t available to the general public, please contact Meta Living Design for details.

[ Busy Women ] Entrepreneurs: Get off the Money Treadmill

How would you like to make more money without having to spend more money? Would you like an additional revenue stream to help build income consistency in your business. If you’re a busy woman entrepreneur, of course you do. Entrepreneurs tend to be big picture thinkers. They recognize a good money-making idea when they see one. And they also recognize the details that need to be taken care and when they can trust someone to do the job so they can follow through on their vision.

After four decades of research, testing and development I knew I had a unique niche product with wide applicability for the general public. Essentially it makes it possible to democratize fitness, career success, and wellness results. You can do it anywhere, anytime, even as a Barefoot Executive »

I also knew that it needed to be developed as an online enterprise platform that could be accessed on all of your devices and computers, so that it could be readily implemented and easily facilitated by fitness, career, and wellness professionals in their business without taking up any of their precious time and effort. I knew it must give consistency to your overall revenue, and to you having several income sources. However I also wanted to maintain your own focus on doing what you’re good at and enjoy.

That’s why we take care of the details for you without charging you a penny. All you need is knowing how to tap into this stream for yourself. So, here’s how:

Make referral income, anywhere, anytime, in any situation simply by recommending the Basic or Gold Plus Body’Fit pHx™ Online Membership to your business and social network. pHx is one of the most complete and effective 100% aerobic crossfit programs developed to date. It’s the fast doable exercise shortcut everyone is looking for. We pay a generous 65 percent of the profit. Complete and submit the secure registration form to Get Started »

The Body’Fit Life Associate Leader Program clearly differentiates itself from most other referral programs by offering direct cash payments, through your PayPal account monthly, and at an industry leading rate of 65% on all online purchases made through your very own, exclusive Associate Cash ID#. Our compensation philosophy is a first, reward associates for their actual contributions to our business in unit volume and growth, with the greater portion of revenues going to them.

We offer you an easy way to quickly generate income without having to sell. We provide you with your own unique URL webpage link and Associate Cash ID#. It’s simple: just start posting the link, and watch the cash roll in.

I call it wealth without compromise.

Ignite Passion,
Suzanna Aaring

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p.s. Please take a moment to check out my Website » and add me to your professional network on LinkedIn. Be sure to contact me if there’s anything you’d like to know about, or if you have any suggestions how Busy Women Entrepreneurs » can work better for you. And remember to pay the invitation forward to friends and colleagues… they’ll love you for it.


Currently Body’Fit pH Fitness™ (short form… pHx™) isn’t available to the general public, please contact Meta Living Design for details.

[ Busy Women ] Entrepreneurs : A Money Fit

Never-ever feel like you’re spinning your wheels going nowhere? Each effort doesn’t come to fruition overnight. Case in point, I was just speaking with my CEO, who said he never thought the logo he’d designed years ago would end up being the very logo I used to launch the dynamic Busy Women Entrepreneurs » group on LinkedIn. Each and every positive action you take always increases in value over time when it’s for the benefit of all.

One of the keys to not letting yourself be pushed into a corner, is refusing to fall into your own limiting belief that what you do is of no value just because it’s not obvious to anyone else at that moment. Unfortunately it’s easier said than done, and having just the right tool makes all the difference.

It’s Well-documented » that fit (skinny) women make more money, plus their ideas and overall contribution are more openly received. I want to share My Own Story » with you, and I also recommend that you read Richard Branson’s Book » about how the new capitalism “Does No Harm”.

But how do you achieve that extra edge of confidence, every day? For busy women entrepreneurs, it’s neither difficult nor time-consuming if you follow what I’ve found and developed over the past 30 years. pHx™ » is the one advantage I’m talking about. In a few minutes women like us can take the lead in business to exceed expectations.

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Ignite Passion,
 Suzanna Aaring

p.s. Please share this with your colleagues and friends right now… everyone deserves to make more money and live a better life, especially busy women. Take a moment to check out my Website » to getFit and stayFit for what you love.


Currently Body’Fit pH Fitness™ (short form… pHx™) isn’t available to the general public, please contact Meta Living Design for details.

A Bankrupt Economy | Wealthy?

Can’t have it both ways? Yes you can, and the United States of America have proven it by bailing out financial markets to save their monetary system and economy. When you’re losing and want to stay in the game, just loosen up the rules. Very convenient. It’s a quintessential example of U.S. strategy actually working – at least for the time being. They’ve embodied an incredible amount of the world’s resources to become an economic super power. How’s it possible for a wealthy nation like the U.S. to have so much of the world’s resources and yet get into this kind of trouble? It’s certainly is the question of the hour… and indeed, our times. 

Remember, it’s not the actual tangible wealth (goods and services for exchange) that’s not found in abundance in the USA. They have fueled production to the point of planetary resource depletion. It’s the monetary system that represents that wealth that has gone bankrupt. Think about it. The people that produce the wealth, are not the same people that produce money. Banks (not the government) issue the money supply as a debt which shows up as a credit on the bank’s side of the ledger, and a debit on the production side. Banks produce (most) of the money supply in order to gain control of real wealth by virtue of monetary system rules, rendering the economy dysfunctional. Productivity stretched to the limit of possibility of the world’s resources which can no longer support the philosophy of something for nothing… is this the end of the American Dream?

History will tell. By rescuing the financial market from it’s inevitable crash under the weight of synthetic debt, however, the U.S. may have inadvertently stumbled on the solution. By changing the rules, they have in fact given the production side of the ledger a positive monetary value. A monetary system based on the reality of the value of people who create real wealth in terms of goods and services for exchange… is the only basis for aligning money with wealth.

So what does the current economic crisis in the United States have to do with Health Quiz? As we all know, everything. Whether or not you care to admit it, health is at the root of commodity production. In as much as logical analysis is laughable in some circles, our health and well being ie. a Body’Fit Life™ is the other side of the monetary coin based on brains, not braun. Creativity and ability is what really makes the wheels of economy go around, not its blatant abuse by a monetary system built for bankruptcy. The reality is, what goes around comes around. Cliche perhaps, but concise… just look at the state of health of the North American population. The headlines should read “Over-draft Economy Topples under Collective Over-weight”. 

Seriously, at the end of the day, we only have our body. And if the body is not functioning as a whole, neither is the economy. It’s no longer an issue of labour going on strike, it’s an issue of labour not available to strike. A healthy population equals a healthy economy. This is the first time in history that such a large segment of the population is alive but not healthy enough to earn their living by their own labour. Some call it Freedom 55… I call it dead weight.

No Money in Selling Solutions

Not a real solution that solves a problem for good. It doesn’t fit our economic model. Bic has sold a lot more ball point pens since they started making them to skip; everyone thinks that a new Bic will work better. Repeat business is generated by partial solutions, teasers, quality impairment, built-in obsolescence, and even outright problem generation. We have no option, we have to make money; and once you provide a solution there’s no more money in it. It’s the root cause of the improper distribution of wealth.

It’s not that the solutions aren’t there, waiting in the wings. When we run out of oil, rest assured the oil companies will by then own all alternative energy sources, and our supply of energy won’t skip a beat. That’s if we’ve survived the environmental crisis. If the pharmaceutical companies can’t find a market for a new drug, they invent a disease and then promote the “cure”. Until someone wants a real health solution, they’ll keep buying the fake… then they don’t have to face fear of failure, they already know deep down it won’t work and have something to blame it on.

No, solutions are way too threatening, and no investor would touch them with a ten foot pole. Sooner or later though, if you’re like me, you start to look for real time solutions in the spirit of self reliance. Good health is the foundation of life, without it there’s no self sufficiency in terms of performance and enjoyment of life, not only in our senior years, but right now. Dropping by your local gym for some one on one with a personal trainer starts to sound better and better when you think of the alternative, doesn’t it?

Bill Gates’ Immune Peptides Synthetic?

The human body is already perfect isn’t it? Creation is not flawed. Technology believes, or at least would have us believe, that it can improve upon perfection, however. In fact that it’s necessary to correct the mistakes of nature… how many of us think that are lips are not puffy enough, our breasts are not full enough and bottoms aren’t big enough. And that when we get sick it’s generally our genes that we’ve come to fault.

The more money involved the stronger, it seems, the belief in an external technological solution (technology obviously has it place, but yes it does have limits). Unwittingly supporting the improper distribution of wealth, Bill Gates has recently donated a huge sum to the synthesis of peptides (strings of naturally occuring amino acids) for the purposes of replacing antibiotics. The emphasis on ‘naturally occuring’ is interesting because of course all synthetics start out as naturally occuring raw materials (like crude oil or authentic DNA), don’t they? (God-like belief in the all achieving power technology still does not make constructing something out of nothing, possible.) Without authenticity marketing lies* are increasingly important to the acceptance of artificial synthetics for human consumption, aren’t it?

The solution to getting caught in this web of deception, is to give the body the nutrients and support it needs to absorb those nutrients, in order to allow it what it technology cannot… heal itself. One of the problems with the corruption of our food supply (ravaged by cross pollination with genetically manipulated crops, not to mention animals), is that we won’t have the naturally occuring raw materials the body needs to do what it does best. Instead of over loading the body with more toxic synthetics, let’s look for ways of taking care of the environment and ourselves that fit the body. Let’s keep it real, Bill Gates!