“The authentic expression of emotion equilibrates our internal and external worlds, when replaced by a highly crafted appearance of normalcy it looks like truth except it’s out of context.” — Suzanna Aaring 2013

The Mind Body Split

“Anything other than free will, autonomy, and privacy of the individual is an abomination to the human spirit, anyone who believes otherwise has lost their minds.” — Suzanna Aaring 2013



“Truth is as comprehensively complex as nature, harbingers of deception foster masters of disguise who chip away at fragments endemic to the collapse of reason.” — Suzanna Aaring 2013


“Sustainability requires that we not only overcome the manipulation destroying our ecological environment, we also meed to overcome the manipulation of our minds destroying internal integrity.” — Suzanna Aaring 3013

Uniform Commercial Code


“Privacy is inalienable because it distinguishes us from the lower animals, along with self determination, right of association, right of occupation, right to educate our children without coercion, all the rights we instinctively recognize as being human.” — Suzanna Aaring 2013

Matter and Mind


“If science is finding nothing but pure consciousness at the heart of the smallest particle, then we need to know the difference between what fragments and what unifies the mind.” — Suzanna Aaring 2013


“Fragmented thinking results from energy blocks in the body preventing its complete integration with the mind, the natural laws for accomplishing the necessary body pH balance daily are very precise.” —  Suzanna Aaring 2013

Objective Reality


“When prevailing behaviour modification concerns itself with convincing us there’s no such thing as objective reality, the scientific understanding of our mind-body becomes paramount.” – Suzanna Aaring 2013

Mind Body and Split Economy

The contradiction that exists between the ambitions of the psyche and the limitations of the body creates an imbalance in our lives. Our normal experience in a technological society causes tension and stress. Stress can paralyze a human being totally, because we immediately fall into the conflict of body and mind. The body wants to escape, the mind doesn’t know what to do. Unlike animals which have no mind expression at all, where the action of saving themselves is complete, human beings have developed a mind that is separate from the body.

We take on the beliefs and mental constructs of our social environment at a very young age. When these externally derived perceptions do not match reality, the aims and aspirations of the psyche oppose those of the body. This conflict between mind and body is what produces most illnesses in human beings. For example, if the mind wants to complete a task that exceeds the physical limitations of the body (organized according to complete logic), our psychic purpose can be so strong that it overpowers the body. Eventually the body responds by becoming sick.

Analogically (part of the same mind/ body continuum really) when Wall Street games pulled most of our money supply out of circulation, it imposed such huge stressors on the marketplace an economic split occurred, resulting in a convalescing means of exchange. It’s much the same with exercise where the muscles pull most of the blood out of deep circulation, the biochemical imbalance that results when there isn’t an equitable flow of energy to all organs, splits mind and body even further.

How can we resolve the internal conflict between our idea of what we should be doing and what we are doing at the moment?  Only by balancing mind and body so that their aims and aspirations are in harmony rather than contradiction can we mend as individuals and societies, and live a complete life. There are many approaches. For the most efficient restoration of acid base equilibrium with greatest efficacy, Google pH fitness. For latest marketplace solutions, check out Lynchpin by thought leader, Seth Godin.


Currently Body’Fit pH Fitness™ (short form… pHx™) isn’t available to the general public, please contact Meta Living Design for details.


How well does Jean Design fit your Genes?

The year 2011 marks the beginning of a trend to build internal strength for adaption – within our communities, our businesses, our relationships, even our own body and mind (whereas previously we’ve relied on adaptation to build strength). Full recovery from a split economy to the mind/body split depends on it.

This is my prediction. It’s a subtle but significant difference, and it’s not about how far we can push ourselves to meet externally construed demands. As internal integration starts to be recognized as the alpha and omega that necessarily precedes externally focused competition, more sophisticated cooperation with the needs of the lynchpin, will emerge.

It’s much like the development of technique that enhances naturally endowed homegrown talent. It’s like what happened in Italy, where craftspeople who had honed their art to the height of fashion over many centuries were discarded for the sake of a shallow outsourced outcome. There was a certain point at which it crippled their income as a nation, and the return to the centre became inevitable.

It was supposed to be a gift but I just had to keep it. I’d purchased a pair of thousand dollar Italian jeans at Sasso for a quarter of the price. How’s that possible? That’s the question I asked the proprietor, and he told me an interesting story of creativity rising out of the ashes. When manufacturing moved out of Italy, the craftspeople didn’t go away. They had to do something, and they did what they know – real art for real people.

And boy, is Italian-made the quintessential jean. Wow they move the way you move. Americans may have invented jeans but the Italians have perfected them. You’ve never lived till you’ve lived in a pair of jeans that fits every nuance of your soul, that holds the shape of your body with intention. Every detail of construction is absolute magic, it cannot be replaced or duplicated without history, without every element ‘made in Italy’ (no cheap radioactive metal here). Only a work of art can match our genes for an experience of perfection. This is the coming trend in business health – personal wellness.

How do we nourish rather than over-stimulate? How do we drive resources into the deep organs upon which our health depends, the lynchpin foundational to wealth upon which we all stand? What balances the conflict between adaptation & recovery, between Wall Street money games & means of exchange, between mind & body? In two words “inspired creativity”. This is what puts muscle behind the internal needs of our communities, our businesses, our relationships, our body, in order to achieve health, wealth, and strength with greatest economy. Health (of ourselves & the planet) as the pre-established source of wealth, is free.

Look for the science at the deepest level of biochemical harmony before asking the body to adapt to the stress that imbalances body pH (complete brain/ body integration isn’t possible without acid base equilibrium). Inspiration (literally breath of life) when engineered for fast restoration of pH fitness is a pre-requisite to health. No inspiration, no ambition. Seek that which matches our pre-established pattern with impeccable detail as timeless living art.


Recession Symptom of Adjustment

Much like symptoms, which are the self correcting side of the immune system; recession is the self correcting side of the economy. The symptoms are saving our life, so don’t touch them.

Prices self adjust preventing self destruction of continuing escalation of prices of everything from housing to personal essentials. For example half a litre of maple syrup went to 17 dollars about a year ago, readjusted to 15 dollars a few months ago, and last week this same bottle was 9 dollars, which is about what it was 3 years ago. As the market will only bare what the customer will pay, and since wages for the general working population (except those in the top 1% who have given themselves record increases) have been frozen, prices need to eventually reflect that.

Re-adjustment back to reality in terms of prices on consumer goods, also necessitates re-adjustment with respect to production of sustainable products by industry. While in the past, fast food has been the primary trillion dollar industry followed closely by drugs, the emerging wellness industry will need to replace these unsustainable industries in order to reflect the reality of our need for health.

And the third area that badly needs adjusting is respecting our main source of wealth, people. That’s where all the creativity and innovation lies latent waiting for the corporate barriers to drop their cog-wheel mentality (when the boss says one plus one equals three, you’ve gotta agree). The competitive edge has been expended with in-fighting within the corporate hierarchy. Cheap, fast and bad profit needs to be adjusted for more efficient and effective productivity where quality is the goal of the team as a whole.

Honestly, the only way I see all three happening realistically, is by adjusting how money comes into circulation so that it nourishes the economy wholistically. And this won’t happen without the internal integrity to entrust the issuing of society’s money supply to an independent body that does not profit from the system. Or until the number of people who have attained their health potential reaches critical mass…