Boost BMR with pH Fitness

Because most exercise and sports will imbalance body pH, the need for a fast way to restore chemical balance to the body before and after exercise is becoming increasingly obvious. With the growing popularity of alkaline diets, people are looking for effective ways to balance pH acidity caused by their workouts. Sophisticated engineering is required to design a warm-up that’s equal to nature, in the sense that it can restore total body pH while re-balancing all the muscles in the body in 5 to 15 minutes. Body’Fit pHx™ fills the gap.

Ignite Passion with pHx, Fast

Body’Fit™ pH fitness (short form… pHx™) is the secret to sustainable avoidance and detoxification by restoring chemical balance fast pre and post interval training (even in our 60’s and 70’s the proof remains undeniable).  Not only does chemical balance give the fortitude to resist temptation by nourishing deep body organs with extra circulation, pHx provides the alkaline pH that promotes detoxification in all the cells of the body at a new homeostatic Peak Metabolic Potential (PMP™) in a few short minutes, without stress. Discover how to beat the blahs at Body’Fit Life.

Avantgarde Exercise

Body’Fit pH Fitness™ is on the leading edge of an avantgarde trend in health fitness, “pH fitness”.  A diet and exercise program that balances body pH (note: this does not refer to digestive system fluids but to blood and cellular fluid) is responsible for remarkable improvements in health and weight. The big news is also that automatic hypoventilation or hyperventilation can be eliminated at all degrees of exercise intensity if the pH of the body can be stabilized. The secret is successfully engineering respiration and movement to optimize circulation and ventilation in all tissues.

Preventing circulatory imbalance between muscles and deep organs is the key to accelerating metabolism and restoring rather than destroying a normal alkaline pH during exercise. Body’Fit exercise design addresses both blood and lymphatic flow in order to distribute the level of oxygen, nutrients, and ions necessary for pH balance. Its ability to accomplish this is what speeds up metabolic rate in all cells beyond what is typical of exercise in general. 

Is it a New Year’s resolution to return to an exercise program, with the hope of getting that body of yours into those skinny new jeans? With the total warm-up/cool down, muscle workout Body’Fit pH Fitness provides, it’s possible to exercise fast and balance your pH in a flash for faster weight loss.  It’s cool, you can download your copy of the Body’Fit exercise DVD ‘like’ e-Book with online video, and try it today!