Don’t want to disrespect my youth


“I must be myself respect my youth at any age.” — Suzanna 2012 thank you Lady Gaga »



[ Busy Women ] Entrepreneurs: Game Changers

We’re the thought leaders, the rain makers, the rule benders, we’re the Busy Women Entrepreneurs, the self-employed and there’s more to us than meets the eye, or ear, isn’t there? That’s really what Lady Gaga is singing about, “Doesn’t matter if you love him, just put your paws on him, capital H I M”. It doesn’t matter if you’re 29 or 59, when you ignite your passion to make life better, you’re on the right track, baby.

I can just hear the conversation in the back room, “She’s got the intelligence, she’s got the experience, and she certainly has the right look, but do you know how old she is?” We all have the power to leave that limiting mindset far behind. In your hands are the tools to get around the glass ceiling, to get and stay fit for more beauty and health, and to get to a place where you can make a difference regardless of age, race or gender.

I’m always looking for ways to make peoples lives better, and I’ve followed Lisa Sasevich long enough to know she has some good advice when it comes to moving people from the “Maybe” position, where people are frozen and no action happens, to the “Yes” position, where a new future becomes possible. She believes in giving people what they need to make a choice and then they can move on with life in the direction that serves them. You’ll want to click Here » to join the Sassy community.

Ignite Passion,

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ThE Edge, the eDGe, tHE edge …of Glory… How [ Busy Women ] getFit to Make a Difference Too

I’m always trying to figure out ways to make peoples lives better. It’s about making things in a much smarter way. I hadn’t even begun to scratch the surface of what needed to be done to make peoples lives better, until I took the leap to develop an advantage, an edge for success that helps us overcome obstacles to Ignite Passion and take the lead daily.

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All our combined voices and all our energy are needed if we’re to make a real difference, and this happens when we master our body (which should happen daily without stress or hesitation), but the only thing we can have complete control over is our own mind. With this axiom as my focus, what I’ve developed over the past 30 years has become the most efficient and effective way to get fit and stay fit, both mentally and physically. It’s how I made the leap to make a difference and make more money on my own terms. The secret is right Here »

And that’s not all… I’m sharing with you how Richard Branson has created and directed the massive success of the Virgin Group of Companies to unite and make a difference throughout the world.


This is something you can’t afford to miss, and by sharing it with your friends and customers too, you’ll find they get more inspired and motivated to reach their goals and make a difference too. I know you can do it, it takes knowledge, a system, a concrete plan. This is literally the best shortcut out there, and everyone’s looking for it, especially busy women.

Ignite Passion,

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Currently Body’Fit pH Fitness™ (short form… pHx™) isn’t available to the general public, please contact Meta Living Design for details.

Breakdown of the heterosexual couple


Equality is the first law of the couple relationship because it provides the basis for agreement between two diverse individuals. Any relationship of course, but since gender distinguishes the most diverse relationship that can only be experienced between two autonomous individuals, it is the strongest building block for infusing all of life’s relevant endeavours with meaningfulness as well as being the driving force of the species, The heterosexual couple is the unit out of which life issues, the unit that nature (not church, state, nor village beliefs) determined could best nurture their offspring.

Without grounding in equal authority however, the couple cannot remain intact as a generative force for building relationships across society as a whole. So breakdown of the couple is an indicator of how effectively men and women have been able to make the equal. The heterosexual couple, by virtue of the objective intrinsic structure of the body psyche of a man and woman, provides the most sustainable foundation upon which to construct authentic culture that reasons logically. I think I just heard a gasp of collective indignation, allow me to explain.

Since we cannot sufficiently adapt our environment to our needs under the pressures of a technological world without the couple relationship, it is in our makeup that we must seek out the one with whom we can express equality. Hence the emergence of the same sex couple. That’s not a bad thing because the process actually makes us stronger in the end. Needless to say not everyone has the same stomach for sameness nor the same theatrical aesthetic, but for some people this process in their karmic path. It’s a universal principle that inner evolution must catch up with our physical body somehow if we are to think objectively and match reality, since mind & body develop separately in human beings as the final fruit of evolution.

Since it’s integrative to see the whole cycle of a process through to completion, and as children born of the womb are integral to survival of the species, continuity is the second law of the couple. Actualization of equality isn’t possible without the commitment to establish continuity as per a socially proclaimed marriage… personal growth occurs over time. The couple needs every advantage in order to have the necessary resilience to withstand the stresses and strains of life, however the approval of society is only the external surface layer of support. A much deeper grounding in the reality of human identity is necessary, and the heterosexual couple has the stability of physical reality, which needs to be sustained mentally in the homosexual couple.

This leads us to the third law of the couple, identity. Although our evolutionary aim predisposes preference for the opposite sex, as well as establishing the prototype for the same sex couple, regardless of gender, society cannot exist without relationships built on equality. The closer our couple is to who we are as human beings the better our chances for clarifying consciousness in order to reason objectively. We need to know what is pre-established, what is universal, beyond our social programming if we are to understand the full spectrum of human experience and achieve a tolerant compassionate society. Self realization requires objectivity and clarity, and must be undertaken with rigorous logic rooted in the integration of analytical (mental), empathetical (emotional) and analogical (physical) reasoning, not shame or blame, Otherwise we simply won’t have the necessary scope to agree on the reality of existence beyond our fears and beliefs, feelings and desires.

The imbalance that occurs when we either don’t accept the same sex couple, or don’t recognize it as a step in the process of waking up to the full potential of human identity, is precisely what divides human beings internally as well as externally. When we attempt to achieve unity through external decree rather than internal mind body integration, the result is a couple whose continuity depends on inclusion in a society collectivized by dictatorship and censorship. When we become dependent on the beliefs of the collective to maintain our couple, rather than the clarification of consciousness, it encourages passive aggression towards the autonomy and freedom of the individual, and ultimately our equality,

Since only human beings can only reason based on consciousness of their own body psyche, If the way we make decisions is by defaulting to the decree of collective belief, the risk with same sex environments is the harvesting of village-claimed children for minds disconnected from wholeness and ultimately the demise of propagation of our species according to pre-established” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>wholeness aka the replacement of natural reproduction with cross-gender cloning, with very serious implications like cross species cloning. As long as we recognize same sex coupling as a process, its deliberate advocacy can’t be used against humanity and our evolutionary aim of inner and outer unity

What is Consciousness? View 4-part series on Human Evolution of Stability


Follies, Foibles, and Lady Gaga

The word “follies” comes from the French root ‘madness’ and ‘delight’, and the English root  ‘fool’ and ‘foolish. It means a lack of good sense; a foolish act, idea, or practice; and when capitalized also refers to glamourous female performers. The word “foibles” comes from the root ‘feeble’ and means minor weakness or eccentricity of someone’s character. And then there’s Lady Gaga, what does her controversial performance in Alejandro really mean?

When I first saw Alejandro with Lady Gaga all covered in blood, I didn’t get it. Then with shock, disgust and disapproval I realized it was menstrual blood. Much the same reaction we have as a society to the female cycle per se. A reaction we seldom question. It was at that time I had an epiphany regarding health and well-being; that expression (and therefore acceptance) of reproductive blood has, until Alejandro, been all but taboo. Could it be that our lack of acknowledgement of complete and perfect pre-established wholeness is rooted in a fear of our own nature, and especially as it pertains to female sexuality integral to the cycle of life?

But why all the graphic theatrics? Judging by the response, both good and bad, Lady Gaga’s self expression is highly relevant if nothing else. And hasn’t that been the role of the jester fool after all, to entertain us with that which we are in the dark about? Someone brave enough to act foolishly enough to shed some light to our weaknesses, portrayed as antics by an eccentric character, and in the case of Lady Gaga, a glamourous female at that? What better way to soften the blow to our collective ego…  than holding up a mirror so we can better see our own follies and foibles, the perceptions tainted by prejudicial hatreds, self-loathing and inequality. And maybe fix a few of the serpents in our hair via Lady Gaga’s cosmic sense of humour; just in case we haven’t yet lost it altogether.


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