Chocolate minus Rollercoaster

Looking for the cosmic chocolate bar? I know I was. A rare enlightening experience that indulges the senses without extracting a price. Chocolate organically grown fairly traded with raw dark and delicious botanicals to match the pick you up but never let you down I’d grown accustomed to with pHx™.

You never know what you can stumble upon it in your own backyard. Canada’s first truly functional chocolate for PMS, anxiety, energy, sexual stamina, mental acuity, and of course peak sports performance… WOW what a feeling! I’ve found including a few grams of Zazubean after a few minutes of pHx gives my day the ultimate power-up. And unlike some wholistic fitness solutions it hasn’t been made illicit, knock on wood, nor should it ever be.

Hottie, Flirt, and Nakid are fitting names for this fix. It’s a body fit… juice your noggin with Squeeze, a refreshing and zesty chocolate bar with Ginkgo biloba, Yerba Mate, orange and ginger. Kick start your engines with Zing made with 70% Peruvian expresso chunks, Maca, Astragalus, and Ginseng. And for the lactose-intolerant, most Zazubean bars are free of pasteurized dairy.

Raw chocolate keeps the doctor away with qualities that protect against heart disease and high blood pressure. Rich in anti-oxidants rich in flavonoids such as found in tea, wine, and fresh fruits and vegetables, Zazubean can help reduce bad LDL cholesterol. A perfect complement for a warm-up cool down workout designed to help prevent early hardening of the arteries common in highly trained athletes that has been known to lead to heart attack even in their mid thirties…. that’s saying something.



Whole Foods at Foundation of Freedom

Regular whole live food at a reasonable price – where do you find it? Most of the isles at the grocery store are filled with synthetic, pasteurized, and denatured non-foods that are anything but  fresh, raw, or real. Even lurking in the fresh produce section, in the guise of potatoes and corn-on-the-cob, are altered genomes with their pre-established natural wholenesss engineered out of them. Other GMO weight-gaining surprises to watch out for in the concrete jungle… canola oil, fructose sodas, soya products, and pineapple, most of it has been genetically modified unless tagged certified organically grown.

Whole food nutrition is the foundation of evolution of every living organism on the plant. Unfortunately, with the advent of processed non-foods, our health has deteriorated drastically over the last several decades. The trend toward eating fresh, raw, and real demonstrates that our survival instinct for health and wellness is still intact. Find out more about how to build muscle with whole foods..