Feeling the Impulse


“If we don’t follow the impulse of the rhythm of our heart we get out of touch out of tune and out of sync.” — Suzanna Aaring 2012



Currently Body’Fit pH Fitness™ (short form… pHx™) isn’t available to the general public, please contact Meta Living Design for details.

Acidity and Obesity

Deep Organs

Stats for leading cause of mortality in America are deeply disturbing. “Death by Medicine” presents compelling evidence that today’s medical system frequently inflicts more harm on the afflicted.

#3  Cancer:                553, 251.5

#2  Heart Disease:      699, 6971

#1  Medical & Drugs:  783,936

Although the #1 cause of death is medically induced, all three are related. And not just by the fact they take a third of the national budget, to no avail.  Obesity is often the precursor to heart attack and cancer, and a chemical imbalance in body pH chemistry is common to both prescription drugs and Obesity. Acidity predisposes to free radical production, damage, and inflammation. Drugs are thereby also implicated in the #2 and #3 cause of death.

It’s estimated that 1 in 3 children. for the first time in history, are obese. You have to wonder if the legally forced prescription of drugs to discipline (aka abuse) rowdy children in the public school system has not made the prognosis worse. All healthy children, if they’re having a normal childhood, mis-behave. Even more so without the alkalizing diet and exercise that supports their emotional and physical development. In a social environment where 52 million school children (potential gavage customers) are routinely screened just because they’re being kids, the chances of avoiding drugs has been rather bleak (one in four children is chronically medicated in the US alone). It’s up to us to educate ourselves in self care and learn how to raise our children’s IQ EQ PQ without raising them docile on dope.

The good news is that disease cannot thrive within a normal biochemical environment. A healthy alternative is readily available and affordable. It includes fresh air, sunshine, water, alkalinizing exercise (soon will be), salt, and potassium. Our diet, exercise, and lifestyle can be either intrinsically alkalinizing or acidifying, it’s our choice. It’s the job of the kidneys and lungs to rectify pH acidity in the body. It’s our job to help our organs speed up the process when we’re under acid stress. Restoring acid base equilibrium necessary for efficient cellular metabolism requires water, sea salt, potassium, and oxygen as a top priority.

In addition to the increased oxygen needs of metabolically active tissue, extra oxygen is required to convert the lactic acid produced by muscle contraction into glucose and restore normal alkalinity. When oxygen supply is shunted away from deep organs, potassium concentration inside and outside cells rises out of proportion, and the electrical response of the cells slows down. Working muscles typically pull oxygen and electrolytes out of the rest of the body in order to maintain contractility despite the acidic conditions normally created by exercise. However, studies show that even moderate lack of oxygen can reduce contractility due to the imbalance of sodium and potassium electrolytes, and reduced sensitivity of contractile proteins to calcium. Prior to and immediately after walking, running, or any kind of sport (which shuts down circulation to the viscera when working muscles pulls blood out of the body) a warm-up and cool down with the kind of exercise that opens up deep organ circulation, this is essential for pH fitness.

Alkalizing body pH acidity with a pHx exercise warm-up and regular whole foods daily, recharges cells and normalizes metabolism. It”s within our power to prevent untimely death from medical causes like drugs, and degenerative disease like cancer and heart attack. We can’t say we didn’t know what happens when we hand over our free will and default on our freedom of choice.

Stress, Food, and Inflammation: Psychoneuroimmunology and Nutrition at the Cutting Edge  JANICE K. KIECOLT-GLASER, PHD

Abstract: Inflammation is the common link among the leading causes of death. Mechanistic studies have shown how various dietary components can modulate key pathways to inflammation, including sympathetic activity, oxidative stress, transcription factor nuclear factor-􏰀B activation, and proinflammatory cytokine production. Behavioral studies have demonstrated that stressful events and depression can also influence inflammation through these same processes. If the joint contributions of diet and behavior to inflammation were simply additive, they would be important. However, several far more intriguing interactive possibilities are discussed: stress influences food choices; stress can enhance maladaptive metabolic responses to unhealthy meals; and diet can affect mood as well as proinflammatory responses to stressors. Furthermore, because the vagus nerve innervates tissues involved in the digestion, absorption, and metabolism of nutrients, vagal activation can directly and profoundly influence metabolic responses to food, as well as inflammation; in turn, both depression and stress have well-documented negative effects on vagal activation, contributing to the lively interplay between the brain and the gut. As one example, omega-3 fatty acid intake can boost mood and vagal tone, dampen nuclear factor-􏰀B activation and responses to endotoxin, and modulate the magnitude of inflammatory responses to stressors. A better understanding of how stressors, negative emotions, and unhealthy meals work together to enhance inflammation will benefit behavioral and nutritional research, as well as the broader biomedical community.

Try pHx™ Dynamic Stretching

When I set out to identify the exact exercise sequence and pattern that could radically reduce the time it takes to reach peak physical condition for the 2010 Olympic games, I knew it was a daunting task. How do you maximize the metabolic electric potential for sports performance in as little as 5 to 15 minutes without disrupting chemical balance of body pH? How do you balance V02max in all the muscles that fast without making the body acidic? These are the critical questions since most exercise deaths are the result of heart attack. Body pH balance is necessary for heart health, conditioning speed, and overtraining injury prevention/recovery. A revolutionary dynamic stretching warm-up cool down that can rapidly restore body pH balance at the same time that it equalizes V02max in all muscles, is required to achieve pH fitness at Peak Metabolic Potential™ (PMP™). Almost four decades of testing and research has produced Body’Fit pH Fitness™ (short form… pHx™), It’s now possible for sports athletes to get More Out of Exercise™ without acid pH stress in 5 to 15 minutes depending on the speed and rep pattern of the 24 movement/ breathing exercises in the Body’Fit pHx routine. 


“Artery Spasm” Angina Cure?

Prescription drugs for Angina may make your health worse, especially if the root cause has been mis-diagnosed. Usually it’s assumed that clogged arteries are the reason why oxygen gets cut off to your heart muscle when symptoms of radiating chest pain are experienced. That’s true most of the time. It could however be that the arteries in your heart are spasming up on you. 

If you get symptoms like cramping pain in your heart when you’re resting rather than after or during exercise or physical exertion, you could be dealing with a little known form of Angina called Prinzmetal’s which has a different cause and treatment. Fortunately there is a very simple nutritional remedy to help the arteries relax so your heart can enjoy plenty of oxygen.

Here’s your shopping list: Magnesium (a shortage causes artery spasm), Amino Acid L-Tarine (calms heart nerves by balancing electrolyes ie. minerals inside and outside the cells), Hawthorn herb (helps relax the smooth muscles in the arteries), and finally the nutrients Carnitine, Pantethine and CoQ10 (all essential in the metabolism of long chain fatty acids found in Omega Oils and prevent their accumulation in the heart muscle). Also add Aphanizomenon Flos Aquae blue-green algae, it has the highest amino acid content of any food.

Why opt for the natural solution? Well for one thing it will make your heart healthier and stronger, not weaker and more dependent. Nutritional remedies help build instead of stress the body. It’s the same for exercise, find at least one form of exercise that supports the heart rather always just doing workouts where the heart supports the exercise. Look for a body fit that’s more economical, efficient and effective way to achieve a happy heart in all respects.

Salt Deficiency: Heart Attack Risk

Salt Deficiency: the cause of many serious diseases http://www.shirleys-wellness-cafe.com/salt.htm#1

There was a time when I didn’t even have salt in the kitchen. Yes, I admit it. I can be (or hopefully used to be) just as susceptible to media hype that latches on to easily marketable over-simplifications that sell more newspapers or whatever, as the next person. Fact is the electrolytes found in salt, especially sea salt are absolutely essential to life.

“An eight-year study of a New York City hypertensive population stratified for sodium intake levels found those on low-salt diets had more than four times as many heart attacks as those on normal sodium diets.”

That’s a pretty shocking statistic, isn’t it! Especially since it’s the people who are trying to be healthy are the ones who actually do things like to cut back on salt. Runners who shun salt, and who also drink distilled water (with all the electrolytes removed), are at even at greater risk since water is the pre-condition for the body absorbing rather than losing electrolytes.

That’s one thing, the other is that the body becomes acidic from the lactic acid, overheating and the usual shut down of deep organs, etc. produced by physical exertion. Because all cells like to fire at maximum capacity, the body will attempt to regain acid base equilibrium ie. balance body pH chemistry by pulling electrolytes from anywhere it can get them… bones for example. Exercise usually is not able to restore the normal alkaline balance, as is obviated by the hyperventilation which ensues after a few moments.

Add to that the risk of fibrillation (disruption of the electrical activity of the heart) during running (acidosis during endurance cardio workouts can imbalance the electrical action potential of positive and negative ions inside and outside the heart cells) and it could explain why the risk of heart stroke or cardiac arrest is so high amongst those inclined to follow a health fad like reducing salt intake.

I’ve also found a daily cardio warm-up routine that prevents the body becoming acidic  during exercise improving cardiovascular health.