Pre-natal Oxygenation Fit

Certain exercises are uncomfortable during pregnancy. Delicacy needs to exercised according to the trimester. Physical as well as emotional and mental stress needs to be managed quickly and effectively to maintain optimal physiological conditions for the fetus. The level of oxygen the placenta receives throughout is perhaps needs the greatest consideration when choosing an exercise program, since most exercise shuts down circulation in the deep organs. Optimization of oxygenation in deep body tissues is always a concern when doing any kind of exercise, and is particularly important for the pre-natal woman.

Deep breathing is helpful for mental and emotional balance, although when done on it’s own without a metabolic peak in the deep internal organs, cannot potentiate oxygenation. Hypoventilation (breathing more than you’re moving) can also feel uncomfortable if breathing exceeds the needs of metabolism. Or conversely, if the needs of metabolism exceed available oxygen (hyperventilation) as during any kind of physical, emotional or mental stress, circulation virtually shuts down in deep body tissues.

Therefore breathing needs to be engineered on a no more and no less than needed basis to match movement specifically, and coordinated to optimize physiological response. One of the challenges is that typically, blood flow gets diverted out of the deep organs and into the muscles as soon as they begin to contract. The other challenge is that a drop in body pH occurs as soon as the muscles begin producing lactic acid (which is almost immediately). Cellular metabolic function is optimal at a neutral body pH; therefore pH fitness has a direct affect on the chemical balance of both the woman and fetus.

The 24-exercise Body’Fit pH Fitness™  (short form… pHx™) routine atypically warms up and cools down the body to quickly build up necessary oxygen reserves for normalization of pH acidity in the blood and cellular fluid from circulatory imbalances during pregnancy and exercise workouts, although certain exercises need to be omitted as required.


Currently Body’Fit pH Fitness™ (short form… pHx™) isn’t available to the general public, please contact Meta Living Design for details.