“Spontaneity thrives in an atmosphere of freedom and ethos, it’s the internal marker for wholesome health and wellbeing.” — Suzanna Aaring 2013

Where are the Bushels going to come from?

“Bushels of poison are worse than no bushels at all.” — Suzanna Aaring 2013

Not Consumers

The short sighted plans of the Bilderberg’s, Banker’s, and Globalists… Drones and Robots are not consumers. But then again, even the unemployed are not consumers.

People Not In Labor Force Soar By 663,000 To 90 Million, Labor Force Participation Rate At 1979 Levels. Find out More » Do you think it is even possible to replace people?

Degenerative Disease


“Auto-immune disease is like a country going to war against itself, the connection between somatic relevance and directive function in the higher neural centres has disintegrated.” — Suzanna Aaring 2012

[ GMO ] Avoidance is The Answer

California’s PROP 37 GMO food labelling initiative was defeated thanks to the misleading advertising by GMO giants just days prior to the vote. Apparently some $45 to $48 million of advertising aimed at convincing voters that GMO is safe for consumption swayed the vote.

But don’t despair; GMO is pretty easy to avoid, and of course avoidance is the only answer. If you cut off the life blood of an organism (in this case money) it will die.

So how do you avoid GMO. In a nutshell just about all processed food, even if it’s organic can include GMO ingredients, so stop buying it. Instead, buy local, and be sure to ask the farmer how they’re protecting their crops from the GMO giants and even the USDA.

SORRY for the bad news, but not all is lost if your follow the simple plan of buying local. Besides, real natural ingredients make the best meals, just ask an Italian Chief »

Oh yah, here’s the scope behind the Vote »

La La Land or Sanity – pick one

… but don’t confuse the two. Thinking based on beliefs about reality is not enough match the wholeness that defines sanity. Which can only come from reasoning based on the premise of pre-established perfection and completeness. Adhering to consciousness of self as constituting whole cycles in continuity with a complete thought circumvents la la asleepness to reality. Wholeness begets wholeness; and it cannot be reconciled by serving two masters.

Self realization and the well being of humanity go hand in hand. By definition, la la altruism doesn’t condone self actualization, and is poised to quickly admonish the flock with accusations of selfishness. Unless we intuitively feel motivated to give something of our own free will and have the means, selflessness fosters helplessness (tactic of crafty dictator, pseudo-scientist, and holier-than-thou proponent). Paying lip service to both is the give away. They’re in there like a dirty shirt after the fact when it comes to owning processes, inspired by self awareness, that benefit the whole.

It brings to mind an incident where a regulatory agency went out of their way to falsely accuse a dairy producer of contaminated milk… because it was selling natural non-pasteurized milk to it’s share owners. Even though there hasn’t been any food poisoning from raw milk in the last 50 years, as agency directors under the guise of selfless authority, they simply shrugged their shoulders when their trumped up charges were exposed. Altruism put them in a position to purport to know better than the individual themselves what’s healthy, and they washed their hands of ethical self-responsibility. That case is now before the Supreme Court.

Without selfness, by definition, there can be no self sufficiency nor self responsibility. Deference to the well being of others before taking care of self, not only harbingers an avenue of perpetual obligation, remorse and blame, it also bypasses the very vehicle by which sustainable decisions can be made. Namely, a mind in unity with our living breathing Temple, not socially accepted mores (like recycling of nuclear waste into household goods, molecular derangement of food by a monopoly, claiming natural recovery as medical miracle, and so on). Without a grounding in our own nature, fragmentation, manipulation, and the lowest common denominator reigns to the demise of life and security.

What would you rather do? Follow objective laws of logic directing us towards the confluence that integrates whole cycles? Pick sanity. Follow externally construed directives that put us in contradiction with thinking for ourselves? That’s fine, pick la la land. Just let’s not pretend we can play two sides, please.


Currently Body’Fit pH Fitness™ (short form… pHx™) isn’t available to the general public, please contact Meta Living Design for details.


New Year’s pHx Resolution

Ever notice how New Year resolutions tend to come to mind as easily as they tend to leave? We all know it too well; without a specific plan of action and the right tool – it will never work!

Probably the greatest challenge we face is sustainability of our physical foundation at it’s peak to meet the demands of our lives with motivation, accomplishment, and most importantly, enjoyment. The keyword here is ‘sustainability’. Just check out the new cover of O Magazine and Oprah exclaiming, “how did I let this happen?” My question, “how can you do what you need to do”, and in the case of Body’Fit™ pH Fitness exercise (short form… pHx™), how do I block out 7 to 15 minutes a day?

While the ease and speed of the pHx routine makes it a powerful tool for sustainability in itself; force of habit comes in as a close second. A tip for making pHx a daily habit is to attach it to an already existent habit… like your morning shower. You can do it before or after the shower, however, the sooner you do pHx after waking up, the easier it is to do, and the more you’ll get out of your day.

And last but not least… remember why you’re doing it. Nothing is achieved without PREPARATION. Before you exercise, prepare your body for physical activity. Before you start any intellectual activity, prepare your mind. Before you exercise your body and mind, prepare yourself with “pH fitness” (Google it now).

Exercise Fast Weight Loss – pH Fitness

Exercise fast without making your body acidic?

It’s seems contractory, however what a fitness program needs to be able to do is meet both the need of the body for an alkaline pH (essential for health), and our personal need for speed in a fast paced world (essential to performance).

Most of the time we’re huffing and puffing, lactate is building up in the muscles producing an acidic environment in our body, and everyone knows you’re looking at half an hour a day of strenuous exercise at the very least.

For ease and speed of pH fitness results you can see immediately… take up Body’Fit pH Fitness™. Just google “pH fitness”, you’ll find it near the top of the page.

Hijacked Words Limit Health and Fitness

What does the word ‘realistic’ mean to you? That depends largely on what you consider to be real, doesn’t it? Generally in a materalistic society, that means whatever is physical is real. Emotions and thoughts are intangible and therefore are not considered to be as real as the physical body for example. Hence when someone chides you to ‘be realistic’ about your health it usually means that if you don’t spend hours in the gym building muscle strength, you do not see reality for what it is.

To achieve fitness most people think spending 5 to 15 minutes a day and getting more results seems unlikely, like a pie in the sky dream, if they want to gain optimal health and loose the flab.  And it’s true if you’re only looking at fitness (as limited as the word ‘realistic’) primarily as muscle strength, flexiblity and bulk. However, if we consider the health of our brain and nervous system as well as endocrine and emotional balance as part of the health equation, we can actually speed up the process.

This is exactly how Body’Fit pH Fitness™ achieves it’s remarkable exercise results. In addition to exercising our muscles in equal balance, this innovative daily routine restores a normal alkaline body pH to  balance our hormones as well as our emotions, and nourish our deep internal organs in a flash.  With this comes health fitness that is much more than muscle deep.

Tip for the day, remember all those who have accomplished great things did a certain amount of dreaming, hoping, wishing, desiring, and planning.  Why limit yourself…  imagine the possibility! To be ‘realistic’ about health fitness means to try something new if you want a new result.

Toxic or Optic: Recollections

What we tend to loose sight of is that every cell in our body is continually repairing and rebuilding itself (and it’s our choice whether it’s at a slower or faster rate). It will always rebuild itself in the direction of optimal health if provided with the ‘right stuff’. It will even attempt to repair and rebuild itself when given poor raw materials, in which case it will build a weaker cell with reduced viability regarding functionality, and leads to health degeneration.

Now the discussion as to whether giving the body anything as long as it will appear to tolerate it at least temporarily despite side effects, is or is not technically aiding toxicity is a bit of an optical illusion, if you will. It depends on whether you see optimal health as the goal, doesn’t it? If our vision of old age is a 20 year or longer process of degeneration, than it doesn’t matter if you feed it weaker genetically modified foods, synthetics, and chemicals of every description. From this perspective, as long as something’s not a registered poison, it isn’t considered ‘toxic’. On the other hand if your goal is to regenerate the body towards peak viability and functionality until it’s your time to expire (suddenly like animals do in nature, not slowly and painfully), then it makes sense that you would view anything that doesn’t contribute to that, as toxic.

Early in life I chose to trust my intuitive instinct about what was a good fit for my body. Who would have thought that ‘perspective’ would determine the very essence of ‘quality of life’ that goes beyond ‘standard of living’?

Synthetic GM Crops – Health Hazard?

Health or Health Hazard?

GM Crops and Microbes for Health or Public Health Hazards?: “Food crops genetically modified to overproduce single nutrients could be a public health hazard as overdose of many single nutritional factors are known to be toxic.

In the guise of nutritional benefits and health foods, products like genetically modified gut bacteria that could turn them into pathogens pre-adapted to invade the human gut. A lot of work involving genetic modification is in progress, targeting every aspect of nutrition and health.” (adapted from Institute of Science in Society Press Release)

Although the in-exact science of manipulation and modification of genetic material in order to produce the weaker GM organisms that have unusual and often unpredictable characteristics, may perpetuate the imbalance in distribution of resources to pharmaceutical and chemical industries… the question is does it work? I mean we can manipulate genes in the name of health till the cows come home, but it doesn’t mean it won’t over time contaminate the entire food chain and consequently destroy us as a species despite calling a spade, a rake.

Instead of raking our inheritance of genes over the coals, Body’Fit Life proposes that if we want to survive, we will need to arrange our economic system to work within the pre-established pattern for a body fit life… ie. there’s a reason for what’s evolved here. Rather than disrupting the balance of the natural world, Body’Fit Life puts it’s energy into supporting, restoring and protecting that balance, with the perfect pre-established pattern of the human body as the template.

Stop Using SLS, Stop Hair Loss

As I was walking down the street one day, I noticed how the scalp was showing through the thinning hair of a woman about my age. She seemed otherwise relatively fit and healthy. The thought that came to me was “Stop the SLS, if you want to stop looosing your hair'”.

That’s what I did. Now that I’m 50-something my hair is thicker and more luxurious than it’s ever been, probably since I was a child. It happened about 10 years ago. I had been experiencing hair loss since my mid 30’s and couldn’t figure out what was wrong. I thought I had healthy hair, afterall the shampoo I was using was 80% Organic Aloe Vera. But… the shampoo also contained the ingredient common in most hair and skin care products at that time, and still is in many commercial products – SLS or Sodium Lauryl Sulfate.

You’d think that you would be taking every precaution to avoid harmful ingredients in your shanpoo if you purchase a brand from a health foods store, wouldn’t you? Not so with the ingredient sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate (SLS). As I mentioned the shampoo that I used for many years contained 80% aloe vera, and also contained SLS.

You’d think that since the word is out, the precaution would be taken by manufacturers to remove the ingredient, right? Think again, and check the ingredients in your shampoo… and your toothpaste too. (Yup!)

I now wash my hair with natural vinegar, it disinfects as it cleans and leaves my hair bouncy and shiny without completely stripping it of it’s natural oils so I never have a problem with dry split ends either. Read your shampoo labels and live the Body’Fit Life, that’s what I do.

Ancient Egypt Bound by Unity?

The Perfection of Egypt is RaH

The Culture like a Prism for its Light

Each Member the Channel of a Ray

Internal Diamond Pyramid

Evolved into Universal Psyche

Rich in Spirit is the Pharoh King

Crystalizing All Experience

Into the Golden Center of the Eye

Taking Flight on its Wings to the Heights

Fulfullment orders Society

Harmony and Peace Stabilized

They’re definitely into Health too.

9Ku Poetry 2007

Aging Faster but Living Longer – Why?

It’s no secret our health isn’t what it used to be. Obesity, heart and degenerative disease are at an all time historical high…. yet we continue to live longer than our counterparts in previous centuries. Why?

Think about it, oxygen levels in the atmosphere were double what they are today just 200 years ago. The runaway chemical and synthetics industry was not yet born. People’s immune systems didn’t contend with herbicides, pesticides, genetically modified organisms, super flu viruses, and pollutants of astronomical porportions. They didn’t have microwave ovens that accelerate water molecules to billions of rotations per second (the faster the blades go the more cutting power they have) making fast food toxic to health. Nuclear irradiation of food was undreamed of (can you imagine the panic it would have caused). And the deliberate derangement of molecules by clever GMO scientists was unfathomable.

We’re aging faster but living longer. And the only reason longevity is still relatively high, at least to this point, is because we live better. Most of us don’t have to work ourselves to death to make a living, most of us aren’t constantly threatened by a waring tribe, we don’t get extremely cold living or working without central heating, we aren’t sleeping in the dirt or living in hovels without running water… we are enjoying the fruit of labour of those who have.

Longevity is not the product of anything particularily smart about what we’re doing (it’s certainly not due to our addiction to anti-biotics and drugs with endless side effects). No, contemporary longevity is the product of privilege. It may seem like we’re getting something for nothing, but when our inheritance runs out, so will our lack of self responsibility need to. And  I should think we’ll need some precise scientific solutions that fit with the re-established laws of nature, won’t we?

Weather On Wings of a Butterfly

Weather on Wings of a Butterfly

The fluttering of a butterfly in Costa Rica can impact a storm off the coast of Africa. A very small movement can have a big influence if the pattern is perfect. A butterfly’s natural, seemingly whimsical, flight along just the right lines of a breeze as it buffets them to and fro contains all the intelligence that’s required to change the world in terms of weather.

Wisdom’s secret: you can leaverage very little effort if you intuite nature’s perfect line of action that determines health and balance. It’s the premise upon which a “Body’Fit Life” is built.

My purpose in identifying a comprehensive exercise routine that leverages the complex of physiologic variables into the most compressed time frame, without stress, was just that: to do the minimum and get the maximum. Another way to say it is that no matter how scientific a program is, unless all the physiology lines up during exercise, you won’t hit the jackpot. Bottom line is when I found the perfect pattern, I discovered that ease and speed of results is astonishing.

Recollections: Making Health My Goal

My life becomes ordered and manageable when I make health my goal. Simple enough. However I don’t know about you, but I find that requires a full understanding of myself as a human being. And vigilance. My body and I tend to work in constant opposition to each other. The body is limited by requirements for the maintenance of health, and these physical laws impose restrictions on me.
For example, I don’t usually color my hair and on occasion when I do I use natural henna like Light Mountain Natural Categories at WebVitamins.com. Well, unfortunately I happened to have a box of hair color that contained a chemical dye as well as conditioning botanicals. I succumed, my goal of health became overshadowed by what I thought would be a more beautiful result. And two weeks later I’m still detoxing from the impact on my immune system. The real work I realize is not venging myself for a moment of unconsciousness, but observing the process that took place so I can avoid that pitfall the next time.

No Money in Selling Solutions

Not a real solution that solves a problem for good. It doesn’t fit our economic model. Bic has sold a lot more ball point pens since they started making them to skip; everyone thinks that a new Bic will work better. Repeat business is generated by partial solutions, teasers, quality impairment, built-in obsolescence, and even outright problem generation. We have no option, we have to make money; and once you provide a solution there’s no more money in it. It’s the root cause of the improper distribution of wealth.

It’s not that the solutions aren’t there, waiting in the wings. When we run out of oil, rest assured the oil companies will by then own all alternative energy sources, and our supply of energy won’t skip a beat. That’s if we’ve survived the environmental crisis. If the pharmaceutical companies can’t find a market for a new drug, they invent a disease and then promote the “cure”. Until someone wants a real health solution, they’ll keep buying the fake… then they don’t have to face fear of failure, they already know deep down it won’t work and have something to blame it on.

No, solutions are way too threatening, and no investor would touch them with a ten foot pole. Sooner or later though, if you’re like me, you start to look for real time solutions in the spirit of self reliance. Good health is the foundation of life, without it there’s no self sufficiency in terms of performance and enjoyment of life, not only in our senior years, but right now. Dropping by your local gym for some one on one with a personal trainer starts to sound better and better when you think of the alternative, doesn’t it?