Recollections: Making Health My Goal

My life becomes ordered and manageable when I make health my goal. Simple enough. However I don’t know about you, but I find that requires a full understanding of myself as a human being. And vigilance. My body and I tend to work in constant opposition to each other. The body is limited by requirements for the maintenance of health, and these physical laws impose restrictions on me.
For example, I don’t usually color my hair and on occasion when I do I use natural henna like Light Mountain Natural Categories at Well, unfortunately I happened to have a box of hair color that contained a chemical dye as well as conditioning botanicals. I succumed, my goal of health became overshadowed by what I thought would be a more beautiful result. And two weeks later I’m still detoxing from the impact on my immune system. The real work I realize is not venging myself for a moment of unconsciousness, but observing the process that took place so I can avoid that pitfall the next time.