Bill Gates’ Immune Peptides Synthetic?

The human body is already perfect isn’t it? Creation is not flawed. Technology believes, or at least would have us believe, that it can improve upon perfection, however. In fact that it’s necessary to correct the mistakes of nature… how many of us think that are lips are not puffy enough, our breasts are not full enough and bottoms aren’t big enough. And that when we get sick it’s generally our genes that we’ve come to fault.

The more money involved the stronger, it seems, the belief in an external technological solution (technology obviously has it place, but yes it does have limits). Unwittingly supporting the improper distribution of wealth, Bill Gates has recently donated a huge sum to the synthesis of peptides (strings of naturally occuring amino acids) for the purposes of replacing antibiotics. The emphasis on ‘naturally occuring’ is interesting because of course all synthetics start out as naturally occuring raw materials (like crude oil or authentic DNA), don’t they? (God-like belief in the all achieving power technology still does not make constructing something out of nothing, possible.) Without authenticity marketing lies* are increasingly important to the acceptance of artificial synthetics for human consumption, aren’t it?

The solution to getting caught in this web of deception, is to give the body the nutrients and support it needs to absorb those nutrients, in order to allow it what it technology cannot… heal itself. One of the problems with the corruption of our food supply (ravaged by cross pollination with genetically manipulated crops, not to mention animals), is that we won’t have the naturally occuring raw materials the body needs to do what it does best. Instead of over loading the body with more toxic synthetics, let’s look for ways of taking care of the environment and ourselves that fit the body. Let’s keep it real, Bill Gates!