“Spontaneity thrives in an atmosphere of freedom and ethos, it’s the internal marker for wholesome health and wellbeing.” — Suzanna Aaring 2013

Freedom to Eat Healthy is at Risk

A specific alkaline balance of electrically charged ions (electrolytes) is the natural pre-condition for optimal health and function. As long as we match every cell’s nutritional requirement with uptake and circulation of all the proper electrolytes, our body takes care of us doesn’t it? We don’t need drugs or chemo-therapy, we don’t need radiation or acidification with unnatural substances… we just need what nature provides freely and (unlike our economic system) abundantly.

Understandably our debt-based money supply predicates the subsequent struggle to control availability of food (and all our resources) and puts our freedom of choice constantly at risk. Here’s a typical case in point: the Strauss Herb Company in court over the sale of a dietary supplement they produce containing ‘Yohimbe bark.

  • Health Canada’s Position: If a laboratory can extract or obtain a component that can be a prescription drug from a plant, the whole plant itself can be classified as a prescription drug.
  • What plants contain prescription drugs? Some popular ones are black tea, green tea, cocoa, gotu kola, coffee beans, celery, lettuce, potatoes, spinach, and yes ‘Yohimbe bark. Technically a prescription drug can be derived from every plant.
  • Why oppose this position? Health Canada can stop the sale of any product made from any plant. If they deem a plant contains a prescription drug, all Health Canada needs to do is send a fax to the manufacturer to stop the sale of the product. You will not find ‘Yohimbe bark’ on the list of pharmaceutical drugs, yet a fax was received by Strauss Herb Company telling them to stop the sale of their dietary supplement containing ‘Yohimbe bark. Furthermore, because all or any natural ingredient can potentially be a prescription drug, it’s not possible for the natural health industry to make an intelligent decision on which ingredients they would like to include in their products.
  • Health Canada needs a way to classify prescription drugs. No disagreement there, in fact the process exists. It is a parliamentary process. Health Canada did not follow the process, instead they simply decided on their own to by-pass the legal requirements necessary, and declared ‘Yohimbe bark’ a prescription drug. (Risk was not the problem, ‘Yohimbe bark’ is a very popular herb and sold every day in the USA without reported adverse reactions.) If it was life-threatening (like a pharmaceutical drug) that would be different.
  • The court’s current decision: Health Canada may continue, at will, to classify any plant as a drug. (Since the Crown determines our legal foundation, the court is in a position to assume that as an arm of the Crown, Health Canada is on the side of justice.)
  • Position of Strauss Herb Company: Protection of our self-evident right to freely choose the food we want to eat, and therefore the protection of democratic access to the safe and effective products that we as consumers have come to rely on for our health and well-being.




So it’s come down to this… our debt-based monetary system which necessitates a fight for control (see Bill C-6) over the very electrolytes that feed our body and spirit, is threatening our highest inalienable need as human beings… democratic freedom. Logically, this can only come from reasoning that matches the reality of who we are physically, emotionally and mentally within whole cycles. It’s not logical to legally exclude a raw material from all other uses because of a technically possibility of the raw material.

What can you do? Start with yourself by respecting the flow and distribution of electrolytes in your own body; eat a wide variety of fruits, herbs, and vegetables. In the economy of nature, there’s no more and no less diversity than needed to sustain health and well being for all of us throughout our entire lifespan. Needless to say, nobody is in a better position to know our own body than ourselves… in fact it’s all we really have, isn’t it? Listen attentively to what your intuition is telling you, get an adequate sleep, exercise, and supply of a wide variety of nutrients produced naturally by the earth for us to consume.

Also support your heart and circulatory system to deliver the electrolytes deep into the body. The moment you wake up, apply cold water to the skin in the proper sequence to the skin in the proper sequence (so as not to shock the body) snuggled up under the covers. This allows electrolytes that have sunk into the deep organs during the night to surface so getting out of bed doesn’t stress the cardiovascular system. According to Chinese medicine the circulation of blood follows the flow of electrolytes, stimulating optimal cellular metabolism when body pH is balanced and alkaline.

The cold water prepares the body to get the most out of morning exercise… not just any exercise (which robs the organs to give to the muscles)…pH fitness exercise designed to balance circulation between deep organs and muscles. Body’Fit pH Fitness™ exercise (short form…pHx™). It’s observed that pHx returns body pH (cellular electrolyte balance) to normal as fast as possible after an acidic workout to get More Out of Exercise™. Before long you notice your clothes fit differently, and you have energy, inspiration and will power to ensure your freedom to eat healthy.

p.S. Good time to listen to Santana Supernatural on iTunes, “Freedom, don’t you want freedom for your children, don’t you want freedom for every body?”