Buffering Agent Protects Clean Food

Just as body pH acidity can create disease, our food supply when comingled with acidic environments during transportation, storage, processing and handling only creates more resistant strains of pests. Well actually it’s been known to do worse… it can destroy clean unadulterated food necessary for health, and our possibility of necessary abundance for all.

Yes, widespread fluoridation of food is a serious concern. No need to despair, there’s a simple solution. Why go for the overkill (that kills us) too with synthetic chemicals like Sulfuryl Fluoride?  Why not go with impeccable cleanliness, and by alkalinizing food environments with the power of a buffering agent like Arm and Hammer washing soda?

Chefs Leading with Healthy Organics

Ahhh, spa – trends – Chef from Surf and Sand Resort uses organic ingredients in his menues – Brief Article Vegetarian Times – Find Articles  http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_m0820/is_319/ai_113599716

Good taste starts with fresh, organic and artisan ingredients. And it finishes with how much more energized you feel after the meal. If you eat out a lot like a lot of us do, after a while you just don’t want to settle for synthetic GMO potatoes french fried in GMO canola oil with a can of coke sweetened with artificial sugar or worse yet that high fructose sugar, GMO corn sweetener. Ever notice how sluggish you feel afterwards, it just doesn’t energize like organic sugars, oils, and fresh produce, does it? I can’t imagine what you’d feel like after franken burgers, well… let’s not go there.

Fine cuisine is a chef’s passion, so it’s no surprise that they’d be amongst the first to make no compromises when it comes to delicious, nutritious yet beautifully presented organically grown artisan dishes. Food is after-all the basis of life, along with clean air and water, as the crown of creation human being are free to enjoy it all with responsible stewardship. The planet is the only home we have while we’re alive. With manipulation of the pre-established patterns of life-giving vegetables, meats and fruit threatening the food supply on the planet, isn’t it time we elevated our sustaining foundation (diet & exercise) to it’s true status?