Why Cleopatra had Better Skin

Let your mind travel back through time, way back, to say 1000 BC, and you’ll see why Cleopatra had more beautiful skin than most of us today.

Long before the reign of Cleopatra, Egyptians had already developed the first natural skin care treatment for dry skin. The formula included raw eggs, olive oil, and raw non-pasteurized milk. No wonder they were a so much healthier than we have become, it was a society that fulfilled it’s purpose.

The use of toxic chemicals in the name of skin care is a relatively recent phenomenon, whether in the name of profit or imprudence. The first departure from natural skin care treatments was due to the dark ages of ignorance, the use of lead paint to achieve a pale face for example. The ‘side’ effect of this treatment was loose teeth and pitted skin. What’s even more weird is that even after the hair and teeth fell out, it was simply made up for with mouse hair eyebrows and a cheek paste of cork to resurface the skin. Sounds oddly familiar doesn’t it, except now it’s mind-numbing rat poison and unpronounceable ingredients?

Have we come full circle, and can now return to our centre? I certainly hope so. Recently I had the good fortune to discover for myself how the enzymatic action of yogurt works to protect and nourish the skin. The natural enzymes, probiotics, and live elements of natural milk absorb instantly to pump up and moisturize the skin. Of course, milk from grass-grazing cows contains all the vitamins and minerals found in wheat grass juice as long as it’s non-pasteruized. Raw yogurt an anti-inflammatory effect, calming and balancing the pH for a healthy looking “Cleopatra” complexion. Butter in it’s natural state (pasteurized butter can be irritating) is the most effective lotion for restoring skin to it’s original health.

Raw milk is good for your skin according to Dr. Perricone. “Raw milk is absolutely better for your skin than pasteurized milk. Raw milk contains all the live active enzymes and cultures to help boost your immune system and digest milk properly. Plus, it contains absorbable calcium and vitamin D. Once milk is pasteurized, it becomes much harder to digest because the digestive enzymes present are no longer functional. Also the calcium in milk gets ionized under the pasteurization process and is no longer absorbed or assimilated.”  Topical application is an alternative for those with lactose intolerance, although you may find you can easily tolerate milk in it’s natural state. Inside and out, pH fitness becomes so simple when it fits the body.


Currently Body’Fit pH Fitness™ (short form… pHx™) isn’t available to the general public, please contact Meta Living Design for details.


Reclaiming Skin from DMAE

DMAE became a common ingredient in skin products for both men and women through widely televised infomercials. The inventor of the chemical DMAE, Nicholas Perricone, a clinical and research dermatologist, proclaimed noticeable changes in the appearance of the skin with regular use, and eventually a lot of people believed him.

Just how serious is the DMAE hazard? Chemical DMAE is often claimed to be natural, because anchovies and sardines contain DMAE naturally. When natural DMAE goes through a process of digestion, it’s converted into a useful state. It’s a different story with synthetic DMAE, especially when it gets into the blood stream without digestion. A recent study at the Faculty of Medicine at Canada’s Université Laval has shown a drastic and rapid swelling of fibroblasts, which maintain the connection between cells. Structural damage to muscles and joints has far reaching implications, particularly  for athletes who train intensively, however damage to deep organs doesn’t stop there.

“Although within the developing and adult heart, the fibroblast is often dismissed as merely a structural element, important just to mechanical integrity, an article at Developmental Cell now reports an essential program of paracrine factor production in cardiac fibroblasts that controls heart muscle cell growth, driving cycling or enlargement depending on the fibroblasts’ developmental stage.” The cardiovascular hazards of DMAE are a concern since in the Laval study, within a few hours after epidermal application, cell division slowed and at times stopped completely. Twenty-four hours after applying the concentration of the DMAE chemical usually found in anti-wrinkle cosmetics, the fibroblast mortality rate reached over 25%.

“At 50-something I get compliments on my clear flawless skin all the time, and except for natural lip gloss I’m not even wearing make-up in the video”, says Suzanna at BodyFitLife.com.

“A flash of electrolytes through deep organs with the concise Body’Fit pH Fitness™ exercise warm-up (short form…pHx™) speeds anti aging cell regeneration, supporting our complete and perfect pre-established blueprint. The key is staying informed and making up your own mind on your own terms.”


Clear Skin with Body’Fit pHx

“In my late 50’s I get compliments on my skin all the time. Often the assumption is that I’m a lot younger or that I was born with good skin, actually I have very sensitive skin,” says Suzanna. “The skin constitutes the largest protective organ of our body’s immune system. Consequently, the first thing I do upon awakening in the morning is apply cold water to the skin, YES… but there’s a secret to doing it so it wakes you up without stressing the body. Seriously, don’t try it without doing it in the proper sequence or it can cause more stress than it eliminates. When done correctly the application of cold water delivers electrolytes from deep within the organs into the sub layers of the epidermis to heal and beautify naturally… Plus nothing will wake you up as pleasantly, except maybe a flash of electrolytes with Body’Fit pHx.”

TIP: Essential oil of Lavender gets rid of acne, just dap on a few drops and watch the infection disappear.