Conditioning without Cortisol?

Well… put it this way, strength and stamina without immune stress anyway. Cortisol is released as soon as physical activity begins (even at the thought of exercise). Actually any kind of stress triggers the fight/ flight response plummeting metabolic pH and adding to inflammation-producing cortisol which stresses the immune system, particularly in Obesityand diminishes muscle mass.

What needs to happen to mitigate cortisol stress? Essentially three interactive responses need to be deliberately engineered into a warm-up cool down workout: 1/ normalization of metabolic pH, 2/ neural-endocrine integration, and 3/ muscle-organ vascular balance. This can only be accomplished with a specialized series of exercises that can elicit the internal balance of all our organic functions. In other words, the appropriate physiologic/ anatomic mechanisms that promote the interrelation of all our organs, need to be directed quickly with a sequence-specific, movement-specific, and breathing-specific exercise rep pattern that follows pre-established natural laws, completely and comprehensively.

The more exacting the design the closer a body pH fit the warm-up cool down workout can give you, with surprising results – and very fast. It’s the difference between endurance and resistance intervals which simply produce cortisol for the purpose of Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demands (a necessary component of physical conditioning) and an exercise system that engineers hormone balance logically and naturally in all the endocrine glands, including the production of human growth hormone (HGH) without immune stress, without anaerobic metabolism, and without diminishing muscle mass.

The formulation needs to be rhythmical non-stop and enable equitable oxygenation of all organs, glands and tissues as well as muscle. The same formula must also have the capacity to move the vertebral column with a precision that stimulates each neural plexus in the five anatomical cavities for the purposes of integration of all organ groups. And it must also incorporate the necessary physiologic mechanisms for rapid restoration of a normal metabolic pH chemistry at all degrees of intensity, i.e. without any huffing and puffing, ever.

If you want to make your workout safer, easier and Ignite Passion, warm-up cool down and workout with Body’Fit pH Fitness™ exercise (short form… pHx™)

“Depth of design reveals something fresh and new each time pHx is experienced. With the most economical movement of all the muscle groups within a few short minutes, the neural system remembers it’s wholeness, completeness, and perfection. That’s when the body expresses the mind as much as the mind expresses the body; and this can’t help but Ignite Passion.” Suzanna Aaring 2012


Cortisol Stress – exact pH fit

How do we warn up deeper than with treadmill intervals without the cortisol stress that can diminish sports workouts? Warm up deep organ as well as muscle tissue equally within minutes, and without disrupting the normal homeostatic pH balance in the body.

“Cortisol is potently immunosuppressive, and elevated levels of it and/or lack of physiologic release during normally low diurnal periods may compromise components of immune function. Of equal interest is the fact that NK cell activity and cortisol can be influenced adversely by stress. Even if the effect of stress-induced changes on immune and endocrine function are modest, they provide an important area for researching comprehensive integration of brain and body with the potential to minimize the risk of cancer and degenerative disease and reduce health care cost.” Read more

We can recover mood and motivation by directly regulating the acid-base equilibrium of the blood. When biochemical balance is achieved, our body and our mind begin working together in unity because cellular electricity is firing at full potential. Usually we think of whole food as the source of alkalizing elements required for pH fitness.  However, even with the best alkaline diet cannot prevent the inevitable drop in body pH during physical, emotional or mental stress – when circulation shuts down in the deep organs. Only a systematic sequence of  exercise that can achieve a new homeostatic Peak Metabolic Potential™ can fulfill this aim.


Currently Body’Fit pH Fitness™ (short form… pHx™) isn’t available to the general public, please contact Meta Living Design for details.

Body pH fitness can be described as the point where the mind becomes an expression of the body at the same time that the body is the expression of the mind. Body’Fit pHx is the missing link to mind body integration that gets More Out of Exercise ™ fast for peak performance without stress in business or sports.