[ Busy Women ] & pHx, trick or treat?

When asked why she joined my new group Busy Women Entrepreneurs on LinkedIn, one woman said she liked the nature of the group, “AND I’m a 30+ year entrepreneur – not 30 years old!!!!!!!!!!” I thought this fit well with another woman’s query (who is in her 30’s) who asked, I’ve just looked at your website and it sounds interesting, how is pHx™ different from other workout regimens?

The answer is in the question… pHx is not just another workout regimen that repeats, reuses and repackages a little bit of this and a little bit of that and presents it as the latest cocktail of something you’ve done before. It’s an entirely new exercise modality, at par with the discovery of yoga, Pilates, or martial arts, that encompass all previous knowledge to go beyond anything you’ve experienced before. Yes there is something new under the sun, and it’s a treat not a trick.

pHx changes everything and that becomes obvious the very first time you do it. I do it everyday, its how I’ve stayed fit all these years even when I was too busy to go to the gym. Now whenever I do go for a game of squash, some weight lifting or a Pilates class, I always do a 7-minute round of pHx as my warm-up and then again as my cool down. It totally revives me and prevents any soreness I’d otherwise experience from sports and exercise.

I could go on and on because I’m passionate about getting the word out and having others experience the advantages of pHx. Bye the way, it’s all in the Body’Fit Life website, we built it to give you all the information, training and support you’ll need to make pHx a part of your life. And we’ve even included other bonuses to make sure you have what you need to achieve total business success. Women deserve to make more money and have a better life. That’s why we’re here, it’s what I do because it works for me and I know it will work for you.

Ingnite Passion, Suzanna

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Currently Body’Fit pH Fitness™ (short form… pHx™) isn’t available to the general public, please contact Meta Living Design for details.

Experience a New Exercise

How often do we mindlessly do the same thing day after day, night after night, weekend after weekend? Worse yet, how often do we justify our lack of action with “just following the norm” (translation “lowest common denominator”)? It takes a deliberate effort to do something different from the status quo of what our parents, or spouse, or whoever is doing. Thinking back on my life, the times when I felt most inspired and enriched are the times I that followed my heart, not the crowd. I’ve found experiencing something ‘new’ is the most powerful way to heal and bring my health and vitality back to it’s peak.

Self-actualization is perhaps best described as an exercise in new experience consciously chosen for wholistic health and rejuvenation. Without continual growth and improvement there’s stagnation and degeneration, isn’t there? If we do nothing, the quality of our life tends to default to it’s lowest level, and we lose time and energy. We all know it’s easy to get into that rut.

Re-creation rewards us with a ‘trouvaille’ at every turn, however it takes all of our courage, skill, and ingenuity to break from old patterns of behavior. It’s not without obstacles to be transcended and overcome so we can clear the way for right action relevant to a sustainable future according to our internal directive for a healthy mind and body. Next weekend when you find yourself, instead of leading, resigning to the same old, same old … ask yourself, “Is this really juicing my life?”

For help jumping the hurdles, choose to experience a new exercise (free trial for 30 days), refresh and renew in 5 to 15 minutes with pH fitness. Stretch inside and out, restore body pH to normal fast and turn lackadaisical carelessness into self-motivation.

Body’Fit pHx™ gets More Out of Exercise. It’s especially useful if during your workout you haven’t had time to balance VO2max equally in both small and large muscles, to stimulate each of the hormone and neural plexes in the 5 anatomical cavities in the proper sequence, or balance both vascular and lymphatic circulatory systems detoxing all tissues. Achieving sustainable pH balance this fast during exercise is not possible unless you exercise your penchant  for new experience.

Young, Fit, and Healthy at any Age

Fitness trends come and go, but no matter what kind of workout people do they want to feel young and strong, and they want the edge that gets them More Out of Exercise.

And for that it’s necessary to look outside the box, it doesn’t happen automatically. More than a ‘no pain, no gain’ sequence, Body’Fit pH Fitness™ exercise (short form… pHx™) harmonizes the different parts of the body as it develops them. No matter how hard and fast you do pHx, the homeostatic integrity of the physical foundation is never compromised, physiologically or anatomically.

Body’Fit pH Fitness exercise puts the three fundamental aspects – mind, emotions, and body -in tune with one another without stress in as little as 5 minutes. When we work these three aspects in a very concentrated time period we make the exercises stronger; compression eliciting an entirely different result.

For example Body’Fit pHx raises the metabolic rate for faster weight loss without overstimulating the sympathetic nervous system which aggravates the inflammatory condition indicative of leptin and insulin resistance characteristic of Obesity. Body pH balance which is usually disrupted during exercise, is returned to normal alkalinity, recovering our emotional balance rapidly and economically. And oxygen consumption in all the organs of the body can be put into balance in 5 to 15 minutes, including VO2max levels in both large and small muscles, improving coordination and performance.

Anyone can learn to do the pHx routine with ease in 21 days. It’s a particularly useful adjunct to any workout or sport. And it gives you the edge even on days you can’t get to the gym.

New Year’s pHx Resolution

Ever notice how New Year resolutions tend to come to mind as easily as they tend to leave? We all know it too well; without a specific plan of action and the right tool – it will never work!

Probably the greatest challenge we face is sustainability of our physical foundation at it’s peak to meet the demands of our lives with motivation, accomplishment, and most importantly, enjoyment. The keyword here is ‘sustainability’. Just check out the new cover of O Magazine and Oprah exclaiming, “how did I let this happen?” My question, “how can you do what you need to do”, and in the case of Body’Fit™ pH Fitness exercise (short form… pHx™), how do I block out 7 to 15 minutes a day?

While the ease and speed of the pHx routine makes it a powerful tool for sustainability in itself; force of habit comes in as a close second. A tip for making pHx a daily habit is to attach it to an already existent habit… like your morning shower. You can do it before or after the shower, however, the sooner you do pHx after waking up, the easier it is to do, and the more you’ll get out of your day.

And last but not least… remember why you’re doing it. Nothing is achieved without PREPARATION. Before you exercise, prepare your body for physical activity. Before you start any intellectual activity, prepare your mind. Before you exercise your body and mind, prepare yourself with “pH fitness” (Google it now).

Electrolytes Critical to Health

The distribution of electrolyte minerals in a living organism has a specific configuration when the body is healthy… it is an ionic pattern that is pre-established. Each individual has their own unique and individual electromagnetic field which is affected by and made stronger by the pre-established electromagnetic field of all other living organisms. In other words when you change the distribution of ions in a genome through genetic manipulation it no longer fits in terms of building strength of the ecosystem as a whole, and results in a weaker devitalized organism.

BodyFitLife.com has a very effective total body cardiovascular warm-up, Body’Fit pH Fitness™ exercise (short form…pHx™) restores the electric action potential of the neural system to it’s full strength with an exact body fit that returns pH to normal in as little of 5 minutes while equalizing V02max in large and small muscles with the most economical dynamic stretching exercise of the entire musculature through range of movement. Body pH (which is usually made acidic during exercise and sports) balances the electrolytes and integrates our neural system to restore our electromagnetic field at the DNA level if exercise is an exact physiological fit.

Research into both animals and the human body revealed that the electrical potentials on the skin and inside the body reflected the arrangement of the nervous system. The electric potential is disrupted by when body pH is acidic because the body will use up electrolytes in an attempt to neutralize the pH, and this is reflected in metabolic difficulties with weight loss in obesity, nervous system imbalances, increased fibrillation angina heart attack risk, and degenerative disease in general.

Motivation | Focus | Readiness

As Olympic celebrations in Beijing fade in our memory and excitement builds for the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver, Canada, we are reminded once again what makes an outstanding athlete great… the same thing that makes us all great: motivation, focus, and readiness. It’s not something we’re born with so much, as it is what we do with what we were born with. Sports performance coaching better prepares our athletes… by working directly with the physical foundation. Boost body voltage/connectivity for mental focus, deep oxygen reserves for emotional motivation, and muscle balance for physical readiness all-in-one in minutes with pH Fitness. … protect yourself from overtraining.

Typically body pH becomes more and more acidic the faster and harder the workout, Body’Fit pH Fitness™ (or pHx™) has the opposite effect. The harder and faster you do the pHx routine, the faster body pH is returned to normal alkaline balance.

pH Exercise NASA Challenge

Are YOU up to the NASA Challenge? Exercise physiology can be exceedingly dull, insufferable really. In viewing this short bodyfitlife.com video of some of the physiology behind the revolutionary pH balancing Body’Fit pH Fitness™ (short form… pHx™) aerobic cardio warm-up cool down routine, I believe you will be entertained as well as informed.


As Fit as Madonna in Minutes

How do I stay as young and fit as Madonna in a lot less time, even though I’m a lot more advanced in years? It won’t take much more than a minute to find out , just click to the bodyfitlife.com video below. After 35 years I can honestly say that a daily round of Body’Fit pH Fitness ™ (short form… pHx ™) helps me stay in as good shape (or better) as Madonna’s workout does in four hours.

Boost BMR with pH Fitness

Because most exercise and sports will imbalance body pH, the need for a fast way to restore chemical balance to the body before and after exercise is becoming increasingly obvious. With the growing popularity of alkaline diets, people are looking for effective ways to balance pH acidity caused by their workouts. Sophisticated engineering is required to design a warm-up that’s equal to nature, in the sense that it can restore total body pH while re-balancing all the muscles in the body in 5 to 15 minutes. Body’Fit pHx™ fills the gap.

Clear Skin with Body’Fit pHx

“In my late 50’s I get compliments on my skin all the time. Often the assumption is that I’m a lot younger or that I was born with good skin, actually I have very sensitive skin,” says Suzanna. “The skin constitutes the largest protective organ of our body’s immune system. Consequently, the first thing I do upon awakening in the morning is apply cold water to the skin, YES… but there’s a secret to doing it so it wakes you up without stressing the body. Seriously, don’t try it without doing it in the proper sequence or it can cause more stress than it eliminates. When done correctly the application of cold water delivers electrolytes from deep within the organs into the sub layers of the epidermis to heal and beautify naturally… Plus nothing will wake you up as pleasantly, except maybe a flash of electrolytes with Body’Fit pHx.”

TIP: Essential oil of Lavender gets rid of acne, just dap on a few drops and watch the infection disappear.

Avantgarde Exercise

Body’Fit pH Fitness™ is on the leading edge of an avantgarde trend in health fitness, “pH fitness”.  A diet and exercise program that balances body pH (note: this does not refer to digestive system fluids but to blood and cellular fluid) is responsible for remarkable improvements in health and weight. The big news is also that automatic hypoventilation or hyperventilation can be eliminated at all degrees of exercise intensity if the pH of the body can be stabilized. The secret is successfully engineering respiration and movement to optimize circulation and ventilation in all tissues.

Preventing circulatory imbalance between muscles and deep organs is the key to accelerating metabolism and restoring rather than destroying a normal alkaline pH during exercise. Body’Fit exercise design addresses both blood and lymphatic flow in order to distribute the level of oxygen, nutrients, and ions necessary for pH balance. Its ability to accomplish this is what speeds up metabolic rate in all cells beyond what is typical of exercise in general. 

Is it a New Year’s resolution to return to an exercise program, with the hope of getting that body of yours into those skinny new jeans? With the total warm-up/cool down, muscle workout Body’Fit pH Fitness provides, it’s possible to exercise fast and balance your pH in a flash for faster weight loss.  It’s cool, you can download your copy of the Body’Fit exercise DVD ‘like’ e-Book with online video, and try it today!

Exercise Fast Weight Loss – pH Fitness

Exercise fast without making your body acidic?

It’s seems contractory, however what a fitness program needs to be able to do is meet both the need of the body for an alkaline pH (essential for health), and our personal need for speed in a fast paced world (essential to performance).

Most of the time we’re huffing and puffing, lactate is building up in the muscles producing an acidic environment in our body, and everyone knows you’re looking at half an hour a day of strenuous exercise at the very least.

For ease and speed of pH fitness results you can see immediately… take up Body’Fit pH Fitness™. Just google “pH fitness”, you’ll find it near the top of the page.

Hijacked Words Limit Health and Fitness

What does the word ‘realistic’ mean to you? That depends largely on what you consider to be real, doesn’t it? Generally in a materalistic society, that means whatever is physical is real. Emotions and thoughts are intangible and therefore are not considered to be as real as the physical body for example. Hence when someone chides you to ‘be realistic’ about your health it usually means that if you don’t spend hours in the gym building muscle strength, you do not see reality for what it is.

To achieve fitness most people think spending 5 to 15 minutes a day and getting more results seems unlikely, like a pie in the sky dream, if they want to gain optimal health and loose the flab.  And it’s true if you’re only looking at fitness (as limited as the word ‘realistic’) primarily as muscle strength, flexiblity and bulk. However, if we consider the health of our brain and nervous system as well as endocrine and emotional balance as part of the health equation, we can actually speed up the process.

This is exactly how Body’Fit pH Fitness™ achieves it’s remarkable exercise results. In addition to exercising our muscles in equal balance, this innovative daily routine restores a normal alkaline body pH to  balance our hormones as well as our emotions, and nourish our deep internal organs in a flash.  With this comes health fitness that is much more than muscle deep.

Tip for the day, remember all those who have accomplished great things did a certain amount of dreaming, hoping, wishing, desiring, and planning.  Why limit yourself…  imagine the possibility! To be ‘realistic’ about health fitness means to try something new if you want a new result.

Can’t Have Good Health Without Good Vision

I was just reading some blogs on WordPress.com under the ‘healthy’ tag.  One blog was a song sung to row, row your boat to teach children to go to the doctor if they wanted to be healthy.  Another blog was for adult with vision, that in order to healthy they needed to focus and fix – fresh air, clean water, nutritious food, optimal nutrition, exercise, etc.

I suddenly occured to me, that’s right you can’t have good health without good vision.  And worse yet if you expect someone else to fix your health, you won’t even begin to envision living a healthier life of what that really means in terms of personal responsibility for one’s own actions.  Lack of a health consciousness is perhaps why in the 21st century entire nations have not come to grips with the essence of health.  Can’t develop good habits without getting into the right mind set first, can you?

Which reminds me, I need to do my eye exercises…

Chefs Leading with Healthy Organics

Ahhh, spa – trends – Chef from Surf and Sand Resort uses organic ingredients in his menues – Brief Article Vegetarian Times – Find Articles  http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_m0820/is_319/ai_113599716

Good taste starts with fresh, organic and artisan ingredients. And it finishes with how much more energized you feel after the meal. If you eat out a lot like a lot of us do, after a while you just don’t want to settle for synthetic GMO potatoes french fried in GMO canola oil with a can of coke sweetened with artificial sugar or worse yet that high fructose sugar, GMO corn sweetener. Ever notice how sluggish you feel afterwards, it just doesn’t energize like organic sugars, oils, and fresh produce, does it? I can’t imagine what you’d feel like after franken burgers, well… let’s not go there.

Fine cuisine is a chef’s passion, so it’s no surprise that they’d be amongst the first to make no compromises when it comes to delicious, nutritious yet beautifully presented organically grown artisan dishes. Food is after-all the basis of life, along with clean air and water, as the crown of creation human being are free to enjoy it all with responsible stewardship. The planet is the only home we have while we’re alive. With manipulation of the pre-established patterns of life-giving vegetables, meats and fruit threatening the food supply on the planet, isn’t it time we elevated our sustaining foundation (diet & exercise) to it’s true status?

Ain’t Muscle and Health Synonymous?

Just how much oxygen and nutrition are the deep cells of the body usually deprived of as we’re pumping iron or jumping rope? You may be thinking, that’s precisely one of the reasons to exercise – to get the blood circulating. And it’s true generally we’ve been taught that exercise does increase the circulation of blood and oxygen in the body. Unfortunately the whole truth was not told or at least it was largely ignored. The working muscles do get an increase in circulation of up to 90 percent during exercise (with a relatively tiny increase to the heart muscle itself, a slight drop in the brain, and a drastic reduction of circulation to the upper and lower abdomen). The part in brackets was the part that wasn’t talked about.

The premise was that muscle and health were synonomous; increase circulation to muscle, and health would automatically result. Well as we’re becoming increasingly aware, there’s a lot more to it than that. If the nerves, glands, bones and organs are not provided with the raw materials to detoxify and rebuild at an increased rate during exercise, no amount of muscle or even cardio vascular conditioning of the muscle is going to prevent degenerative disease as we age. (it’s one of the reasons professional athletes demand so much money, isn’t it, because their body pays for it in later years and I’m not just talking injuries.)

That’s the reality, and it doesn’t stop there. Each and every cell in the body requires an alkaline pH to function at it’s peak… more on that in my next blog. In the meantime, check out the doable solution (if you’re ready) and saturate all the tissues in the whole body with the complete spectrum of rejuevenating cellular elements they need on a daily basis.

Add More Anti-Aging to Workout

To me the basis of health is rejuvenation; the ability of all the cells of the body to rebuild and renew themselves continually. To do this the cells need to be able to get the raw materials (nutrients) in, and get the by-products of metabolism and other toxins out. If this is done effectively and efficiently, the body can maintain a youthful vitality into old age.

Exercise, detoxification, and diet are being increasingly recognized as the most effective way to achieve anti-aging. Diet provides the nutrients, detoxification gets rid of the waste that clogs up the cells, and exercise helps in the movement of both lymph and blood. Because exercise also tends to pull blood out of the viscera and cut off circulation to the abdomen, I always add the Body’Fit pH fitness routine to my workout. It’s designed to optimize circulation equally to every tissue in the body in minutes. I find once both my organs and muscles are functioning at their peak, anti-aging weightloss results from the rest of my workout are fast… far faster.

Body Fit – Strive Less, Accomplish More

When your voice vibrates through to your fingertips, when you can complete each task as a complete thought (which takes more time until the neurons are lined up and you can switch to autopilot), when you take enough time for the emotions to feel the inherent enjoyment in each accomplishment… that’s what I’m talking about.

The life I want, the way it was meant to be. Friendly. Being human with clear intelligence capability, is enough to be recognized without the need to dumify thru putdowns for not learning like a machine. An organic system requires neural pathways to be built, it takes the time it takes. (It takes 21 days to develop a new habit for example, but it’s an easy road once organic networks are in place.) If that doesn’t serve ladder climbing ambitions or corporate objectives, perhaps the ladder’s against the wrong wall. We’re all the same in our own unique way, and if we can’t enjoy each other from this perspective, what’s the point?

Working just enough to achieve the lifestyle I want. Exercising just enough to attain peak health. Just enough means more time, and time is far more valuable than money.

Body’Fit Life Ensures Workout Health Fit

Feeling just a bit frustrated that your body doesn’t adapt to exercise as easily as it used to? Believe me you’re not alone. The group driving the trillion dollar health boom is aging, and as a baby boomer myself, I know I’m not willing to settle.

So our body can’t take the pounding it used to without complaint, that doesn’t mean that we can’t be just as agile and dynamic as we once were. On the contrary, every cell in our body is still capable of renewing itself as it did when we were younger. It simply requires a more sophistocated method of rejeuvenation than it did when our cellular inheritance was not yet depleted, and our body could detox quickly and easily without extra help.

The kind of  help that gets extra oxygen and nutrients into all the deep tissue of the body during exercise, not just into working muscle. As baby boomers we have tons of life fitness experience, and we have our favourite activities whether it’s indoors or out, hiking, trekking, walking, running, biking, or working the weight room at the gym with our personal trainer.

That’s where Body’Fit Life comes in; I’ve found the 7-14 minute whole body routine first thing after waking up makes sure it’s all good in terms of a health fit. Once every organ, gland, nerve and bone is saturated with all the raw materials it needs to cleanse and rebuild… results from your favorite workout activity, take a quantum jump. Getting the maximum, doing the minimum is a strategy that fits…

Acid vs Alkaline – Balance

Balance Body pH and Restore Your Health – Acid vs Alkaline, is an interesting website http://www.antiagingresearch.com/ph_balance_rx.shtml that it understands the crucial importance of pH balance in the body.

To increase the benefits of consuming alkaline foods that support the proper chemical balance in the body, it’s necessary to increase circulation to the deep organs. Otherwise the value of the pH balance is lost, especially during anaerobic exercise when muscles pull most of the blood out of the body. While increasing human growth hormone levels (HGH), anaerobic metabolism (which occurs within a couple of minutes during most exercise) unfortunately also reduces the circulation to many of the organs to below resting levels. Is your exercise program fulfilling the ultimate purpose of exercise?

Body’Fit Life is a very good website for finding more details on pH fitness. It also presents a solution… perform their pH fitness exercise program once daily in 7 to 14 minutes to restore alkaline balance fast in 5 to 15 minutes. Not only will it raise HGH levels but it will also balance the entire endocrine system by triggering all hormones in a sequence that increases circulation to the deep organs. Rather than speeding up aging by decreasing circulation to most of the organs and glands during exercise, it’s specifically designed to restore youthful agility and vitality for physiological rejuvenation of all muscles and organs. It’s beneficial for athletes and non-athletes alike, and becomes really obvious in later years.

Recollections: Motivation Fit

Depending on the day, I’m more or less motivated to exercise or not motivated at all. Thinking back over the last 35 years that I’ve been exercising, what kept me going through thick and thin? Was it visualization techniques, was it rewarding myself afterwards, was it remembering how good I looked and felt when I exercised… what was it?

Frankly, I don’t know about you, but all that never really worked for me. Sure performance at work, school and at home has always been important to me, and certainly that’s the benefit I most appreciated. But all the intellectual, emotional or even physical “reasons” to exercise don’t get me off my butt every day.

Motivation fortunately is not what determines whether I exercise every day… there’s only one thing that ever does. My agreement with myself. Until my mid 30’s I exercised about 3 or 4 times a week, but it wasn’t until I made an agreement with myself that I was able to fulfill my decision to exercise every day.

Of course it also helps that the program I do does it all in 7-15 minutes a day. The deal is this, in exchange for getting plenty of rest, fresh fruits and vegetables, and treating myself with the kindness and respect my body demands, I do my health fitness routine as soon as I get up every morning.