Muscle Balance

“Body’Fit movement and breathing needs to be performed following precise natural laws or muscle balance becomes impossible.” — Suzanna Aaring 2013


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Muscle or Visceral Health Fitness

“Anyone who conducts an argument by appealing to authority is not using his intelligence, he is just using his memory”.  Leonardo Da Vinci

Organ-fitness or muscle-fitness exercise? What carries more weight, literally and figuratively? Although fitness assessments typically put more weight on muscle fitness and diet, does adding a non-traditional deep visceral warm-up take the weight off, faster (than simply working the large long muscles or eating less)? That’s the question (one of them anyway) savvy personal trainers are asking (Obesity’s been estimated to be epidemic).

Fitness assessments that focus primarily on the benefits of muscle strength, flexibility and endurance see only half the picture, don’t they – we can have a well-developed musculature and still not be at our performance peak, physically or mentally. The big picture depends on health, and health ultimately depends on deep organs. Here’s a few  examples of the health fitness assessment gap:

Fitness assessment measurement of adaptation acidification with traditional muscle-fitness exercise workouts. Measurement of effects on deep organ function with a non-traditional exercise warm-up cool down that returns body pH to normal alkaline levels in minutes…

Fitness assessment measurement of cardio efficiency from engaging large long muscles during traditional muscle-fitness cardio (where the heart muscle only gets a (point) .125 percent increase relative to the limb muscles. Measurement of cardio efficiency resulting from rapid opening up of circulation in the heart, liver, gall bladder, pancreas, stomach, intestinal tract and brain during a non-traditional organ-fitness warm-up… more

Fitness assessment measurement of effects from cerebral circulatory changes resulting in a drop in carbon dioxide/ oxygen ratio during traditional muscle fitness exercise. Measurement of cerebral function when the  carbon dioxide/ oxygen ratio stays normal as heart rate peaks during a non-traditional organ-fitness exercise warm-up… more

Fitness assessment measurement of VO2max balance over several days or weeks under conditions of body pH acidity with traditional muscle-fitness exercise. Measurement of dexterity and resistance to stress when muscles are balanced in minutes under conditions of a normal pH alkalinity with non-traditional exercise warm-up…                    

Fitness assessment measurement on organ function from dehydration in the viscera when circulation shuts down in deep body tissues during sports and traditional muscle-fitness workouts. Measurement of speed of muscle adaptation and recovery fron sustaining normal hydration with a non-traditional organ-fitness warm-up…

Immune system function monitored for overtraining syndrome in a traditional muscle-fitness assessment. Immune system function monitored for speed of overtraining recovery when a non-traditional organ-fitness exercise warm-up is added to training protocols…

Fitness assessment for sympathetic dominance from over-stimulation of adrenaline with muscle-fitness workouts that focus on speed, load resistance, and frequency of muscle contraction. Assessment of neural response to physiological balance of sympathetic and parasympathetic systems with a non-traditional organ-fitness warm-up…                  

Fitness assessment measurement of endocrine and hormone imbalances that can indicate overtraining with traditional muscle-fitness exercise workouts. Measurement of hormone balance when endocrine centres corresponding to the five major organ groups are stimulated equally in succession in minutes with non-traditional organ-fitness…

Fitness assessment measurement of calorie-burn when only muscle tissue becomes metabolically active as during traditional muscle-fitness exercise. Measurement of calorie-burn when deep organs as well as muscle tissue is metabolically activated with oxygen during a non-traditional exercise warm-up… more

Fitness assessment measurement of metabolic, neural, and kinaesthetic effects of muscle fitness exercise when performed first thing in the morning after waking up. Measurement of same effects when a non-traditional organ-fitness warm-up is performed first thing in the morning… more

Fitness assessment measurement of the effects on aging speed when muscle metabolism peaks under conditions of acidification with traditional muscle-fitness exercise. Measurement of effects on rejuvenation speed when metabolism peaks under conditions of acid-base equilibrium  with a non-traditional exercise warm-up… more

As I say it’s only a partial list. From the perspective of heart patients to professional athletes, assessments for pH exercise health fitness still need development. There’s lots of room for increasing motivation with personal trainers’ health fitness assessments as to what gets More Out of Exercise™.


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