[ pHx ] Why the Unusual Focus?

I’m often asked about my unusual focus on steady state pH balance during exercise?

Unlike the lower animals, the mind develops separately from the body in human beings, and requires conscious integration. We cannot fully bring the two parts of ourselves into a single one-pointed whole at will, unless we can restore chemical balance in blood and cellular fluid throughout the body. To fire at maximum capacity each and every cell needs to maintain acid base equilibrium inside and outside it’s walls. The kidneys eventually recover pH balance, so what’s the big deal?

Since ancient times internal balance has been the goal of disciplines like yoga, meditation, and martial arts. It was observed that when physical, emotional, and mental balance was restored, such a person was in control of themselves. The two extremes of depression and ill humour characteristic of an acidic pH, and the over-exhilaration characteristic of an alkalotic pH, were considered signs of internal imbalance.

However achieving balance took years of practice and a huge time commitment to develop the necessary skill. In today’s fast-paced technological world we need to accomplish this much more quickly. Otherwise the daily stress of using our mind before our body is fully awake in the morning accelerates aging and limits our capacity to operate at maximum potential.

Three things need to happen to normalize body pH very fast. Subscribe to this blog to find out tomorrow the criteria for a pH fit that every program of physical exercise must include.


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Science or Myth – Getting the Facts Straight

Clear thinking depends on our body, as much as our body depends on clear thinking. What in our mind is an externally derived belief can literally end up as senility, such as alzheimers’s. Objective knowledge matches reality giving us a critical directive that protects us from obesity, cancer and degenerative disease.

You’re a reasonable person, aren’t you? Most people are… until it comes to their beliefs. Health depends on our ability to reason; there’s logical reasons why our health is rejuvenating or degenerating. If we don’t know the facts about diet and exercise, we have to fill in the story with something. The most extreme beliefs, no matter how well-meaning or good intentioned, cause the most dependency; we hold onto them for dear life (even if it harms us).

Unless belief is based in reality, no amount of manipulation can cover up the contradictions, and eventually a slippage of faith occurs. It’s an opportunity to find the courage to be present in the creative “I don’t know” moment, and discover reality. Self-awareness of our body and psyche, physically and psychologically, helps us to perceive and access what counts in terms of our health.

Check your beliefs against these facts:

  • During exercise skeletal muscles can pull up to 90% of the blood out the body (virtually cutting off circulation to the viscera)… the shift starts as soon as muscle contraction begins.
  • Even when pumping the fastest during most exercise, heart muscle tissue only gets a tiny fraction of 1% increase in circulation.
  • Small muscles in the wrist usually don’t reach VO2max like the larger muscles in the arms, even at maximum cardiac output.
  • Core temperature can drop suddenly after exercise due to constriction of deep body blood vessels by the adrenaline hormone.
  • Body pH acidity can rob our bones of minerals, and lead to osteoporosis.
  • Changes in pH can be detected as soon as respiration quickens during physical activity.
  • Mental, emotional, and physical stress disrupts body pH balance. Body chemistry is most integrative to our body/ mind when pH is returned to normal within 5-15 minutes after acidic workouts (such as resistance training and sports including hiking, biking, running, etc.)

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pH Exercise NASA Challenge

Are YOU up to the NASA Challenge? Exercise physiology can be exceedingly dull, insufferable really. In viewing this short bodyfitlife.com video of some of the physiology behind the revolutionary pH balancing Body’Fit pH Fitness™ (short form… pHx™) aerobic cardio warm-up cool down routine, I believe you will be entertained as well as informed.