Why pHx, What, When, How, and Where

Meta Living Design is often asked why do pHx™, what does it look like, how is it different, when to do it, and finally the details of how to learn it and where to practice it. Well the reason why is simple really, here’s a glimpse.

Strength and endurance conditioning has been developed upon the simple principle of Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demands (SAID). All living creatures in nature stay strong based on this same principle. What’s different about human beings is our minds, it’s how we can ensure our survival, but only if we figure out how to restore the connection between mind and body fast whenever needed.

Acid base equilibrium is required for all cells to fire at capacity, and the pHx sequence functions to normalize body pH to achieve Peak Metabolic Potential without stress (stress of any kind will acidify the body). Don’t get me wrong, this is okay for basic SAID conditioning, but not enough for who we are as human beings. Fortunately with our contemporary scientific knowledge we are capable of designing exercise based on the principle of pH fitness.

This is where pHx comes in. It’s simple yet scientific, matching our physiologic complexity with anatomical perfection for ease and speed. It’s performed as a quick cardio-vascular warm-up at regular speed, a muscle-conditioning workout at a faster speed, and cool-down at a slower speed. When heart rate is spiked without oxygen debt at all degrees of performance while providing a dynamic stretch through natural range of motion of the entire musculature utilizing multi-planar multi-joint movements executed from a stabilized core, the sequence-specific series is designed to balance the neural-endocrine, circulatory, and musculo-skeletal systems under conditions of biochemical balance, integrating mind and body.

As a cool down pHx works to balance V02max in both small and large muscles. And perhaps more importantly the unique routine restores rapid homeostasis specifically to each of the systems of the body under conditions of acid base equilibrium (no hyperventilation at any degree of intensity). With the restoration of biochemical balance, the acceleration of metabolism beyond what’s normal for exercise, provides an advancement for recovery and adaptation dramatically improving conditioning, weight loss, and cellular regeneration.

As a workout it awakens the five anatomical groups of organs and glands in the order they normally wake up. But it does so in 5 to 15 minutes rather than the three hours it takes otherwise. So performance of pHx first thing in the morning drastically facilitates how fast we can completely wake up and focus ourselves physically, emotionally and mentally for long hours of concentration without back pain or fatigue (at any age). Plus you don’t have to feel guilty if you don’t have time to get to the gym today, pHx easily meets your exercise requirement.

For details on What, When, How, and Where you’re invited to BodyFitLife.com


Cellular signals warm-up cool down

Electro magnetic energy in the body depends on the equitable distribution of electrolytes in all the tissues. This usually changes as soon as muscle starts to pull most of the blood out of the rest of the body during exercise. That’s why bulking up the muscles alone cannot protect the organism against deep organ disease or infection. View article on Metabolic Acidosis Enhances Proteolysis in Skeletal Muscle. Following a protocol that drives electrolytes into deep organs, the specific ratio of positive and negative ions inside and outside each of the trillions of cells which facilitates disease prevention is achieved. If this ratio stays proportionate even as metabolism rises during exercise we can achieve maximum capacity electrical activity in perfect homeostatic equilibrium.

What’s the natural outcome of cellular function at Peak Metabolic Potential™ (PMP) homeostatically with fast normalization of acid base equilibrium during physical training? Accelerated renewal, regeneration, and revitalization of organs, glands, and nerves – all the tissues of the body. For example, with the correct sequence of neural-endocrine stimulation, the period of rest and recovery necessary to allow for restoration of cellular signalling* (such as the mTor pathway, a central regulator of cell proliferation, angiogenesis, and cell metabolism essential for health), can be shortened significantly with better results. For more information see abstract on cellular mechanisms involved in CO(2) and acid signalling. A radical new solution to the age old challenge of health fitness starts by taking care of body pH during exercise. And everything else follows.

There’s a reason why Meta Living Design spent years identifying the parameters that make pHx™ results axiomatic. It’s not just another marketing ploy, it’s real. It’s based on the premise that by going with the most elemental physiological mechanisms, we can influence health fitness with greater impact and efficiency. Metabolic balance engineered at the deepest level of cellular chemistry at homeostatic Peak Metabolic Potential means less wastage of time and energy, and it gets more out of exercise.

*Cell signalling is part of a complex system of communication that governs basic cellular activities and coordinates cell actions. The ability of cells to perceive and correctly respond to their microenvironment is the basis of development, tissue repair, and immunity as well as normal tissue homeostasis. Errors in cellular information processing are responsible for degenerative disease such as cancer, autoimmunity, and diabetes.


Currently Body’Fit pH Fitness™ (short form… pHx™) isn’t available to the general public, please contact Meta Living Design for details.


Chemical bas(e)s for an acid mood

Ouch! aren’t they in a huff, we say when someone’s in an acid mood! We speak of blood as being bad, bile as being sour, the brain as being fried, we’ve all heard the expressions that indicate a connection between our mind, our mood, and our body. We now know that positive (or negative) thoughts, feelings and sensations come down to electrolyte interactions and chemical reactions. And current research in the field of psychoneuroimmunology gives us more physiologic insight.

Abstract: Psychoneuroimmunology of the mind and body

“Over the last several decades, increased attention has been given to psychoneuroimmunology investigation of the putative physiological mechanisms underlying mind and body interaction. In addition to presenting novel interdisciplinary evidence, this review discusses psychosomatic disease, stress biomarkers, and recent clinical and basic research into psychoneuroimmunology. When functioning normally, the response of the neuro–endocrine–immune systems to stress results in the maintenance of homeostasis in the organs. However, dysfunction of such physical systems in response to stress may lead to psychosomatic disease. Clinically, several stress biomarkers have been shown to be useful for the measurement of the degree of physical response to stress, including several neurotransmitters, hormones, cytokines, and other materials from the neuro–endocrine–immune systems. A large number of observational studies and clinical trials have clearly shown that chronic, real life stress suppresses immune function and exacerbates autoimmune and allergic disease. We have recently used mouse models of these diseases to show that hyporesponsiveness of the hypothalamus–pituitary–adrenal axis is critical to such stress-induced exacerbation.”

Experientially it makes sense too, a breath of fresh air clears the mind, calms the emotions, and invigorates the constitution. We cannot experience thinking, feeling or sensing outside the myriad of nerve, plasmic, and cellular membrane exchanges of ionic particles going on in our body.

In other words, physical, emotional and mental wellbeing depends on neuro-endocrine-organ balance which in turn depends on the restoration of chemical balance  (acid-base equilibrium), the healthy body pH being slightly alkaline. The bottom line is that our cells like to fire at maximum capacity, and that requires an intra and extra cellular pH value of  7.4 and 7.2 respectively if you want to achieve homeostatic Peak Metabolic Potential™ (PMP™) during a stressful activity such as exercise.

The latest scientific information supports intuitive understanding, and points to a new exercise paradigm that can achieve pH fitness faster. Since our emotional balance depends directly on the quality of our breathing (it may very well be the reason why GABA levels in the brain are more elevated in people who do hours of qi gong and yogic breathing, for example), an advancement on the traditional disciplines requires equilibrated acids and bases in the blood and cellular fluid to he held at a slightly alkaline value even as metabolism peaks within minutes during exercise.

When under physical, emotional or mental stress, the body triggers the sympathetic nervous system as our primary response for fight or flight. Adrenaline immediately shunts blood out of the deep organs and into the muscles, the heart races to keep up to the demand, and the lungs huff and puff. Typically during exercise we rely on the hyper-ventilatory response, and that has it’s place in the conditioning of muscle tissue. However it’s an outdated paradigm for oxygenation since it waits for an emergency response to CO2 and excess H+ ions to indicate more air intake. And then waits again for more huffing and puffing to pay off the oxygen debt, and again for the kidneys to normalize body pH (and natural levels of GABA).

It’s more practical and proactive to engineer breathing, circulation, and electrolyte absorption to the point where hyperventilation, vessel constriction, and oxygen debt are rendered unnecessary at all degrees of exercise intensity, speed and duration. Although there’s much research to be done it’s well known since antiquity that balance between alkaline and acidic forces in the body affect mood, temperament and disposition. And we also know that pH acidity plays a leading role in inflammation which is the common link among leading causes of death. Besides we already have the scientific knowledge for a practical compression of the physiological mechanisms beyond what was previously possible. Find out more about the radical warm-up cool down workout that gets More Out of Exercise™ fast without stress (or drugs). There’s no reason to be left behind.


Currently Body’Fit pH Fitness™ (short form… pHx™) isn’t available to the general public, please contact Meta Living Design for details.


pHx ™ how’s it different?

It’s how all the pieces of information are put together to work better as a comprehensive unit, that gives the knowledge a useful practical meaning (not simply rote repetition). Anyone with access to scientific knowledge can understand the physiological and anatomical parameters of the human organism. The more accurately more of the components are integrated, the more they get out of exercise, and the more efficacy in keeping us at our peak health potential our entire lives.

This is why although almost any program can be designed to improve strength/ endurance, coordination/ core stability, and flexibility/ agility by conditioning heart, vascular and lung capacity, stretching and developing muscles, and balancing the  neural, lymphatic, and endocrine systems… however not just any any combination of exercises can do so all at once all-in-one in under 10 minutes (while balancing all muscles with core building weight bearing pull ups and body weight press downs before they get a chance to tense up in the morning). And without adrenaline, cardiac, or acid stress, without circulatory, neural, endocrine imbalance, and without disrupting the chemical acid base equilibrium necessary  for integration of immune resilience, mood, and metabolism.

The pH fitness required to reach our full potential in physical, emotional and mental health that comes from a new intensity and depth of electrolyte delivery to all organs, is no longer dependent on time… hours of rest and recovery, or even hours of yoga and qigong. Just like data compression has advanced our communication networks, Meta Living Design has done the hard work (so you don’t have to) with compression of physiologic/ anatomic mechanisms. For example the rapid building up oxygen reserves in deep organs allows for long breath holding immediately before swimming under water (and even longer if also performed first thing in the morning as well). Increasing speed with remarkable ease elicits an entirely new and radical response in all body systems. And not only with respect to exercise that triggers acidifying Type II muscle fibres, but also relative to traditional exercise which engages primarily aerobic slow twitch Type I postural muscle.

Fortunately when the results are axiomatic, they speak for themselves; even before all the ins and outs of the encrypted code can be comprehended. It’s like software programming that gets More Out of Exercise… it’s easily added to your current regimen, in this case as a warm-up cool down, or done as a complete stand alone workout on days you can’t get to the gym. All that’s needed to enjoy the benefits immediately is developing the neural pathways to use it. ( by the way, the learning curve is  about 6 hours plus 20 minutes/day of practice over 3 weeks.) Like all new technology, it’s ‘magic’ isn’t so obvious until you’ve personally tried pHx™.


Currently Body’Fit pH Fitness™ (short form… pHx™) isn’t available to the general public, please contact Meta Living Design for details.


If static stretching doesn’t work, what does?

Doing my program this morning I noticed the comforting warmth that  spreads through my whole body releasing all the muscles as soon as I begin the sequence of exercises, and which leaves me with the feeling of resilience, and having stretched inside and out. It lead me to think about what was happening.

What would elicit such a wonderful feeling of supple elasticity during exercise without huffing and puffing or getting tired and overheated, or doing any static stretching beforehand? My heart rate and metabolism were going up, that was one thing, but then it does so with any other cardiovascular warm-up. What was the difference?

There’s two distinct groups of muscles that make two types of body movements. The large muscles, the muscles of strength that reach for things, and the small muscles close to the bone that repel and push things away. A balanced combination of these two muscle groups gives flexibility (capable of bending without injury). If one group of muscles dominates the other, the body is weak and inelastic. (e.g. Tiger Woods developed problems when the putting muscles of dexterity became imbalanced with the large driving muscles). Elasticity is is the midpoint between a body that is musclebound and one that has atrophied due to insufficient exercise. The dictionary defines elasticity as the ability of a muscle to stretch and  quickly recover its shape and size.

Doing a program that includes all the movements necessary for a complete kinaesthetic expression of the body in 5 to 15 minutes gives the greatest economy. How does the pHx™ program achieve flexibility through ROM and balance VO2max in both muscle groups at Peak Metabolic Potential™ (PMP™). The specialized pHx DynaStretch technique achieves both an isotonic and isometric stretch of all muscle groups. For example, the Transverse Abdominal (TVA) is a very important stabilizer of the low-back. It is the deepest of the abdominal muscles and the only one that runs horizontal. It activates prior to the muscles of the hips and thorax. The TVA is required for all integrated movements. If the TVA is weak it will allow bulging of the anterior abdominal wall increasing lordosis in the low-back and will also create a lateral bulge in (forward bending) or extension (back bending). For this reason all the exercises in the Body’Fit pH Fitness series begin by engaging the TVA isometrically n the correct foot position and body posture.

T0 fulfill the pre-requisite of muscle balance with weight bearing pull ups an body weight press downs for core efficacy, exercise needs to be designed with no competition for oxygen between large and small muscles or between deep organs. It’s necessary to open up the entire vascular network in the body, not just in the working muscles (so no huffing and puffing even though heart rate is at training levels). When all the tissues in the body, not just muscle tissue, become metabolically active for a higher overall BMR and MR there’s no overheating caused by deep vessel constriction. I especially like that there’s no metabolite build-up in muscles due to restoration of acid base equilibrium – resulting in faster conditioning, immune resilience, and easier weight loss. To find out more about why there’s almost no muscle soreness or stiffness after a long and vigorous muscle building session by including Body’Fit pHx™ with your sports specific warm-up cool down, google pH fitness…


Athletes Post Exercise Recovery

LinkedIn discussion post on Executive Athletes: What do you think is the most effective method of recovery? As I am getting older I am finding that recovery is taking longer and longer and the time between hard efforts are the same.

Response: A 45-min cool down (15 minutes for every hour of intensive training) can present a barrier to sports training. Although it’s ultimately an individual matter, the time it takes to cool down can be drastically reduced with better adaptation by working with the physiologically correct recovery protocol.

What needs to be accomplished? Homeostasis… at a completely new Peak Metabolic Potential ™ (PMP™). What does this require? Equitable distribution of the vascular and lymphatic circulation to all tissues in the sequence that prevents competition for oxygen, harmonizes each hormone plexus in the five anatomical cavities, restores balance between the central and peripheral sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, equalizes muscle V02max throughout the body, and normalizes core temperature – for starters.

If accomplished without stress, the resulting chemical balance or acid base equilibrium provides the ideal cellular environment for recovery at an accelerated rate. The idea that this is possible within a five to fifteen minute cool down, is revolutionary. It has to be experienced really to be understood, the concept is so radical.

Suzanna, BodyFitLife.com


Cortisol Stress – exact pH fit

How do we warn up deeper than with treadmill intervals without the cortisol stress that can diminish sports workouts? Warm up deep organ as well as muscle tissue equally within minutes, and without disrupting the normal homeostatic pH balance in the body.

“Cortisol is potently immunosuppressive, and elevated levels of it and/or lack of physiologic release during normally low diurnal periods may compromise components of immune function. Of equal interest is the fact that NK cell activity and cortisol can be influenced adversely by stress. Even if the effect of stress-induced changes on immune and endocrine function are modest, they provide an important area for researching comprehensive integration of brain and body with the potential to minimize the risk of cancer and degenerative disease and reduce health care cost.” Read more

We can recover mood and motivation by directly regulating the acid-base equilibrium of the blood. When biochemical balance is achieved, our body and our mind begin working together in unity because cellular electricity is firing at full potential. Usually we think of whole food as the source of alkalizing elements required for pH fitness.  However, even with the best alkaline diet cannot prevent the inevitable drop in body pH during physical, emotional or mental stress – when circulation shuts down in the deep organs. Only a systematic sequence of  exercise that can achieve a new homeostatic Peak Metabolic Potential™ can fulfill this aim.


Currently Body’Fit pH Fitness™ (short form… pHx™) isn’t available to the general public, please contact Meta Living Design for details.

Body pH fitness can be described as the point where the mind becomes an expression of the body at the same time that the body is the expression of the mind. Body’Fit pHx is the missing link to mind body integration that gets More Out of Exercise ™ fast for peak performance without stress in business or sports.


The perfect fit is preestablished

Perfection is pre-established, the 24-exercise series called pHx™ is simple and scientific. The design works in very specific ways with each of the 9 body systems. The style is primarily calisthenic synthesized with principles adapted from traditional and contemporary methodologies for a radical compression of homeostatic equilibrium at Peak Metabolic Potential™ (PMP™). Think and act fast  in minutes a day. For body fit sustainability of life as we know it … Google “pH fitness”.                                            

This video is in celebration of John Lennon’s 70th birthday, the recently published Rolling Stone Interview, the Imagine Peace Tower, and the music education tour Yoko Ono continues for health, joy, and happiness.


Acidity and Obesity

Deep Organs

Stats for leading cause of mortality in America are deeply disturbing. “Death by Medicine” presents compelling evidence that today’s medical system frequently inflicts more harm on the afflicted.

#3  Cancer:                553, 251.5

#2  Heart Disease:      699, 6971

#1  Medical & Drugs:  783,936

Although the #1 cause of death is medically induced, all three are related. And not just by the fact they take a third of the national budget, to no avail.  Obesity is often the precursor to heart attack and cancer, and a chemical imbalance in body pH chemistry is common to both prescription drugs and Obesity. Acidity predisposes to free radical production, damage, and inflammation. Drugs are thereby also implicated in the #2 and #3 cause of death.

It’s estimated that 1 in 3 children. for the first time in history, are obese. You have to wonder if the legally forced prescription of drugs to discipline (aka abuse) rowdy children in the public school system has not made the prognosis worse. All healthy children, if they’re having a normal childhood, mis-behave. Even more so without the alkalizing diet and exercise that supports their emotional and physical development. In a social environment where 52 million school children (potential gavage customers) are routinely screened just because they’re being kids, the chances of avoiding drugs has been rather bleak (one in four children is chronically medicated in the US alone). It’s up to us to educate ourselves in self care and learn how to raise our children’s IQ EQ PQ without raising them docile on dope.

The good news is that disease cannot thrive within a normal biochemical environment. A healthy alternative is readily available and affordable. It includes fresh air, sunshine, water, alkalinizing exercise (soon will be), salt, and potassium. Our diet, exercise, and lifestyle can be either intrinsically alkalinizing or acidifying, it’s our choice. It’s the job of the kidneys and lungs to rectify pH acidity in the body. It’s our job to help our organs speed up the process when we’re under acid stress. Restoring acid base equilibrium necessary for efficient cellular metabolism requires water, sea salt, potassium, and oxygen as a top priority.

In addition to the increased oxygen needs of metabolically active tissue, extra oxygen is required to convert the lactic acid produced by muscle contraction into glucose and restore normal alkalinity. When oxygen supply is shunted away from deep organs, potassium concentration inside and outside cells rises out of proportion, and the electrical response of the cells slows down. Working muscles typically pull oxygen and electrolytes out of the rest of the body in order to maintain contractility despite the acidic conditions normally created by exercise. However, studies show that even moderate lack of oxygen can reduce contractility due to the imbalance of sodium and potassium electrolytes, and reduced sensitivity of contractile proteins to calcium. Prior to and immediately after walking, running, or any kind of sport (which shuts down circulation to the viscera when working muscles pulls blood out of the body) a warm-up and cool down with the kind of exercise that opens up deep organ circulation, this is essential for pH fitness.

Alkalizing body pH acidity with a pHx exercise warm-up and regular whole foods daily, recharges cells and normalizes metabolism. It”s within our power to prevent untimely death from medical causes like drugs, and degenerative disease like cancer and heart attack. We can’t say we didn’t know what happens when we hand over our free will and default on our freedom of choice.

Stress, Food, and Inflammation: Psychoneuroimmunology and Nutrition at the Cutting Edge  JANICE K. KIECOLT-GLASER, PHD

Abstract: Inflammation is the common link among the leading causes of death. Mechanistic studies have shown how various dietary components can modulate key pathways to inflammation, including sympathetic activity, oxidative stress, transcription factor nuclear factor-􏰀B activation, and proinflammatory cytokine production. Behavioral studies have demonstrated that stressful events and depression can also influence inflammation through these same processes. If the joint contributions of diet and behavior to inflammation were simply additive, they would be important. However, several far more intriguing interactive possibilities are discussed: stress influences food choices; stress can enhance maladaptive metabolic responses to unhealthy meals; and diet can affect mood as well as proinflammatory responses to stressors. Furthermore, because the vagus nerve innervates tissues involved in the digestion, absorption, and metabolism of nutrients, vagal activation can directly and profoundly influence metabolic responses to food, as well as inflammation; in turn, both depression and stress have well-documented negative effects on vagal activation, contributing to the lively interplay between the brain and the gut. As one example, omega-3 fatty acid intake can boost mood and vagal tone, dampen nuclear factor-􏰀B activation and responses to endotoxin, and modulate the magnitude of inflammatory responses to stressors. A better understanding of how stressors, negative emotions, and unhealthy meals work together to enhance inflammation will benefit behavioral and nutritional research, as well as the broader biomedical community.

Balancing Muscles and Chemistry

Does walking and swimming balance body pH chemistry and VO2max in all muscle groups?

Although a greater percentage of body musculature may be activated in some sports more than others, not all muscle groups are engaged to the same degree (essential for flexibility and strength). Muscle balance has typically required a specific resistance workout tailored to each individual. Even a carefully designed program for muscle balance cannot, however, restore alkaline pH balance. A specialized exercise warm-up is necessary to achieve rapid total body V02max balance for acid base equilibrium as heart rate peaks. Otherwise body temperature, CO2 and lactic acid acidifies blood and cellular fluid.

S.A.I.D conditioning (Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demands) with exercise like walking and swimming doesn’t distribute blood flow equitably to the viscera, despite incidental movement of the colon; blood vessels in deep organs still constrict with the release of adrenaline from starting any exercise, they don’t expand. Depending on whether exercise is moderate or intense, the time it usually takes for the kidneys and lungs to balance body pH after a workout varies from a few hours to a few days (without factoring in diet, stress levels, etc.). In addition, although slowing down and reducing exercise intensity will reduce hyperventilation and pH acidity, subsequent cardiovascular, strength and endurance conditioning is also decreased.

Walking (like most sports workouts) can’t speed up the return to a normal alkaline body pH, essentially for three reasons:

  1. Walking doesn’t open up vascular circulation in the deep organs – which needs to be engineered with specialized movement design.
  2. Walking doesn’t awaken the anatomical cavities (head, chest, abdomen) in their natural order– which needs a precise breathing pattern and movement sequence to prevent competition for oxygen between body tissues.
  3. Walking doesn’t balance percentage V02max in opposing muscle groups equally – necessary for distribution of electrolytes at a speed that neutralizes acidification of muscle contraction.

Cellular metabolism is optimized when acid base equilibrium is restored pre and post exercise; without rapid normalization of body chemistry there’s no guarantee of potentiating anti-aging rejuvenation. More efficient metabolism ensures faster biochemical recovery, and biochemical balance ensures faster conditioning adaptation, faster weight loss, and a faster metabolic rate, with less time and effort. Of course, a warm-up with specific breathing and movement following precise natural laws can be engineered that helps the kidneys and lungs accelerate body pH balance fast, very fast.

Adding the Body’Fit pH Fitness™ exercise warm-up (pHx™) to any workout improves cardiovascular conditioning in the heart muscle and deep organs as well as muscles, without feeling tired, overheated or out of breath. Whether done fast, or slowly and gently, pHx helps build the necessary oxygen reserves to neutralize pH acidity. Movement of the spinal vertebrae in a specific sequence accelerates awakening of five major groups of organs, glands, and nerves in the anatomical cavities in order of greatest blood volume, helping to alleviate competition for oxygen between tissues. The pHx DynaStretch techniques help promote the equitable distribution of electrolytes, helping further speed restoration of acid-base equilibrium. And unlike S.A.I.D. conditioning, the pHx warm-up helps the body perform at it’s energy peak without acid stress, wear down of cells, or tear down of muscle tissue. I don’t know about you, but the bottom line is I like to make every minute count.


Reflex Reaction Measures Focus

Body'Fit pH Fitness™ exercise

Exercise Fast

Physical and mental exertion may provide a reason to get focused earlier, however as a sole measure of focus it doesn’t stand to reason. An objective assessment of focus needs to be measure-able physiologically. A good starting point is speed of reflex reaction time, kinaesthetic, metabolicand neural.

First thing in the morning may not be the best time to exercise afterall. Why? How fast the body can respond to stimuli depends on whether or not the musculo-skeletal system, the circulatory system, and central nervous system are fully integrated before work begins. It generally takes the body about three hours before it’s completely awake – one hour for kinesthetic wake up, one hour for metabolic wake up, and another hour for neural wake up.

Although many forms of exercise can stake their claim on focus to a certain degree, they usually do so at the expense of health if performed before musculoskeletal/ cardiovascular/ neuroendocrine systems are fully awake in the morning. It all comes down to exercise design. Only a warm-up cool down workout that equalizes rather causes total body muscle VO2max to vary, increases rather than decreases energy production in deep organs, and balances rather than imbalances sympathetic and parasympathetic neural systems, can accelerate wake up of focus safely without wasting time and energy.

Fast restoration of VO2max balance in all muscles optimizes the body kinesthetically. Fast oxygenation of all tissues optimizes energy systems at Peak Metabolic Potential™ (PMP). And fast stimulation of the five neuro-endocrine centres without pH acidification, in the natural order they normally awaken after a night’s sleep, produces the physiologic integration pre-requisite to preparing to concentrate without pain or fatigue over long hours. A rapid wake-up routine that meets this criteria for one-pointedness hones a faster reaction time in kinaesthetic, metabolic, and neural reflexes which Ignite Passion.

That’s  the best part, you don’t have to psyche yourself into being focused. In fact, spending just 7 to 14 minutes on faster wake-up first thing in the morning by working scientifically with the physical foundation, not only quickly gives noticeable improvement in general health and resilience to stress, it allows you to complete your workout and begin work earlier… have you tried it yet?


Russia’s Coaches Seek pHx

Russian Medal Standing

Russia's Olympic Training

Russian coaches need to try something different with their athletes, President Dmitry Medvedev acknowledged today. If the Soviet goal, he says, is to be “first always and everywhere” then their 11th place standing in the 2010 Winter Games was short of the mark. He goes on to say, ” We should give thought to how to reform the training of athletes. The athlete must be the focus of attention.”

Vancover-based pHx™ consulting firm spokesperson, Suzanna Aaring, points out that the United Russian Federation may be getting ahead of themselves. As they begin preparations for the Sochi Olympics in 2014, a coach as focused as the athlete is indispensable to a winning team, not only during sport training, but on Olympic day. Moreover, the quality of coach interaction with an athlete has the potential to make or break their performance seconds before an event. In this moment of truth words make little difference, no matter how encouraging, and in fact can become a distraction.

Physical, emotional, and mental prep on the part of the coach helps ensure their athlete steps up to the podium. This endeavour can’t be achieved easily within the constraints of Olympic protocol? True enough… at least not without a revolutionary training tool that compresses physical and mental readiness into minutes – a routine that can be performed anytime anywhere, as a warm-up immediately prior to a training run or actual games competition. Such design precision as embodied in the radical Body’Fit pH Fitness™ cardio warm-up (short form… pHx) provides a comprehensive exercise series that returns body pH to normal, fast, integrating IQ\ EQ\ PQ directly – without words.


Olympic IQ, EQ, PQ

“The pHx warm-up is perfect too as a stand alone workout during the supercharge phase of a peaking training cycle. Winding down intense sports specific training with pHx charges up metabolic rate without stress for the dynamic explosion of your life…” Suzanna Aaring 2012

How does IQ/ EQ/ PQ readiness make a difference at the finish line?

It won’t matter will it, if you’re physically fit but not mentally and emotionally focused, and visa versa. All three must happen fast in the same instant, to finish strong consistently. Vitality integrated with clarity and motivation into one-pointed willpower prevents good intentions defaulting into actions that jeopardize success in sports and in business. And it really counts at the end of the day for speed of recovery and regeneration. We tend to assume that brain-heart-body integration happens automatically or just comes naturally to the talented among us.

Optimizing IQ EQ PQ separately

Generally we’ve recognized problem solving requires our 100% emotional and mental engagement. However the reality becomes especially obvious in Olympic sports where our life can depend on integration of our emotions, intellect and physical focus. In competitive sports, Phil Jackson’s ability to motivate the Bulls & Lakers to so many victories was a pivotal turning point in coaching. It’s a key factor in the untouchable success of Tiger Woods at least during the years he was coached by his father.

Athletes now train with a motivational coach to get more in touch with the source of their motivation while learning to let go of their emotions. It’s the basis of honesty and fairness and the only way to sustain logical continuity during competition. Mental preparation, or the use of visualization to imagine one’s self fit, accomplished, a winner, etc. requires a different kind of coaching however. And finally athletes must work with a strength and conditioning coach to prepare their kinaesthetic system for the rigours of competition.

Summing up will power consistently when working separately with the mental, motivational, and physical components is not nearly as effective as working directly with the physical foundation to integrate the head, heart and body. A sudden and radical integration builds unmatched will power. When accomplished under normal alkaline conditions in the blood and cellular fluid, problem solving during demanding activity acquires the extra edge of physical coordination, vitality, stability, strength, and endurance as well as motivation, inspiration, and clarity. Otherwise if our blood is too acid, the result is depression and bad humor. Conversely, if our blood is more alkaline than normal, the result is overenthusiasm that causes us to burn more energy than necessary. Very soon over enthusiasm is followed by depression, both indicative of a loss of self-control. It also indicates an imbalance, a weakness, in our body. A body that is easily strained by emotion or one that does not react emotionally is weak.

Integrating IQ EQ PQ directly

Integration of the anatomical cavities has the added benefit of preventing pre-mature aging, which is a determinant of sports longevity. A recent study indicates that DNA in the organs of the pelvic cavity does not shorten and age like the chromosomes in the organs of the abdominal, thoracic, and cranial cavities. The reproductive system doesn’t age due to the production of an enzyme called telomerase. Since telomerase is produced in the pelvic cavity and not in the rest of the body, integration of the five anatomical cavities is essential to obtain the benefits of telomerase throughout all the organ systems.

The second factor that acts to preserve chromosome length is the maintenance of aerobic fitness. Building up oxygen reserves in deep organs and balancing V02max in muscle tissue restores the acid-base equilibrium the body requires to rejuvenate itself continuously. Not only is the resulting chemical balance necessary to prevent inflammation and irritation which ages DNA, complete integration of all organ systems can only be achieved under conditions of a normal body pH. Both are required for a safe workout that promotes health as well as fitness.

Observed Body’Fit difference 

The Body’Fit pH Fitness™ exercise (short form… pHx™) warm-up cool down workout integrates IQ EQ PQ by quickly restoring normal body pH chemistry usually disrupted by aerobic and anaerobic exercise. It’s specialized design necessarily accounts for the five groups of organs, glands, related to the physical, emotional and mental centers situated in the abdominal, thoracic, cranial, pelvic and dorsal cavities. Body’Fit pHx accomplished integration of the circulatory, kinaesthetic, and neural systems as a whole in the natural order they normally wake up in the morning, and without disrupting body chemistry.

It’s observed that the pHx sequence awakens the five anatomical cavities in rapid succession to produce a flash of oxygen and electrolytes throughout the entire body which results in heightened mental acuity, stamina, and emotional tone that can sustain long hours of concentration without fatigue. The specialized routine can easily be performed in a business suit, pre or post athletic training, or in the middle of a sports event (when the endorphines wear off) in as little as 7 to 14 minutes. By restoring acid base equilibrium, equalizing VO2max, and balancing the central with the peripheral nervous systems at Peak Metabolic Potential, this three-in-one formula balances emotions, clarifies thinking, and awakens kinaesthetic sensibility for more mental and physical focus.

Each of these three elements on their own helps integrate mind, body and emotions, and when combined within a single routine, it provide an entirely new advancement in physical, mental and emotional focus. The pHx system is singular in its approach in that it’s based on the premise that accelerating performance readiness cannot be accomplished without an integrative tool that works with the physical foundation in two very important ways. The first is to produce a sudden and uniform oxygenation of all the body tissues usually drained of blood by adrenaline constriction of deep arteries during exercise (or when released as a fight/flight reflex), and secondly to move the spinal vertebrae in a way that can rapidly stimulate the neural and endocrine centres in the five anatomical cavities in the sequential order that oxygenates the body in order of greatest blood volume. Optimization requires a deliberate exercise tool that can accelerate physiological wake up combined with deep body oxygenation that promotes the equitable rise of V02max in all muscle groups in the sequence that prevents competition for oxygen between organs and muscles.

Establishing electrolyte balance for acid base equilibrium fast in minutes with pHx optimizes propagation of nerve impulse across the five  blocks of organs, prevents the depression of mood, and the pH acidity that saps vitality needed for physical exertion. Otherwise it can take the kidneys take hours or even days to return pH of blood and cellular fluid to normal after sports. The consequence of inducing an uninterrupted flow of electrolytes across the organ groups in the head, chest, and abdomen produces an entirely new level of simultaneous integration optimizing clarity, motivation, and kinaesthetic coordination to establish vitality and one-pointed focus without losing time and energy. Without an aerobic anabolic warm-up and cool down, anaerobic catabolic sports workouts on their own don’t have an innate ability to neutralize metabolic acidity caused by stress, consumption of acid foods, or from muscle-contraction lactate. When combined with more muscle VO2max balance and pHx DynaStretch™  techniques, Body’Fit pH Fitness exercise provides additional support for a winning edge to the finish.

The sooner the Body’Fit pHx routine is performed in the morning after waking up (before muscles begin to tense up with adrenaline hustle and bustle), the faster a dramatic improvement in general health is observed – the daily stress of working before fully awake is relieved with rapid stimulation of the organs, glands and nerves under conditions of acid-base equilibrium. If physical or intellectual activities are undertaken before the bones and muscles feel in place, a positive mood is set for the day, and our brain and nervous system is fully focused (a process which left on its own takes about three hours), the subsequent stress diminishes the means by which we transform contradictory and negative thoughts, emotions, and feelings, into the will power for purposeful action.

Body’Fit pHx balances the emotions by restoring acid base equilibrium, equalizes VO2max to promote kinaesthetic sensibility, and builds mental acuity by engaging the mind in the performance of each movement. Each of these three elements on their own helps integrate mind, body and emotions. And when combined within a single sequence of exercises following the natural order the head, chest and abdomen wake up in the morning, it provides an entirely new way to raise your physical, mental and emotional quotient in a hurry. Participants notice immediately that their mind is more clear, their mood more motivated, and their movements more efficient and agile after a round of pHx performed precisely and in the sequence specifically indicated. Achieving IQ EQ PQ integration in a single session undoubtedly serves sports performance as well as your business day.


Currently Body’Fit pH Fitness™ (short form… pHx™) isn’t available to the general public, please contact Meta Living Design for details.


pH Fitness Jump Starts Your Workout

Wait… before stepping onto that treadmill for your cardio warm-up, think. What’s happening to your heart as it goes from zero to 60? Wrong. Shocking? Well as a matter of fact, it is to your heart. As the big and bossy muscles start to push their weight around demanding more blood, the heart muscle gets a cold start.

With the rest of the body robbed of up to 90% of its blood by the large long muscles, the heart muscle itself is left with the measly fraction of one percent, a (point) .125% increase. Even though it’s pumping a lot more blood during exercise, heart tissue typically gets a mere one-tenth of one percent increase relatve to the other muscles of the body. Physically the result may look good but adding more depth and substance, physiologically, will serve heart health more in the long run – literally.

This is one of the defining differences between fitness and ‘health fitness’ (a term bandied around ever since it was coined by us a decade ago as if they’re one and the same). Muscle balance impacts fitness, while body pH balance impacts health – can’t have one without the other. More depth and substance necessitate more blood, deeper. The physiological engineering required to accomplish this in the human organism is of sophisticated design. To get more out of exercise, radical measures in terms of design must be taken to achieve an aerobic-anabolic workout that fits the new health fitness paradigm.

Body’Fit pH Fitness™ exercise , or pHx™,  gets the heart working for itself rather than giving it’s life up in servitude to the bigger and bossier. The pHx warm-up cool down system is not the only way to accomplish this feat, however if you like fast and furious this is it. Body’Fit pHx gets it done with unprecedented sustainability in respect to time, space and comfort. Plus pHx takes care to equalize VO2max in all muscles large and small, with its comprehensive series of movements that takes minutes to complete. Completion of the whole cycle of exercises in the routine is greater than the sum of it’s parts. Needless to say design like no other entails much more extensive explanation, not within the scope of this essay; suffice it to say, it goes beyond orthodox propound.

What is, is, and similar doesn’t cut it, and this becomes obvious in high performance sport and business arenas. Now that you’re thinking extra edge … leave the rest up to your sense of purposefulness. Or if you still need more information Google “pH fitness” and it will warm your heart.


Wrist-V02max Sports Dexterity

Prior to the emergence of Body’Fit pH Fitness™ exercise (short form… pHx™), numerous studies had shown that VO2max can be increased by working large muscles at an intensity that raises heart rate enough – to a level that achieves V02max for at least 20 minutes three to five times a week. Of course it wasn’t previously possible for small muscles, such as those in the wrist, to reach VO2max even at maximum heart rate.

The physical limitations that restrict the rate at which energy can be released aerobically are dependent upon:

• the chemical ability of the muscular cellular tissue system to use oxygen in breaking down fuels
• the combined ability of cardiovascular and pulmonary systems to transport the oxygen to the muscular tissue system

A study by Saltin B, Rowell LB. concluded that it is the delivery of oxygen to active tissues that is the major limiting factor to VO2max. A study by Gollnick PD et al. showed a weak relationship between the body’s ability to utilize the available oxygen and VO2max.

Understandably fatigue is a factor that must be carefully monitored to prevent overtraining. Therefore endurance training at a percentage of V02max is the route most coaches and athletes have chosen in the past.

It’s possible to radically improve on the rate at which energy can be released aerobically with:

•    rapid normalization of body pH (instead of hours, if not days) combined with oxygenation of muscles in order of greatest blood volume, optimizes the chemical ability of muscular cellular tissue system to use oxygen in breaking down fuels
•    the building of oxygen reserves in deep organs with specialized engineering of cardio vascular circulation in order of greatest blood volume combined with a ventilation/ perfusion (V/Q ratio) closer to a value of one (for greater respiratory efficiency).

With the proper breathing pattern and sequencing of movements, oxygen transport to both organ and muscle tissue is optimized for greater absorption in all the cells, rendering competition for oxygen unnecessary.

This ‘new paradigm’ advancement also now allows the accelerated training of small muscles of dexterity at VO2max, provided all necessary design elements are adhered to. To improve sports dexterity, it’s of paramount importance to perform the 24 exercises in the Body’FIt pHx series precisely as indicated otherwise pH chemistry will not be optimized to Peak Metabolic Potential™ (PMP™).


Go Green – Actually Get Healthy

We’re not really going green unless what we’re doing is a green body fit. If the template for ‘green’ isn’t our complete and perfect pre-established DNA blueprint, then what’s the point? It’s true, going green does make the economy more sustainable, but if it doesn’t also meet the criteria of a healthy body, the default is compromised solutions which haven’t withstood global crisis. Achieving a green body is the most difficult and exacting bill to fill because it has mental and emotional as well as physical implications. It requires understanding what it takes to build will power.

Squeezing mental performance out of sitting for longer and longer hours has not done it. Only finding the correct balance between sitting, standing, and walking activities that promote creative thinking throughout the workday will do that. Master/slave-like professional relationships within the corporate hierarchy has not done it. Only mutual trust-based equanimity encourages the free expression that manifests profit-making innovation. The holocaust of whole foods and corruption of our food supply with genetic manipulation, irradiation, chemical additives, etc. for the sake of extending shelf life indefinately has not done it. Only providing the human body with the nutrients it needs to rebuild and renew itself in its complete and perfectt pattern into old age will empower us to “go green”.

Health is not the default of wealth, necessarily. Fortitude in successfully directing wealth towards health and well-being with sufficient speed to match our technological world requires deliberate physical, emotional, and mental integration – an intellectual focus (mental acuity for adaptation), emotional motivation (what we want that’s meaningful to us), and our physical foundation (the vitality to perform purposeful work and achieve our goal). Fast integration on a daily basis gives willpower unparalleled stability.

Precise new tools have emerged that fit the pre-established human template – naturally and physiologically accelerating the  IQ, EQ, PQ integrity that defines sustainability. In no way can we bypass this process and achieve environmental or personal health (as human history has proved ad nauseam). This becomes especially noticeable in extreme action and Olympic sports because it can be lethal if you’re not completely integrated and focused physiologically with a pH fit. It’s not something we can afford to take for granted. The more precision, the more speed… to exercise your scientific curiosity just google ‘pH fitness‘ and observe the benefits of a truly green body.


Try pHx™ Dynamic Stretching

When I set out to identify the exact exercise sequence and pattern that could radically reduce the time it takes to reach peak physical condition for the 2010 Olympic games, I knew it was a daunting task. How do you maximize the metabolic electric potential for sports performance in as little as 5 to 15 minutes without disrupting chemical balance of body pH? How do you balance V02max in all the muscles that fast without making the body acidic? These are the critical questions since most exercise deaths are the result of heart attack. Body pH balance is necessary for heart health, conditioning speed, and overtraining injury prevention/recovery. A revolutionary dynamic stretching warm-up cool down that can rapidly restore body pH balance at the same time that it equalizes V02max in all muscles, is required to achieve pH fitness at Peak Metabolic Potential™ (PMP™). Almost four decades of testing and research has produced Body’Fit pH Fitness™ (short form… pHx™), It’s now possible for sports athletes to get More Out of Exercise™ without acid pH stress in 5 to 15 minutes depending on the speed and rep pattern of the 24 movement/ breathing exercises in the Body’Fit pHx routine. 


As Fit as Madonna in Minutes

How do I stay as young and fit as Madonna in a lot less time, even though I’m a lot more advanced in years? It won’t take much more than a minute to find out , just click to the bodyfitlife.com video below. After 35 years I can honestly say that a daily round of Body’Fit pH Fitness ™ (short form… pHx ™) helps me stay in as good shape (or better) as Madonna’s workout does in four hours.

Boost BMR with pH Fitness

Because most exercise and sports will imbalance body pH, the need for a fast way to restore chemical balance to the body before and after exercise is becoming increasingly obvious. With the growing popularity of alkaline diets, people are looking for effective ways to balance pH acidity caused by their workouts. Sophisticated engineering is required to design a warm-up that’s equal to nature, in the sense that it can restore total body pH while re-balancing all the muscles in the body in 5 to 15 minutes. Body’Fit pHx™ fills the gap.

Ignite Passion with pHx, Fast

Body’Fit™ pH fitness (short form… pHx™) is the secret to sustainable avoidance and detoxification by restoring chemical balance fast pre and post interval training (even in our 60’s and 70’s the proof remains undeniable).  Not only does chemical balance give the fortitude to resist temptation by nourishing deep body organs with extra circulation, pHx provides the alkaline pH that promotes detoxification in all the cells of the body at a new homeostatic Peak Metabolic Potential (PMP™) in a few short minutes, without stress. Discover how to beat the blahs at Body’Fit Life.

Fitness to Fit

It pays to get your facts straight… after almost four decades of experience, BodyFitLife.com is here to give you a true Fitness to Fit. “It’s the cornerstone of my health fitness routine for sustainable weightloss,” says Suzanna. “I do the 24-exercise program every day. Once you know the full routine it takes just 7 to 15 minutes depending on the number of repetitions of each exercise you choose to do.” BodyFitLife.