Bringing you to your knees

“When a religious cult in the guise of sustainability rises to gain power and control it can appear to benefit all, in fact that’s how it gets past detection.” — Suzanna Aaring 2013

Go Green – Actually Get Healthy

We’re not really going green unless what we’re doing is a green body fit. If the template for ‘green’ isn’t our complete and perfect pre-established DNA blueprint, then what’s the point? It’s true, going green does make the economy more sustainable, but if it doesn’t also meet the criteria of a healthy body, the default is compromised solutions which haven’t withstood global crisis. Achieving a green body is the most difficult and exacting bill to fill because it has mental and emotional as well as physical implications. It requires understanding what it takes to build will power.

Squeezing mental performance out of sitting for longer and longer hours has not done it. Only finding the correct balance between sitting, standing, and walking activities that promote creative thinking throughout the workday will do that. Master/slave-like professional relationships within the corporate hierarchy has not done it. Only mutual trust-based equanimity encourages the free expression that manifests profit-making innovation. The holocaust of whole foods and corruption of our food supply with genetic manipulation, irradiation, chemical additives, etc. for the sake of extending shelf life indefinately has not done it. Only providing the human body with the nutrients it needs to rebuild and renew itself in its complete and perfectt pattern into old age will empower us to “go green”.

Health is not the default of wealth, necessarily. Fortitude in successfully directing wealth towards health and well-being with sufficient speed to match our technological world requires deliberate physical, emotional, and mental integration – an intellectual focus (mental acuity for adaptation), emotional motivation (what we want that’s meaningful to us), and our physical foundation (the vitality to perform purposeful work and achieve our goal). Fast integration on a daily basis gives willpower unparalleled stability.

Precise new tools have emerged that fit the pre-established human template – naturally and physiologically accelerating the  IQ, EQ, PQ integrity that defines sustainability. In no way can we bypass this process and achieve environmental or personal health (as human history has proved ad nauseam). This becomes especially noticeable in extreme action and Olympic sports because it can be lethal if you’re not completely integrated and focused physiologically with a pH fit. It’s not something we can afford to take for granted. The more precision, the more speed… to exercise your scientific curiosity just google ‘pH fitness‘ and observe the benefits of a truly green body.


Money Management: Cash Flow Crisis

Treating money as a commodity (eg. money markets, debt cash flow, etc.) always has been and always will be an abuse of the monetary system. Money is nothing more or less than a means of exchange. If people want to hog and hoard, hog and hoard, hog and hoard, then I say let them hog and hoard themselves into a stupor.

The consumption capacity of any individual has a limit that falls far short of what they can hog and hoard. And if the abundance of the planet did not by far exceed what we can use, we wouldn’t have survived as long a as we have. The Function of Space (ownership) depends on our awareness of what part of the wealth of everything is ours. And this changes all the time depending on what we need to fulfill our life in this moment.

This isn’t just idle social commentary. Money is not actually within the domain of Ownership, it’s within the function of coordination. If this is reversed you get social enslavement instead of social freedom and justice. The only sustainable purpose of money is to assign a positive value to cash so as to coordinate the distribution of wealth. By assigning a positive value to a piece of paper, rather than a negative value (debt) everyone can exchange what they contribute for what they need at any given time ( which determines the quality of our interactions as a society). Therefore when a large amount of (hog ‘n hoard) cash goes out of circulation for an extended period… it is the constitutional duty of the government to issue an equal amount to match that through means such as job creation, guaranteed minimum income, grants to entrepreneurs and small business owners, etc. so there is sufficient positive money supply available to coordinate exchange of goods and services.

The Bank of Canada still has the authority to issue the money supply as real cash flow even though in the early 1900’s Canadian private banks were given the right (behind closed doors) to issue the money supply as a debt. However in the United States of America the private sector usurped the government when the Federal Reserve became privatized in 1913. Ultimately money needs to be electronic, and designated as ‘in circulation’ or ‘out of circulation’ and supported by checks and balances including price controls. When money remains a ‘means of exchange’ for the purpose of health, both personal and economic (rather than a means of control) it’s possible as a society to direct our energy towards the cohesiveness of unity rather than dis-solution of fragmentation.