Radiation from Sun Body Fit

All life evolved because of the proximity of our planet to the sun. Health and well being is the direct result of regular exposure to UV rays; our dependence on the sun is precise and purposeful in every aspect of organ function. Anything that stands between our body, our brain, and la soliel* can cause physical and emotional dis-ease, including dysfunction of the protective system.

If you wear contact lens and are experiencing psorasis, arthritis, cancer or any of the pluralities of degeneration so common today, one of the factors may be a lack of sunlight entering the retina. You may find these conditions improve dramatically once you start to spend a significant part of your day outdoors with your skin and eyes exposed to the sun (without sunblock, you know when you’re about to burn)..  It’s a good idea to have a pair of eye glasses handy, so you only veil your eyes as necessary for reading or other tasks that require more accurate perceptionYou may soon find that your vision improves as well, especially if you practice the seven principles of health, and learn a few relaxation techniques.

Check out this article on sunshine by the father of the seven principles of health *Don Tolman.

The pineal is connected to the eyes via the SCN (suprachiasmatic node). Production of melatonin by the pineal gland is stimulated by darkness and inhibited by light. Photosensitive cells in the retina detect light and directly signal the SCN, entraining its rhythm to the 24-hour cycle in nature. Fibers project from the SCN to the paraventricular nuclei (PVN), which relay the circadian signals to the spinal cord and out via the sympathetic system to superior cervical ganglia (SCG), and from there into the pineal gland.

In addition you may want to support blood flow to the brain and pineal gland, since movement and exercise usually shifts blood out of the glands and into the muscles. The pineal gland is the only structure of the brain which isn’t affected by the blood brain barrier, and therefore without proper maintenance it often ossifies after a certain age. Fortunately it’s the one gland in the brain where we can optimize oxygen and nutrients in a few minutes with Body’Fit pHx, which builds up oxygen reserves to withstand stresses and strains throughout the day, and during sports workouts. When healthy, the pineal gland has profuse blood flow second only to the kidneys (which helps keep body  chemistry at neutral pH for optimal metabolic function). Get outdoors into the sunshine, do your daily round of pHx to get maintain circulatory integration between the brain and deep organs, and enjoy summer without your contact lens for more relaxation and health fitness.

*as much as possible avoid starring directly into the sun

* about Don Tolman, view video


Currently Body’Fit pH Fitness™ (short form… pHx™) isn’t available to the general public, please contact Meta Living Design for details.

40-Day Fast Ends in 21

Listening to just how much fasting, no more and no less than my body needs, I made the decision to end Don Tolman’s 40-day water fast on its twenty first day. Since I’ve maintained my ideal BMI ratio for the past four decades with Body’Fit pH Fitness™ exercise (pHx™), I don’t carry a lot of extra fat. That’s not why I was fasting, I needed to detoxify from chemical poisoning after application of perfume containing aldehyde. I felt the final release of toxins from my solar plexus on day 21.

Since any residual pain I’d been experiencing when stretching in a cobra position was completely gone, what I didn’t want to do is start losing muscle – there was no need too. I broke my fast with a fabulous Japanese Buckwheat Soba Wakame soup that went right to my soul. The iron-like strength that a simple bowl of Ramen can impart after a fast is quite astonishing. Please note that breaking a fast like this may not be for everyone – it was what my body needed at that moment, and I wasn’t about to argue. I’m now doing a few days of Cabala juice to wind down the fasting process.

It’s interesting how orthodox academic propound on ancient ways of healing has argued that accounts passed down over the ages, although similar in many traditional texts, doesn’t imply effectiveness… “When one plant failed, another was tried, but the first may still have been recorded as a treatment.” “It could have been one in a long series of failed experiments.” Of course, since it’s been the practice of modern science to maintain meticulous records of both failed and successful experiments, and also for analysis to take precedence over empathetic intuition, this would have to be their point of view, wouldn’t it.

At the end of the day, when we rely on the knowledge and wisdom of our innate pre-established wholeness, we can observe that the scales of justice do not tip in the direction of concocted medicine synthesized for patentability. We don’t all know the intricacies of masking symptoms, however it becomes obvious when we unmask what works.


Midpoint in 40-day Water Fast

I just came back from my usual 10+ km walk in the park  – with the sublime stillness of morning light releasing it’s fragrance of freedom (got wild weed photos). I started off on 6 ounces of Cabala fast juice, a glass of water, and a 10-minute round of pHx™. I experienced no desire to drink water during the walk, however I’ve had a couple litres of water since.

The thing about cell revitalization, rejuvenation, and regeneration is that, without detoxification, it can’t happen to the level of original completeness and perfection. Yet to push out the toxins and clean house before modelling according to our pre-established blueprint, detoxification requires that cellular metabolism reach its peak under conditions of pH balance… the dilemma solved by a synthesis of our collective traditional and contemporary knowledge that restores body pH to normal alkalinity, and reaches Peak Metabolic Potential™ (PMP™) in minutes.

Since acid base equilibrium is pre-requisite for optimal cellular function, compression of physiological response elicits an entirely new experience in pH fitness magnifying the detoxification of walking, running and working out. A singular sequence of movements, specific to these principles, needs to be performed as a warm-up immediately pre and post acidic exercise or sports for  regeneration to be more noticeable without a lot of time and effort.

In this context of exercise and fasting, it’s exciting that the pain in my solar plexus (immune system central) from aldehyde perfume poisoning (which gave me a reason to try out Don Tolman’s fast combined with the Body’Fit pH Fitness™  exercise (pHx) sequence) is subsiding faster than expected. If it’s possible to sustain our health without the weapons of war against disease, then I’m confident it’s also possible to lay down the weapons of war that threaten global survival. As we become self sufficient at conserving our own health with what nature freely provides with abundance, war, debt, and the ‘not so‘ fabulous become redundant.


Day 12 of 40-Day Water Fast

It’s true… fasting sharpens the mind and heightens the senses. Today, on the morning of the 12th day of my fast, I woke up to this clear realization: “Drugs kill. Ask any pre-med, it’s their business. Dodging the lethal edge of synthetics unscathed takes some skill”.

Sugar-coated and laced into an intricate web inundating our bodies and minds from every conceivable angle, awareness remains our only protection. From children’s Tylenol (the recall, a crump) to vitamin additives and perfume fragrances, we’re lulled into a false sense of security.  From the almost indiscernible messages in movies we watch, the advertizing we absorb, and the charity benefits we attend – physically, emotionally, and mentally we’re dangerously in denial.

In a climate of socially sanctioned and entirely legal attack from a wolf in sheep’s clothing, even a complete water fast cannot provide refuge. Chemical poisoning from aldehydes for someone like myself with a sensitivity requires specialized cellular detox and recovery. Having restored depleted salt levels, I’m starting to take small sips of Cabala juice with water, and of course continuing a protocol of pH fitness to speed up detoxification. It’s taking every ounce of my ingenuity and intuition to align with the complete and perfect blueprint. Still I almost drank juice made from organic lemons whose fungicidal coating had not been scrubbed off satisfactorily.

Quote of the day:  “Believing everything is okay, doesn’t make it so. Conscious choice takes a vigilient effort of Will”. The next time you ask for medical advise, make sure it is indeed sound. Doing your research is a matter of self responsibility.


Day 8 of 40-day Water Fast

To restore the body to it’s peak potential of completness and perfection, rigid adherence to the 40-day water fast may not be sufficient. Heightened body awareness, however, divulges it’s secrets.

After a herbal tea of tumeric spice on the evening of the 6th day, I experienced an upset stomach, I’d consummed a herb that had been tampered with. Sure enough it wasn’t organic and if it had crossed the US border it had likely been irradiated. I immediatly made a seaweed tea with cayenne and a little mineral salt appreciating it’s soothing detox. Miso had helped the Japanese survive an irradiated environment, so the next morning I went out for some. It was cool and I wore my half finger leather gloves.

The impact of my boot hitting a ridge in the sidewalk created a sudden forward velocity. Okay I’m falling, my body instinctively surrendering calmly; its entire length distributing the hard bang into cement. Not bad, except my head kept going. Boy, that was a hard hit, I thought, roll over to absorb the electro-magnetism of the soft earth. I pressed my temples between my hands, and vocalized. Internally focused I noted with some surprise the resilience and energy of my bones. I’m OK – years of daily pHx and work with neural lymphatic systems paid off. A gentleman came by when I bit the dust, and told me the bump on my eyebrow was dripping. It dripped for a minute cleaning any dirt out.

I walked with my forehead toward the sun, a half mile home. I dressed in natural fibers of wool, silk and cotton. A draught of miso tea brought up my salt levels. First I poured hydrogen peroxide on the bruise several times, then soaked in a rock salt bath, and iced to reduce swelling in my right knee, hip, and Zygomatic bone (which works like a car bumper). After some internal work, exercises to generate electrolyte flow, and pressing deep into bone all around the painful areas, any residual shock dissipated in the healing presence of my husband.  I awoke refreshed for pHx and a morning walk, the 80 percent of body energy required for digestion redirected into regeneration. 24 hours later, the pain, swelling and bruising have just about disappeared. I’ve learned if you let your body talk, it leads you to the truth of it’s volition. Economically, efficiently – marvelously.


Day 6 of 40-Day Water Fast

I’d been waiting. I knew the answer would come; I just didn’t know how, when, or in what form, exactly. If I wanted to live a long healthy life, at least as long as I have lived… whatever it was needed to be a potent, powerful remedy that would  come at the moment it was most needed, would be of the most benefit, and that I would have the fortitude of will to carry through.

Sure enough, both reason and remedy arrived as a package the week before. We had just discovered Tom Tolman’s 40-day fast, and had watched the Coco Chanel movie. On the strength of Coco’s immutable character I all of a sudden went out and for the first time in decades test sprayed a whole bunch of French perfume on my carotid artery.

Well that certainly gave me the motivation… I was flat on my back with intense pain from the chemical reaction. My husband who had met the inventor of this perfume and his family many years ago remembered after the fact that it was a natural flower essence bound to an aldehyde molecule. I had always been able to recover my original vitality and strength through pH fitness exercise and diet after experiencing a setback. This however was different.

It was time to do the water fast, starting immediately. I made the decision, and simply stopped eating and started drinking water… warm water, cold water, water infused with dandelion, camomile, or a pinch of Himalayan salt. Suddenly overcome by a desire to consume the beautiful rainbow of fruits and vegetables before me, the waning pain in my bowel held me steady on course. We had a social function, a barbecue, to attend which thankfully distracted me somewhat – and also built up my resistance to temptation. Now on day 6 my cravings are all but gone, and my energy has returned. Onward and upward.