“There’s no civilization without unity, no unity without equality, and sometimes it’s necessary to state the obvious.” — Suzanna Aaring 2013




“As the building block of a society of free individuals the couple, not government, is what restores civilization.” — Suzanna Aaring 2013

Breakdown of the heterosexual couple


Equality is the first law of the couple relationship because it provides the basis for agreement between two diverse individuals. Any relationship of course, but since gender distinguishes the most diverse relationship that can only be experienced between two autonomous individuals, it is the strongest building block for infusing all of life’s relevant endeavours with meaningfulness as well as being the driving force of the species, The heterosexual couple is the unit out of which life issues, the unit that nature (not church, state, nor village beliefs) determined could best nurture their offspring.

Without grounding in equal authority however, the couple cannot remain intact as a generative force for building relationships across society as a whole. So breakdown of the couple is an indicator of how effectively men and women have been able to make the equal. The heterosexual couple, by virtue of the objective intrinsic structure of the body psyche of a man and woman, provides the most sustainable foundation upon which to construct authentic culture that reasons logically. I think I just heard a gasp of collective indignation, allow me to explain.

Since we cannot sufficiently adapt our environment to our needs under the pressures of a technological world without the couple relationship, it is in our makeup that we must seek out the one with whom we can express equality. Hence the emergence of the same sex couple. That’s not a bad thing because the process actually makes us stronger in the end. Needless to say not everyone has the same stomach for sameness nor the same theatrical aesthetic, but for some people this process in their karmic path. It’s a universal principle that inner evolution must catch up with our physical body somehow if we are to think objectively and match reality, since mind & body develop separately in human beings as the final fruit of evolution.

Since it’s integrative to see the whole cycle of a process through to completion, and as children born of the womb are integral to survival of the species, continuity is the second law of the couple. Actualization of equality isn’t possible without the commitment to establish continuity as per a socially proclaimed marriage… personal growth occurs over time. The couple needs every advantage in order to have the necessary resilience to withstand the stresses and strains of life, however the approval of society is only the external surface layer of support. A much deeper grounding in the reality of human identity is necessary, and the heterosexual couple has the stability of physical reality, which needs to be sustained mentally in the homosexual couple.

This leads us to the third law of the couple, identity. Although our evolutionary aim predisposes preference for the opposite sex, as well as establishing the prototype for the same sex couple, regardless of gender, society cannot exist without relationships built on equality. The closer our couple is to who we are as human beings the better our chances for clarifying consciousness in order to reason objectively. We need to know what is pre-established, what is universal, beyond our social programming if we are to understand the full spectrum of human experience and achieve a tolerant compassionate society. Self realization requires objectivity and clarity, and must be undertaken with rigorous logic rooted in the integration of analytical (mental), empathetical (emotional) and analogical (physical) reasoning, not shame or blame, Otherwise we simply won’t have the necessary scope to agree on the reality of existence beyond our fears and beliefs, feelings and desires.

The imbalance that occurs when we either don’t accept the same sex couple, or don’t recognize it as a step in the process of waking up to the full potential of human identity, is precisely what divides human beings internally as well as externally. When we attempt to achieve unity through external decree rather than internal mind body integration, the result is a couple whose continuity depends on inclusion in a society collectivized by dictatorship and censorship. When we become dependent on the beliefs of the collective to maintain our couple, rather than the clarification of consciousness, it encourages passive aggression towards the autonomy and freedom of the individual, and ultimately our equality,

Since only human beings can only reason based on consciousness of their own body psyche, If the way we make decisions is by defaulting to the decree of collective belief, the risk with same sex environments is the harvesting of village-claimed children for minds disconnected from wholeness and ultimately the demise of propagation of our species according to pre-established” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>wholeness aka the replacement of natural reproduction with cross-gender cloning, with very serious implications like cross species cloning. As long as we recognize same sex coupling as a process, its deliberate advocacy can’t be used against humanity and our evolutionary aim of inner and outer unity

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