[ Wrinkle Proof Skin ] via pH Anti Aging Exercise

Why wrinkle proof your exercise workout? While health isn’t just about beauty, natural beauty is a marker for health fitness that protects us physically, emotionally, and mentally. Achieving body pH balance faster each morning using specially designed exercise is a powerful wrinkle reducing secret that also provides profound benefit for directive function in the higher neural centres.

You know how areas around the mouth and nose go white when blood drains from the face under stress? Ultimately it’s the result of adrenaline pumped into the blood stream by the adrenal medulla and sympathetic nervous system; this happens anytime we’re awake and engaged in daily activity, even when walking or just thinking. This is the hormone that shuts down circulation in most of the body (including around the mouth during exercise even when the rest of the face is hot and sweaty) so the muscles can take flight or fight if necessary.

The cerebral circulation is protected from hormone, body pH, and other steady state disruptions by a blood brain barrier with one exception: the pineal gland. This little structure within the midbrain is responsible for monitoring what’s going on in the body and communicating with the brain (hence evolution didn’t put a barrier between the pineal gland and the rest of the body). The pineal gland plays such a key role in mind body awareness and integration, and is of such importance to both brain and body, it has a circulation second only to the kidneys.

Whenever blood vessels constrict in deep organs and skin innervated by the sympathetic nerves like around the mouth (as they usually do during exercise) it’s a sure sign the pineal gland has shut down as well. As blood volume shifts from the organs and skin to the large long working muscles, body pH drops and blood and cellular fluid become acidic. This in turn affects our mood (once the endorphins have worn off), speed of cellular renewal, and our ability to continue to master our environment as we age. So how do we get more blood into the skin and pineal gland during exercise? Just hanging upside down or doing a headstand isn’t enough for the effect to last all day, find out more…


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Clear Skin with Body’Fit pHx

“In my late 50’s I get compliments on my skin all the time. Often the assumption is that I’m a lot younger or that I was born with good skin, actually I have very sensitive skin,” says Suzanna. “The skin constitutes the largest protective organ of our body’s immune system. Consequently, the first thing I do upon awakening in the morning is apply cold water to the skin, YES… but there’s a secret to doing it so it wakes you up without stressing the body. Seriously, don’t try it without doing it in the proper sequence or it can cause more stress than it eliminates. When done correctly the application of cold water delivers electrolytes from deep within the organs into the sub layers of the epidermis to heal and beautify naturally… Plus nothing will wake you up as pleasantly, except maybe a flash of electrolytes with Body’Fit pHx.”

TIP: Essential oil of Lavender gets rid of acne, just dap on a few drops and watch the infection disappear.

Ain’t Muscle and Health Synonymous?

Just how much oxygen and nutrition are the deep cells of the body usually deprived of as we’re pumping iron or jumping rope? You may be thinking, that’s precisely one of the reasons to exercise – to get the blood circulating. And it’s true generally we’ve been taught that exercise does increase the circulation of blood and oxygen in the body. Unfortunately the whole truth was not told or at least it was largely ignored. The working muscles do get an increase in circulation of up to 90 percent during exercise (with a relatively tiny increase to the heart muscle itself, a slight drop in the brain, and a drastic reduction of circulation to the upper and lower abdomen). The part in brackets was the part that wasn’t talked about.

The premise was that muscle and health were synonomous; increase circulation to muscle, and health would automatically result. Well as we’re becoming increasingly aware, there’s a lot more to it than that. If the nerves, glands, bones and organs are not provided with the raw materials to detoxify and rebuild at an increased rate during exercise, no amount of muscle or even cardio vascular conditioning of the muscle is going to prevent degenerative disease as we age. (it’s one of the reasons professional athletes demand so much money, isn’t it, because their body pays for it in later years and I’m not just talking injuries.)

That’s the reality, and it doesn’t stop there. Each and every cell in the body requires an alkaline pH to function at it’s peak… more on that in my next blog. In the meantime, check out the doable solution (if you’re ready) and saturate all the tissues in the whole body with the complete spectrum of rejuevenating cellular elements they need on a daily basis.