Canola Granola Payola

My father was
a canola farmer.
He used herbicides
and pesticides.

No one suspected
heart attack – died.
Not from canola oil,
the poison.

Would it have been
better organic?
he’d lived.

Canola is not
like Granola.
He often told me
when I quiried.

It’s not for us to eat,
it’s not food…
Rapeseed hybrid,
(before GMO).

He was duped
but he wasn’t stupid.
Still payola
deceives to this day.

No long term tests
yet has GRAS status.
Extensive use in food industry.

Most now genetically

Heart perfect food?
Yet destroys
vitamin E – a ploy.

Associated with lesions
of the cardium.
Not cardiovascular

Imbalance –
low level saturates.
High omega 3
fatty acids.

Changes blood platelets,
science does tell.
Sterol compounds –
makes cell walls rigid.

High blood pressure
in stroke prone rats.

Eating out
is not much fun at all.

No more yummy
Indian spice curry.

Scrumptious Chinese –
canola fried.

No wonder there’s panic,
web rumors.

Yet the proponents
take their last stand.

Canola sounds like
granola – right!

2006 NineKu by Suzanna Aaring All Rights Reserved