Upward Mobility

“If our lifestyle isn’t a body fit, if our understanding of how to control and protect our mind is incomplete, all the money in the world won’t actualize heaven on earth (the internal driver of upward mobility).” — Suzanna Aaring 2013

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Martial Arts


“Vitality comes from cultivating the enjoyable and deflecting the abhorrent, daily practice of martial arts including tai chi chuan qualify to protect our integrity internally and externally.” — Suzanna Aaring 2013


“Spontaneity thrives in an atmosphere of freedom and ethos, it’s the internal marker for wholesome health and wellbeing.” — Suzanna Aaring 2013

Where are the Bushels going to come from?

“Bushels of poison are worse than no bushels at all.” — Suzanna Aaring 2013



We tend to forget that given what fits, the body can rejuvenate it’s youthful state into old age, if there’s a symptom rest assured there’s an offending cause.” — Suzanna Aaring 2013



“All of life seeks increase, each time we permit even in our own mind the diminishment of the individual rights and freedoms every human being needs to live a self sufficient body fit life, we die a little more.” — Suzanna Aaring 2013

Objective Reality


“When prevailing behaviour modification concerns itself with convincing us there’s no such thing as objective reality, the scientific understanding of our mind-body becomes paramount.” – Suzanna Aaring 2013

Who Am I

Who I am is not Static
Who I am is not Stuck
Who I am can’t be Pigeonholed
Who I am isn’t what I can Produce
Who I am is part of the Future
Who I am is part of the Past
Who I am is Energy
Who I am is Movement
Who I am is ever Present
Who I am is pure Consciousness
Who I am is the dance of Humanity
Who I am is the outcome of daily Body’Fit pHx

— Suzanna Aaring 2013


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Six Truths about Passion

1/ Passion is awakened. There’s a spark of passion in all of us, passion is innate to our essential nature, however it remains dormant behind veils of ego till ignited. If we’re too acidic (in a bad mood) or too alkaline (over exhilarated), the cells of the body including the brain and nervous system cannot fire at maximum capacity. Our body chemistry needs to be just right, therefore if we want to ignite passion consistently it’s necessary to restore acid base equilibrium first thing every morning.

2/ Passion is variable. Past experiences which caused us pain physically, emotionally or mentally, get stored in the body creating blocks in transmission between brain and body, they vary from person to person, and from day to day. These blockages need to be released with bone-deep massage and exercise that stretches the connective tissue. As well cleaning any emotional charge associated with the painful experiences is necessary to relieve the memory of pain, it doesn’t happen automatically, it takes work.

3/ Passion is inspired. Literally, it’s necessary to ‘inspire’ enough oxygen to balance the acid-producing stress which has become our normal experience in a challenging world. It’s not enough however to simply hyperventilate or breath deeply. The kind of oxygenation that penetrates the deepest tissues of the body can only be accomplished with specialized exercise that opens up circulation in the organs instead of shutting it down as usually occurs with exercise that shifts almost all the blood volume to working muscles (most exercise has this effect).

4/ Passion is renewable. Fact is, even once we’ve processed our past experience, passion requires renewal every single day if we want to function in the zone over long hours of concentration at the computer. This means a tool that can accomplish this very fast without taking a lot of energy or taking up any of your valuable time is of the utmost importance. It needs to be ultra versatile so it’s doable anywhere anytime even in your business clothes should you need an extra boost before an important meeting, presentation or event.

5/ Passion is learnable. Yes it’s possible to improve your passion quotient by learning specific self massage techniques, emotion clearing processes, and visualization practices which, when combined with an exercise modality specially developed to promote the unobstructed distribution of electrolytes throughout the neural system in a flash, provide a relevant methodology that works with real world realities time and energy constraints. In other words, that is scientific because it produces the same benefits in everyone equally regardless of circumstance, body type, sex, race or religion.

6/ Passion is engineered. Ultimately passion cannot be engineered without achieving mind-body integration as a priority. It’s not possible to restore cohesion between all the different parts of the body daily without first balancing blood pH or acid base equilibrium. This requires equilibrating  V02max in small and large muscles throughout the body, oxygenating deep organs as well muscles, and stimulating neuro-lymphatic points that promote circulation of fluid necessary to balance the endocrine centres in each of the anatomical cavities. Only a true body fit can get this done in minutes without getting tired, overheated or out of breath – and again the natural laws for accomplishing this are very precise.

By now you’re probably wondering, and I don’t blame you because I know I would be, okay, what is this new methodology, where is this new exercise routine that can ignite passion with such ease and speed, how can I learn more ? Regrettably it’s now available to the public any longer Go Here »


Currently Body’Fit pH Fitness™ (short form… pHx™) isn’t available to the general public, please contact Meta Living Design for details.

Body Fit Life


“An equilibrated life is impossible without freedom of expression intact.” — Suzanna Aaring 2013


[ pHx ] Why the Unusual Focus? Part II

Three things need to happen to accelerate the normalization of body pH to steady state levels whenever blood and cellular fluid becomes acidic under stress which splits mind and body. The warm-up cool down criteria required to achieve a pH fit with any program of physical exercise include:

pH Fit #1 
Design of the breathing pattern needs to fit the oxygen needs of each movement with such precision that the usual quickening and heaviness of breath during exercise is never observed under any circumstance of speed, intensity or duration.

pH Fit #2
Circulation of blood and lymph which usually gets shut down in the deep organs during exercise as fluid volume shifts to the large long working muscles, needs to be addressed in order to distribute oxygen and electrolytes more equitably between all tissues of the body.

pH Fit #3
To prevent the competition for oxygen between tissues during exercise when the same V02max isn’t (and it usually isn’t) achieved in the small muscles of the wrists and ankles as in the large muscles, it’s necessary to oxygenate the anatomical cavities in order of greatest blood volume and work the muscles in corresponding sequence.

If you’re a busy woman like myself who enjoys experiencing a real difference in acuity, mood and stamina very fast first thing in the morning try Body’Fit pHx™ » Yes it’s easy.


Currently Body’Fit pH Fitness™ (short form… pHx™) isn’t available to the general public, please contact Meta Living Design for details.

[ pHx ] Why the Unusual Focus?

I’m often asked about my unusual focus on steady state pH balance during exercise?

Unlike the lower animals, the mind develops separately from the body in human beings, and requires conscious integration. We cannot fully bring the two parts of ourselves into a single one-pointed whole at will, unless we can restore chemical balance in blood and cellular fluid throughout the body. To fire at maximum capacity each and every cell needs to maintain acid base equilibrium inside and outside it’s walls. The kidneys eventually recover pH balance, so what’s the big deal?

Since ancient times internal balance has been the goal of disciplines like yoga, meditation, and martial arts. It was observed that when physical, emotional, and mental balance was restored, such a person was in control of themselves. The two extremes of depression and ill humour characteristic of an acidic pH, and the over-exhilaration characteristic of an alkalotic pH, were considered signs of internal imbalance.

However achieving balance took years of practice and a huge time commitment to develop the necessary skill. In today’s fast-paced technological world we need to accomplish this much more quickly. Otherwise the daily stress of using our mind before our body is fully awake in the morning accelerates aging and limits our capacity to operate at maximum potential.

Three things need to happen to normalize body pH very fast. Subscribe to this blog to find out tomorrow the criteria for a pH fit that every program of physical exercise must include.


Currently Body’Fit pH Fitness™ (short form… pHx™) isn’t available to the general public, please contact Meta Living Design for details.

Degenerative Disease


“Auto-immune disease is like a country going to war against itself, the connection between somatic relevance and directive function in the higher neural centres has disintegrated.” — Suzanna Aaring 2012

Don’t want to disrespect my youth


“I must be myself respect my youth at any age.” — Suzanna 2012 thank you Lady Gaga »


Perfection is Real


“We’re already complete and perfect, we were born this way, all we need do to access our pre-established perfection is live a body fit life.” — Suzanna Aaring 2012



Currently Body’Fit pH Fitness™ (short form… pHx™) isn’t available to the general public, please contact Meta Living Design for details.

Feeling the Impulse


“If we don’t follow the impulse of the rhythm of our heart we get out of touch out of tune and out of sync.” — Suzanna Aaring 2012



Currently Body’Fit pH Fitness™ (short form… pHx™) isn’t available to the general public, please contact Meta Living Design for details.

What you can do with next to nothing


“Our internal resources are always FAR greater than our external possibilities.” — Suzanna Aaring 2012



Currently Body’Fit pH Fitness™ (short form… pHx™) isn’t available to the general public, please contact Meta Living Design for details.

A Shift in Paradigm Paradox

It’s funny isn’t it, how we’ve been so quick to accept the status quo even though we know it’s not working, and yet so reticent to champion change even if more reasonable. This puzzling phenomena of defaulting to the lowest common denominator and adamant opposition to anything else (even though we might choose differently if we really thought it through) has a commonality that points to the cause, doesn’t it. Thought, or rather the lack of comprehensive thought.

Disconnected fragmented logic produces an odd resistance, for example we go to great lengths to handle passive aggressive vagrants and petty criminals with kid gloves (permitting possession of stolen property, trespassing, disturbance of the peace), and yet we’ve been loathe to extend respect to peaceful demonstrators with a higher aim in life. Even if it’s meant sacrificing our own democratic rights and freedoms, and sometimes to the point of tolerating police brutality. Could this be why as a society we’ve paradoxically defended environmental pollution, treated our own bodies as toxic dumps, criticized those who regard the truth as constructive and praised the harbingers of lies and deception?

Acting on engrained beliefs short circuits the cycle of a complete thought, and therefore takes very little effort. It’s already wired in, usually since early childhood, and perpetuated by movies and media to keep us all thinking the same way, yes a culture of bots (thanks to Steve Jobs Pixar Disney at least isn’t a fake  and what a noble heart John Carter Disney’s latest movie has). Even Twitter has become inundated with poseurs and phoney followers in recent weeks, notice that.) The synapses have fired so many times those neural pathways have become fully automated, and usually, most unfortunately unconscious. So it’s accepted as the norm without question.

It takes will power, spirit, to ‘think different’. Fulfillment of the true potential of our pre-established perfect pattern depends on the freedom to do so, it is innate to the well being of humankind. Fear of slipping to bottom of the heap has tended to replace honesty with nicety, and we’ve largely ignored the reconciling of cognitive dissonance, a shift in paradigm. The result of a shift is more enjoyable albeit much more difficult to achieve. It’s on that pain/ pleasure interface where brain and body literally have to develop new connections to accommodate innovative ideas that match pre-established whole cycles of reality rather than narrow mental constructs. And that takes internal work on one’s preconceptions doesn’t it.

There’s certainly a growing body of scientific evidence to support this:

How can we start to think different? It isn’t merely mental cleverness. A small internal shift can have a big external influence, and I’ve found a good place to start is making sure it’s a body fit, like pHx is. It builds the neural pathways for dealing with our illusions, especially in this day and age of conflicting information, so that mind can harmonize thought processes with emotional understanding rooted in the heart.


Currently Body’Fit pH Fitness™ (short form… pHx™) isn’t available to the general public, please contact Meta Living Design for details.

An Effective Brainwashing Technique

A simple psychological research test reveals a wealth of information about how our mind can play tricks on us.

Participants were given a very monotonous meaningless task to perform and then given monetary incentive to lie to the next person in line that it was a very interesting task. Amazingly those least compensated actually came to believe their own lie, and most strongly defended the boring task. Transgression of integrity was the most easily denied by those who were paid the least, and ratiomalised by those who felt they had a solid financial reason to tell a lie.

This gives us insight into why people believe whatever they’re told if the truth is too painful to admit. Focus on the real issues threatens the comfort of denial, and so we divert our eyes. As long as we’re asleep to the perilous state of democracy we prefer any petty distraction to doing our homework. And that plays right into the hands of destructive powers which exist only if we naively believe everything we hear on TV or read in the newspaper, without question. From the slanting of definitions in your computer dictionary to the sandwich board at your local cafe, without the necessary mental tools, we’re liable to be held hostage with a bombardment of deceptive messages. The default of neural networks completely anesthetized with unexamined fear, guilt, etc. is stunted mental development that renders us susceptible and vulnerable, with no protection whatsoever from white-washed lies.

Of course when we’re aware of how the mind works it’s much easier to catch ourselves. We need to be fully awake don’t we, to detect the telling inconsistencies that constitute today’s methods. For example all movies that have ever been made should be available on iTunes, yet the distribution monopolies only allow movies that suit their agenda or that have no choice but to distribute. For example Live and Let Die, the only James Bond movie filmed in the US, must contain some unacceptable footage since it’s been erased from the repertoire. It seems Edgar Hoover’s soulless dynasty  has virtually cut out authentic Charlie Chaplin Hollywood; ever notice there’s almost no watchable new movies on iTunes lately, and where are all the real stars? Honestly, few and far between who haven’t been compromised. Jim Carrey’s latest movie subvertely poking fun at Chaplin is the icing on the cake. I actually bought if for a minute, didn’t you? Although it’s interesting since posting this link on Twitter there’s a couple of Chaplin movies for rent without having to buy – rather obtuse but an improvement nonetheless. And the recent Sherlock Holmes movie hides behind Charlie Chaplin authenticity and steals it’s soul from the TV series even following the same acting and production style ): disgusting. Only Disney carries the torch of truth it seems; today’s Hollywood despise movies that have a noble heart because they point to the real villains of our world.

If video doesn’t appear then it’s been tampered with, and blog security has been breached.

Here’s an example from youtube: Are these legitimate Occupiers or simply infiltrators wearing cloaks of passificity carrying bags of money and bribes? Analyzing the discrepancies between Occupy protestors and impostors helps us decipher the truth we sense instinctively.

If we observe the general demeanour of the three people in the video we see they are all the same, the sunglasses, the clothing, and they’re so accustomed to having their needs cared for they don”t realize they stand out In the crowd. Listen closely, their turn of phrase is more of a certain segment of American urbanite than Canadian. We don”t talk like that. And it’s certainly not characteristic of the group at Occupy Vancouver. How else can you tell if they’re legit, or not? The police are lining up for their fancy pamphlets, and they’ve been well publicized by mainstream media.

However the kicker is the content of their message. They begin by setting the stage with a wishy washy pose they believe aligns with the peaceful milieu, except their exaggerated stance belies their intent. Each of the three pretenders has their own specialty, and this clues us in that they haven’t been randomly picked for the job. The real give-away is the third speaker who delivers the punch and divulges the agenda by introducing the concept of “privatization” as the economic future. This is in contrast to the interview by the award-winning journalist at Democracy Now where privatization of public domain is precisely identified as the cover by which our inalienable rights and freedoms are eroded. Rhetoric about how the 99% has suffered at the hands of inept government bureaucracy rounds out the package, ostensibly making military takeover by security forces, worldwide, more socially acceptable.


Currently Body’Fit pH Fitness™ (short form… pHx™) isn’t available to the general public, please contact Meta Living Design for details.

Apple Famine in Midst of Plenty

Apples, apples, everywhere, and not a single one to eat. The organic certification standards are anything but foolproof, in fact you’d think they were out to fool you. It’s been a bumper crop this year, yet conventional, certified organic, doesn’t matter, every variety of crisp crunchy juicy apple has been rendered inedible. At least that’s been the case here. What’s happened to all the apples, how could we let an apple famine happen?

As has become all too commonplace the latest miracle pre/ post harvest chemical is said to be safe even natural of course, however the criteria for safe obviously didn’t include so called ‘side’ effects like muscle cramps, blurred vision, joint pain, irritability, etc. (If you’re lucky the body puts on extra weight to store the toxins in fat cells which protects you in the short term until Obesity gets out of control.) Every three months a whole slew of new additives for fertilizers, fungicides, etc. for pre and post harvest is approved, and if body awareness, observation and experience are any indication, this last round has been a doozy.

If you haven’t felt 100% lately you’re not alone; it’s no secret that there’s a famine of health out there. The breakdown in the organic culture is not with farmers and retailers who have a long standing commitment to safe clean and unadulterated produce, it seems to be with the middleman: the shippers, distributors, and  handling packaging moguls. It makes one wonder, has this been done intentionally to keep targeted populations drugged, is it a way to limit the lifespan of a burdensome aging population, or is it simply the dysfunction of unconsciousness, without thought for anything but self-serving bad profit?

Certainly fragmented thinking and lack of internal tools for developing logical objective reasoning in terms of who we are as whole human beings, is not helping. Plus our bottomless debt has created an abyss where there’s never enough money. A continual stream has to continue to come from somewhere because it doesn’t circulate. But it goes deeper than that, doesn’t it? Stopped-up circulation is set up intentionally to benefit the 1%… a much more nefarious motive than simple greed is at work, which in a laissez faire market  would usually be rectified. The resulting polarization is the necessary adjunct for power mongers and monopolies seeking control over inalienable rights and freedoms.

Power in the hands of a few (could even be benevolent) is ultimately expressed as enslavement of the many, where the reality of equality within the pre-established structure of the human psyche eventually forces a conflict or, if we have the tools and the will to do the internal work, pushes our evolution to a new level of living, being and doing that transforms society. It’s no wonder people everywhere are taking a stand, following their heart and participating in peaceful proactive action. It takes courage, passion, and clarity of mind to rise up and see the effort through to real sustainable change, which to a large extent also depends on conscious choices as well as the availability of clean food, air, and water.

Berries, fruit, vegetables including lettuce, almost everything’s been compromizedpoisoned really. Flour is a real problem. Whole grain needs to be washed with hydrogen peroxide then dried and ground in a flour mill by hand to remove at least some of the neuro-active toxins. Of course if chickens eat the grain the contaminants transfer to the eggs too. Even supplements are suspect due to revised USDA standards for organics. Source bio-dynamic from local growers, get to know farmers who don’t put allowable anything on their crops (just make sure they protect themselves from sabotage) or try imported food that hasn’t been shipped from a country under the influence of GMO and food contamination policies. And beware of toxic product camouflaging as European imports, and of genetically engineered food mis-labelled as organic.

Why have we insisted on doing this to ourselves ad nauseum; this is the pressing question of our times isn’t it? Scientific, judicial, and social processes have become corruptible in the last few years especially. It would be naieve to believe we can reach realistic agreement regarding either the problems or solutions without a clear basis for understanding that we must live within natural laws to survive. Social decay is pushing our internal evolution like never before. We need to become clear about t scientific exploration fits our body, otherwise the perils that have threatened our health and well being cannot be overcome. Objective measurement of the possibilities of the psyche is required for full realization, and it’s easier when we know the territory, exactly. Otherwise as we’ve seen, we can end up back at square one in a most inopportune crisis if we don’t get it right and wake up.


Currently Body’Fit pH Fitness™ (short form… pHx™) isn’t available to the general public, please contact Meta Living Design for details.

David Suzuki at Occupy

To his credit, David Suzuki did identify nature as the pre-established template for economic sanity. He pointed out that nature doesn’t adhere to man-made concepts in fulfilling it’s cycles of health and well being, and if something isn’t working we can and must change it. However David Suzuki’s address at Occupy Vancouver fell short of a solution in that, I’m sorry, but the circulation of money has never contributed to our problems, on the contrary. No generation can be blamed for spending too much, not even if baby boomers presented a convenient scapegoat for the one percent. The call to younger generations by David Suzuki to lower their sights, spend less and save more with a goodly sprinkle of altruism, is propagation of exactly the same self sacrificing scarcity mentality that’s brought about this historical moment of planetary crisis.

To say that we should only have what we need, not what we want, is simply not enough for human beings to fulfil their potential. When we hold the belief that everything is scarce, we must continue to produce more and more out of fear just to make money – EVEN IF WE DON’T WANT IT AND IT’S HARMFUL TO US. So it’s this unsustainable way in which we’ve made money, and how money has been put into circulation as debt only, to allow the one percent to get something (just about everything) for nothing, which ultimately blocks unrestricted distribution of wealth. The bare essentials of survival may work for lower animals, however the moment increase stops in our lives, death and dissolution immediately set in.

To be fully human we must also have the freedom to determine our destiny and explore, discover and fulfill the dreams in our hearts; order without freedom is pointless. Evolution has provided for every human being to have everything we want. We live in a world of absolute abundance, there’s no need for repression. There’s enough wealth on this planet for everyone to have as many yachts as they want if that’s what we really want, but as things stand stagnant, symbolic of status, right now most people who own a yacht don’t ever hardly use it. (No one ever tells a tree to stop growing, it balances itself out. No one ever has to tell another species to control it’s population, it balances itself out. If we remember that we can all have what we want, there are too many yachts because only people who really loved yachting would own one, for a buzz of activity dockside.)

Unless you can use it for increase in your life, don’t plunder for the sake of status of ownership. Every room in the White House is used for example, but building a 35 thousand square foot mansion for two people who don’t actually use all the space except maybe once or twice a year for a party, is a problem because the resources aren’t being used for anyone’s increase. If every person who has 50 cars sitting in their garage, donated a Mazaradi or Ferrari to Zipcar, the shared-vehicle industry would explode. Driving a Lambourghini once or twice may be all that a lot of people want to experience, since it would give enough increase to move forward. Each time we experience an increase, it opens the door for more increase.

Restricting the possibilities of increase by corporately-funded policies eventually forces people into corner where the only option left is to Occupy public space. In my research I have found that some of the most brilliant young minds have staked their claim on democracy at Occupy Vancouver. The freedom stake-out community is constantly in committee developing and innovating; it’s an example of living democracy in action where the collective intelligence increases with a process where every voice can be heard independently. They’re attempting to define a method whereby what we choose. we choose together, consciously. Fortunately people have reached a level of evolution that they can achieve change peacefully without violence, as we saw in the Middle East when a government was overthrown by an internal commitment to unity in the hearts of it’s people.


Currently Body’Fit pH Fitness™ (short form… pHx™) isn’t available to the general public, please contact Meta Living Design for details.