Radioactive Zero Tolerance

One would think that logic has driven public protection from irradiated and radioactive material… not so. The criteria used is merely the ‘perception’ of risk, determined by assessment of it’s acceptability to you and me.

Since this is the foundation upon which decisions are made it would be naive, wouldn’t it, to believe the platitudes that there has been no health risks from exposure to low level radioactivity in North America, and of course the world.

We didn’t object when radioactive waste metal was quietly spread around into thousands of consumer products from cheese graters, handbags, fencing, and recliners to automobiles over the last few decades (despite our mounting health problems). And now a widespread campaign of public ‘education’ has been launched to assure our acceptance of current levels of radiation exposure from Japan.

Acceptance of nuclear reactors is at the root of social dysfunction born of an irrational basis for action where that which is acceptable is considered safe.  Nuclear reactors serve no useful purpose… they are not even necessary for producing electrical energy. Not since Nikola Tesla discovered how to harness the unlimited source naturally present in the ionosphere over a century ago.

That however has been unacceptable because it means energy is virtually free to everyone on the planet. There would be no need for war, no need for scarcity, no need for the cog mentality. No more hoarding, controlling, and fear mongering. Pre-established abundance of health, diversity, and creativity would reign. But such has not been our lot. We’ve been reluctant to think, and so we’ve been told. Self sacrifice became the default when we gave up self-esteem.


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