Why Cleopatra had Better Skin

Let your mind travel back through time, way back, to say 1000 BC, and you’ll see why Cleopatra had more beautiful skin than most of us today.

Long before the reign of Cleopatra, Egyptians had already developed the first natural skin care treatment for dry skin. The formula included raw eggs, olive oil, and raw non-pasteurized milk. No wonder they were a so much healthier than we have become, it was a society that fulfilled it’s purpose.

The use of toxic chemicals in the name of skin care is a relatively recent phenomenon, whether in the name of profit or imprudence. The first departure from natural skin care treatments was due to the dark ages of ignorance, the use of lead paint to achieve a pale face for example. The ‘side’ effect of this treatment was loose teeth and pitted skin. What’s even more weird is that even after the hair and teeth fell out, it was simply made up for with mouse hair eyebrows and a cheek paste of cork to resurface the skin. Sounds oddly familiar doesn’t it, except now it’s mind-numbing rat poison and unpronounceable ingredients?

Have we come full circle, and can now return to our centre? I certainly hope so. Recently I had the good fortune to discover for myself how the enzymatic action of yogurt works to protect and nourish the skin. The natural enzymes, probiotics, and live elements of natural milk absorb instantly to pump up and moisturize the skin. Of course, milk from grass-grazing cows contains all the vitamins and minerals found in wheat grass juice as long as it’s non-pasteruized. Raw yogurt an anti-inflammatory effect, calming and balancing the pH for a healthy looking “Cleopatra” complexion. Butter in it’s natural state (pasteurized butter can be irritating) is the most effective lotion for restoring skin to it’s original health.

Raw milk is good for your skin according to Dr. Perricone. “Raw milk is absolutely better for your skin than pasteurized milk. Raw milk contains all the live active enzymes and cultures to help boost your immune system and digest milk properly. Plus, it contains absorbable calcium and vitamin D. Once milk is pasteurized, it becomes much harder to digest because the digestive enzymes present are no longer functional. Also the calcium in milk gets ionized under the pasteurization process and is no longer absorbed or assimilated.”  Topical application is an alternative for those with lactose intolerance, although you may find you can easily tolerate milk in it’s natural state. Inside and out, pH fitness becomes so simple when it fits the body.


Currently Body’Fit pH Fitness™ (short form… pHx™) isn’t available to the general public, please contact Meta Living Design for details.


Bio-identical or Botox?

Better than Botox Anti Wrinkle Skin Care?

Bit of an oxymoron don’t you think – ‘nerve numbing’ ‘skin care’? Check the ingredients on your face cream. Chances are the list includes botox-like chemical, nano, bio-identical or weaker genetically modified derivatives, if all ingredients aren’t 100% certified organically grown. If you’re unsure, check with your doctor; be aware of any bias if they’ve been trained under the auspices of companies who produce nerve numbing skin care products.

The botox ‘like’ synthetic amino peptide, acetyl hexapeptide, found in bio-identical anti-aging creams, blocks the brain/face connection, for example. Other than that it’s non-toxic. It doesn’t destroy the neuro-transmitters as botox does, however it prevents the release of neuro-transmitters (so wrinkles seem to disappear).

Does it really matter as long as some of the ingredients in your skin care products are natural, or were once natural, or are identical to natural? Afterall even plastic is carbon-based like a living organism? It only matters doesn’t it if it’s absorbed into the blood stream, and into the heart, brain and reproductive organs. Then it’s a numb-brainer, isn’t it? Literally!

External appearance without the internal experience, means outdated 1950’s superficiality that we left behind in the 1960’s has somehow re-emerged in the 21st century. Prudence begs the question of what value better-than-botox products have on long term health neurologically. Why not err on the side of safety and ask your natural health professional or your local health food store for products that are clean?

I’ve recently discovered a totally cool skin care line called Miessence. Observed results are remarkable even relative to other products that contain all organically grown ingredients, especially when combined with the Body’Fit Life exercise routine. Adrenaline released during exercise usually constricts blood vessels around the mouth and nose where aging shows, even while sweat is dilating vessels in the rest of the face. The only option is to maintain circulation of nutrients in the skin by transforming the action of adrenaline from constriction to dilation of blood vessels during exercise. Body’Fit Life changes the action of adrenaline from constriction to dilation of all blood vessels. This is how Body’Fit Life achieves skin tone and rejuvenation without surgery or manipulated molecules.
A couple of my favorite Miessence products are their Soothing Moisturizer and Lemon Myrtle Shampoo. Most moisturizers are soothing, right? I didn’t comprehend the possibilities of soothing smoothness until I touched my face with this moisturizer. And the shampoo put the zig back into my natural curly hair. I now understand why the skin, as the body’s largest organ, is such a significant player in our immune system health.

The release of stress was palatable. I really got that this isn’t about a utopian ideal of paradise on earth… it’s about long term survivial stratagy in the face of the incredibly complex imbalances we will have to live under for years to come.