[ Wrinkle Proof Skin ] via pH Anti Aging Exercise

Why wrinkle proof your exercise workout? While health isn’t just about beauty, natural beauty is a marker for health fitness that protects us physically, emotionally, and mentally. Achieving body pH balance faster each morning using specially designed exercise is a powerful wrinkle reducing secret that also provides profound benefit for directive function in the higher neural centres.

You know how areas around the mouth and nose go white when blood drains from the face under stress? Ultimately it’s the result of adrenaline pumped into the blood stream by the adrenal medulla and sympathetic nervous system; this happens anytime we’re awake and engaged in daily activity, even when walking or just thinking. This is the hormone that shuts down circulation in most of the body (including around the mouth during exercise even when the rest of the face is hot and sweaty) so the muscles can take flight or fight if necessary.

The cerebral circulation is protected from hormone, body pH, and other steady state disruptions by a blood brain barrier with one exception: the pineal gland. This little structure within the midbrain is responsible for monitoring what’s going on in the body and communicating with the brain (hence evolution didn’t put a barrier between the pineal gland and the rest of the body). The pineal gland plays such a key role in mind body awareness and integration, and is of such importance to both brain and body, it has a circulation second only to the kidneys.

Whenever blood vessels constrict in deep organs and skin innervated by the sympathetic nerves like around the mouth (as they usually do during exercise) it’s a sure sign the pineal gland has shut down as well. As blood volume shifts from the organs and skin to the large long working muscles, body pH drops and blood and cellular fluid become acidic. This in turn affects our mood (once the endorphins have worn off), speed of cellular renewal, and our ability to continue to master our environment as we age. So how do we get more blood into the skin and pineal gland during exercise? Just hanging upside down or doing a headstand isn’t enough for the effect to last all day, find out more…


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Currently Body’Fit pH Fitness™ (short form… pHx™) isn’t available to the general public, please contact Meta Living Design for details.

Balance pH to Ignite Passion

What’s the fastest way to achieve the pH fitness to Ignite Passion?

When you reach for your  Peak Metabolic Potential (PMP™) without disrupting homeostatic pH, without anaerobic stress, and without without the drudgery of the same old same old, you’ll beat the blahs and get more out of exercise with elegance & style… .

Discover the three-in-one warm-up cool down workout everyone’s talking about. It’s no secret body pH balance is the health fit solution for sustainable avoidance, detoxification, and regeneration that can Ignite Passion.


Currently Body’Fit pH Fitness™ (short form… pHx™) isn’t available to the general public, please contact Meta Living Design for details.

As Fit as Madonna in Minutes

How do I stay as young and fit as Madonna in a lot less time, even though I’m a lot more advanced in years? It won’t take much more than a minute to find out , just click to the bodyfitlife.com video below. After 35 years I can honestly say that a daily round of Body’Fit pH Fitness ™ (short form… pHx ™) helps me stay in as good shape (or better) as Madonna’s workout does in four hours.

Consciousness: Anti-Age Tipping Point

You’ve probably heard it a thousand times… if you do the right thing for your body 80 percent of the time, your body willl take care of itself the rest of the time. And actually, the 80/20 rule does seem to work. Obviously our body is much more capable of handling the stress of poor health habits when we’re a lot younger though, and that’s where I find the theory breaks down. In order to maintain the youthful vitality of my 20’s with advancing age, my body is imperceptively requiring that I take care of it, rather than the other way around.

Instead of being unconscious 20 percent of the time and still get the benefits of anti-aging like I used to, I’m increasingly having to consciously avoid synthetic toxins, eat a diet high in raw fresh fruits and vegetables, Udo’s omega oils and take vitamin’ s manufactured by nature like Umac Core plankton and Lake Klamath blue-green algae, and get the right kind of exercise that restores acid base equilibrium of the body by balancing the pH instead of imbalancing it like most exercise does.

Yeah I used to skip doing my Body’Fit routine a couple days a week (OK maybe more like 3 or 4 days a week), but now I know if I don’t make an intentional effort to do the 7-15 minute exercise program every day (well I am 50-something) I just don’t get to enjoy the benefits of a lithe agile body that comes with it. Or say I’m doing a lower bowel cleanse that requires no raw fish, I need to be very conscious about the 20 percent cheat rule, because for me it’s more like 5 percent on that one.

You see it’s not something you can perscribe for someone else, it really requires listening to what your own intuition is quietly telling you before your body has to scream it at you. And then of course following through takes will power, in the face of peer pressure, etc. Call it character building… we’ll need it by the time the 20 percent cheat is down to 2 or 3 percent, won’t we?

Add More Anti-Aging to Workout

To me the basis of health is rejuvenation; the ability of all the cells of the body to rebuild and renew themselves continually. To do this the cells need to be able to get the raw materials (nutrients) in, and get the by-products of metabolism and other toxins out. If this is done effectively and efficiently, the body can maintain a youthful vitality into old age.

Exercise, detoxification, and diet are being increasingly recognized as the most effective way to achieve anti-aging. Diet provides the nutrients, detoxification gets rid of the waste that clogs up the cells, and exercise helps in the movement of both lymph and blood. Because exercise also tends to pull blood out of the viscera and cut off circulation to the abdomen, I always add the Body’Fit pH fitness routine to my workout. It’s designed to optimize circulation equally to every tissue in the body in minutes. I find once both my organs and muscles are functioning at their peak, anti-aging weightloss results from the rest of my workout are fast… far faster.