pH Fitness Jump Starts Your Workout

Wait… before stepping onto that treadmill for your cardio warm-up, think. What’s happening to your heart as it goes from zero to 60? Wrong. Shocking? Well as a matter of fact, it is to your heart. As the big and bossy muscles start to push their weight around demanding more blood, the heart muscle gets a cold start.

With the rest of the body robbed of up to 90% of its blood by the large long muscles, the heart muscle itself is left with the measly fraction of one percent, a (point) .125% increase. Even though it’s pumping a lot more blood during exercise, heart tissue typically gets a mere one-tenth of one percent increase relatve to the other muscles of the body. Physically the result may look good but adding more depth and substance, physiologically, will serve heart health more in the long run – literally.

This is one of the defining differences between fitness and ‘health fitness’ (a term bandied around ever since it was coined by us a decade ago as if they’re one and the same). Muscle balance impacts fitness, while body pH balance impacts health – can’t have one without the other. More depth and substance necessitate more blood, deeper. The physiological engineering required to accomplish this in the human organism is of sophisticated design. To get more out of exercise, radical measures in terms of design must be taken to achieve an aerobic-anabolic workout that fits the new health fitness paradigm.

Body’Fit pH Fitness™ exercise , or pHx™,  gets the heart working for itself rather than giving it’s life up in servitude to the bigger and bossier. The pHx warm-up cool down system is not the only way to accomplish this feat, however if you like fast and furious this is it. Body’Fit pHx gets it done with unprecedented sustainability in respect to time, space and comfort. Plus pHx takes care to equalize VO2max in all muscles large and small, with its comprehensive series of movements that takes minutes to complete. Completion of the whole cycle of exercises in the routine is greater than the sum of it’s parts. Needless to say design like no other entails much more extensive explanation, not within the scope of this essay; suffice it to say, it goes beyond orthodox propound.

What is, is, and similar doesn’t cut it, and this becomes obvious in high performance sport and business arenas. Now that you’re thinking extra edge … leave the rest up to your sense of purposefulness. Or if you still need more information Google “pH fitness” and it will warm your heart.


A Happiness Message to Oprah is here to help you return body pH to normal balance (with muscle balancing efficacy in as little as 5 minutes) before and after an acidic workout (Body pH balance has many benefit for health, wealth and happiness. Compression of body mechanism is the bases (no pun intended) for an exact body pH fit that gets More Out of Exercise™. Surprise yourself…. add it to your workout today Dr. Young is right about alkalinizing, Oprah Winfrey.

Warm-up Your Breathing with pHx™


Body’Fit Life is a website destination well worth visiting especially if you’re a sports enthusiast or exercise aficionado that’s keen on squeezing more out of exercise with the latest advancements in fitness design. The Body’Fit pHx™ routine is a warm-up cool down with a difference, not the same old same old. The total body all-muscle aerobic sequence remains pH balanced at all degrees of intensity and speed due to it’s innovative breathing that renders hyperventilation unnecessary. making it ideal for sports recovery and improving exercise and performance results. At you can even try a couple of the exercises in the 24-exercise, there’s a free video right on the site.