Ionic Heart Health

“Gmo anti caking agent in salt and spices, now standard internationally, affects cellular electricity quickly ionically and daily; resist the attack and protect your heart, bones and joints.” Suzanna Aaring 2017 #thenewwaytothink



“Because the energy of clarified CONSCIOUSNESS itself is always in perfect order and harmony, it heals body and mind AMAZINGLY QUICKLY since we then seek out CLEAN TOXIN-FREE FOOD, AIR AND WATER as soon as we notice how quickly we degenerate when we don’t.”  Suzanna Aaring 2017 #thenewwaytothink



Survive and Thrive

“Truth is the root of life, if we don’t meet the challenges of reality with precision, humanity won’t survive or thrive in perpetuity.” Suzanna Aaring 2016 #thenewwaytothink

Culture’s Root

“Cultural unity’s rooted in the food we eat, global glyphosate-contamination sets a new normalcy bias that numbs the senses, veils consciousness.” Suzanna Aaring 2016 #thenewwaytothink

Trust Your Good Sense


“Even home canning lids aren’t exempt from reach of the long arm of chemical contamination, if you think that smell is normal, think again why the smell gets on your hands and is difficult to wash off… use your senses to protect your health.” Suzanna Aaring 2016 #thenewwaytothink

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“Profanity is the litany of lawlessness that degrades human reason and the ability to assess reality.” Suzanna Aaring 2016 #thenewwaytothink

Philosophic Roots

“The thought fragment of this one small compromise just this one time won’t make any difference is how the system is rigged.” Suzanna Aaring #thenewwaytothink Continue reading

Freedom and Enlightenment

“Destroying the integrity of reasoning: logic, intellect, intuition, consciousness itself, using all accumulated knowledge of the mind, skews human evolution for enslavement never before known in the history of humanity.” Suzanna Aaring 2016 #thenewwaytothink



Clean energy changes everything

“Non-polluting fast fission uses nuclear waste as fuel, and is one of most significant advancements for changing life for the better; it’s  now possible to clean up the planet” – Suzanna Aaring 2014

Universal Principles

“What goes around really does come around, karma is hard currency, repayment’s non-negotiatble.” — Suzanna Aaring 2014

Economic diversification

“Economic diversity is the best way to discourage worldwide conflict and encourage a mindset of health and wellbeing.” — Suzanna Aaring 2014


“A community that deludes is on a collision course with dissolution no matter how friendly its fraudulent face.” — Suzanna Aaring 2013

Food Freedom

“As the final fruit of the earth we cannot perpetuate the species when cut off from our roots, we’re inseparable from nature.” — Suzanna Aaring 2013



“Uncompromised intelligence is the outcome of spirit and passion which is the outcome of balance in mind, body, and emotions.” — Suzanna Aaring 2013

Objective Reality


“When prevailing behaviour modification concerns itself with convincing us there’s no such thing as objective reality, the scientific understanding of our mind-body becomes paramount.” – Suzanna Aaring 2013

[ pHx ] Why the Unusual Focus? Part II

Three things need to happen to accelerate the normalization of body pH to steady state levels whenever blood and cellular fluid becomes acidic under stress which splits mind and body. The warm-up cool down criteria required to achieve a pH fit with any program of physical exercise include:

pH Fit #1 
Design of the breathing pattern needs to fit the oxygen needs of each movement with such precision that the usual quickening and heaviness of breath during exercise is never observed under any circumstance of speed, intensity or duration.

pH Fit #2
Circulation of blood and lymph which usually gets shut down in the deep organs during exercise as fluid volume shifts to the large long working muscles, needs to be addressed in order to distribute oxygen and electrolytes more equitably between all tissues of the body.

pH Fit #3
To prevent the competition for oxygen between tissues during exercise when the same V02max isn’t (and it usually isn’t) achieved in the small muscles of the wrists and ankles as in the large muscles, it’s necessary to oxygenate the anatomical cavities in order of greatest blood volume and work the muscles in corresponding sequence.

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Degenerative Disease


“Auto-immune disease is like a country going to war against itself, the connection between somatic relevance and directive function in the higher neural centres has disintegrated.” — Suzanna Aaring 2012