A day at the game

It was a while since I’d been to a game, and I was pumped to see some football at the newly revamped BC Place Stadium with its state-of-the-art retractable roof. So you can imagine what a shock it was to see the blight of swarming yellow jackets that had descended on the place, who searched my private property violating my personal boundary without warrant). The physical invasion of privacy as an equal human being however was nothing compared to the barrage of mental abuse we were about to be subjected to.

The stream of ads circling the stadium were selling more than trucks, insurance, and regular stuff. Mind manipulation rran the gamut from subtle to not so subtle with, “STAND UP, BE HEARD, get help” leading the charge just in case you didn’t take kindly to your treatment at the door. “IS SOMEONE OR SOMETHING BOTHERING YOU, call us.” Why, so the NSA can keep tabs of you? The brainwashing was truly mind blowing, “CANOLA OIL, GOOD FOR EVERY BODY.” Wow, the big GMO corporations must be feeling the heat to be pushing aptly named rrapeseed oil used in cheap restaurants at a football game. But the hypocrisy of the perfunctory anti-bullying campaign, and a fracking company on the shaky grounds of masquerading as champions of women’s rights, took the canola soaked cake so to speak.

When those invested by society with the function of guarding our health and security become dysfunctional bullies with a hidden agenda, we need to remember that no matter how many manmade laws  (put in place when we were still relatively free) are mangled, universal laws can’t be changed they can only be broken. I noticed many long standing CFL supporters and season ticket holders in the VIP section where we had seats are no longer there. I guess since the BC Lions pride campaign switched loyalties to the new fortress funded monochromatically by Coke and Budweiser, some fans are not willing to put up with purposely being intimidated by the very people they employ, and then perversely told it’s for their own good. A lot needs to change before BC Place recovers my patronage, this was one customer experience that left a very bad taste in my mouth.

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