Three Tips for Top 1% on LinkedIn

How did I achieve the top 1% most viewed profiles on @LinkedIn for 2012? My passion for accomplishment lead me to focus on three main points of attraction:

  • Profile Photo I attribute my success primarily to, believe it or not, my photo.  I made the conscious choice to have a photo taken by a professional. I didn’t just pose for a traditional profile picture or worse yet go for something ad hoc that was too small, too dark, or unrecognizable as myself. My profile photo on LinkedIn is the result of an entire day of taking pictures in many different locations, in many different situations, from the perspective of the alchemy of dance. 
  • Participation The second most significant reason for my LinkedIn views of course is consistency, meaningful participation in all aspects of the LinkedIn community on a regular basis. I post discussions, I participate in discussions both in my own groups, Busy Woman Entrepreneurs and SportsVisionVideo, but also in as many other groups as possible within the LinkedIn platform. Even it’s just one little thing, I try to do something every day. I post updates, I ask and answer help questions.
  • Controversy Speaking the truth can be risky. When I made the decision to join LinkedIn I also made the decision to take that risk. I soon learned the high road isn’t the easy road, and you have to be prepared for backlash from those hiding behind a cloak of truth. However staying polite and professional has paid off and proved to be worth the obstacles and opposition. I’ve never been afraid to try new and different things, even if it’s cost me, even if I made mistakes. Mistakes often present new opportunities to do what you have to do to take responsibility for yourself, for business without compromising our innate principles as human beings.

Honestly, in retrospect I don’t think I would have had the guts if it wasn’t for a foolproof way to awaken will to do everyday, however pHx is not now available to the public, contact me for more information.

Ignite Passion with pHx™, Suzanna


Currently Body’Fit pH Fitness™ (short form… pHx™) isn’t available to the general public, please contact Meta Living Design for details.

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