An Effective Brainwashing Technique

A simple psychological research test reveals a wealth of information about how our mind can play tricks on us.

Participants were given a very monotonous meaningless task to perform and then given monetary incentive to lie to the next person in line that it was a very interesting task. Amazingly those least compensated actually came to believe their own lie, and most strongly defended the boring task. Transgression of integrity was the most easily denied by those who were paid the least, and ratiomalised by those who felt they had a solid financial reason to tell a lie.

This gives us insight into why people believe whatever they’re told if the truth is too painful to admit. Focus on the real issues threatens the comfort of denial, and so we divert our eyes. As long as we’re asleep to the perilous state of democracy we prefer any petty distraction to doing our homework. And that plays right into the hands of destructive powers which exist only if we naively believe everything we hear on TV or read in the newspaper, without question. From the slanting of definitions in your computer dictionary to the sandwich board at your local cafe, without the necessary mental tools, we’re liable to be held hostage with a bombardment of deceptive messages. The default of neural networks completely anesthetized with unexamined fear, guilt, etc. is stunted mental development that renders us susceptible and vulnerable, with no protection whatsoever from white-washed lies.

Of course when we’re aware of how the mind works it’s much easier to catch ourselves. We need to be fully awake don’t we, to detect the telling inconsistencies that constitute today’s methods. For example all movies that have ever been made should be available on iTunes, yet the distribution monopolies only allow movies that suit their agenda or that have no choice but to distribute. For example Live and Let Die, the only James Bond movie filmed in the US, must contain some unacceptable footage since it’s been erased from the repertoire. It seems Edgar Hoover’s soulless dynasty  has virtually cut out authentic Charlie Chaplin Hollywood; ever notice there’s almost no watchable new movies on iTunes lately, and where are all the real stars? Honestly, few and far between who haven’t been compromised. Jim Carrey’s latest movie subvertely poking fun at Chaplin is the icing on the cake. I actually bought if for a minute, didn’t you? Although it’s interesting since posting this link on Twitter there’s a couple of Chaplin movies for rent without having to buy – rather obtuse but an improvement nonetheless. And the recent Sherlock Holmes movie hides behind Charlie Chaplin authenticity and steals it’s soul from the TV series even following the same acting and production style ): disgusting. Only Disney carries the torch of truth it seems; today’s Hollywood despise movies that have a noble heart because they point to the real villains of our world.

If video doesn’t appear then it’s been tampered with, and blog security has been breached.

Here’s an example from youtube: Are these legitimate Occupiers or simply infiltrators wearing cloaks of passificity carrying bags of money and bribes? Analyzing the discrepancies between Occupy protestors and impostors helps us decipher the truth we sense instinctively.

If we observe the general demeanour of the three people in the video we see they are all the same, the sunglasses, the clothing, and they’re so accustomed to having their needs cared for they don”t realize they stand out In the crowd. Listen closely, their turn of phrase is more of a certain segment of American urbanite than Canadian. We don”t talk like that. And it’s certainly not characteristic of the group at Occupy Vancouver. How else can you tell if they’re legit, or not? The police are lining up for their fancy pamphlets, and they’ve been well publicized by mainstream media.

However the kicker is the content of their message. They begin by setting the stage with a wishy washy pose they believe aligns with the peaceful milieu, except their exaggerated stance belies their intent. Each of the three pretenders has their own specialty, and this clues us in that they haven’t been randomly picked for the job. The real give-away is the third speaker who delivers the punch and divulges the agenda by introducing the concept of “privatization” as the economic future. This is in contrast to the interview by the award-winning journalist at Democracy Now where privatization of public domain is precisely identified as the cover by which our inalienable rights and freedoms are eroded. Rhetoric about how the 99% has suffered at the hands of inept government bureaucracy rounds out the package, ostensibly making military takeover by security forces, worldwide, more socially acceptable.


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