Apple Famine in Midst of Plenty

Apples, apples, everywhere, and not a single one to eat. The organic certification standards are anything but foolproof, in fact you’d think they were out to fool you. It’s been a bumper crop this year, yet conventional, certified organic, doesn’t matter, every variety of crisp crunchy juicy apple has been rendered inedible. At least that’s been the case here. What’s happened to all the apples, how could we let an apple famine happen?

As has become all too commonplace the latest miracle pre/ post harvest chemical is said to be safe even natural of course, however the criteria for safe obviously didn’t include so called ‘side’ effects like muscle cramps, blurred vision, joint pain, irritability, etc. (If you’re lucky the body puts on extra weight to store the toxins in fat cells which protects you in the short term until Obesity gets out of control.) Every three months a whole slew of new additives for fertilizers, fungicides, etc. for pre and post harvest is approved, and if body awareness, observation and experience are any indication, this last round has been a doozy.

If you haven’t felt 100% lately you’re not alone; it’s no secret that there’s a famine of health out there. The breakdown in the organic culture is not with farmers and retailers who have a long standing commitment to safe clean and unadulterated produce, it seems to be with the middleman: the shippers, distributors, and  handling packaging moguls. It makes one wonder, has this been done intentionally to keep targeted populations drugged, is it a way to limit the lifespan of a burdensome aging population, or is it simply the dysfunction of unconsciousness, without thought for anything but self-serving bad profit?

Certainly fragmented thinking and lack of internal tools for developing logical objective reasoning in terms of who we are as whole human beings, is not helping. Plus our bottomless debt has created an abyss where there’s never enough money. A continual stream has to continue to come from somewhere because it doesn’t circulate. But it goes deeper than that, doesn’t it? Stopped-up circulation is set up intentionally to benefit the 1%… a much more nefarious motive than simple greed is at work, which in a laissez faire market  would usually be rectified. The resulting polarization is the necessary adjunct for power mongers and monopolies seeking control over inalienable rights and freedoms.

Power in the hands of a few (could even be benevolent) is ultimately expressed as enslavement of the many, where the reality of equality within the pre-established structure of the human psyche eventually forces a conflict or, if we have the tools and the will to do the internal work, pushes our evolution to a new level of living, being and doing that transforms society. It’s no wonder people everywhere are taking a stand, following their heart and participating in peaceful proactive action. It takes courage, passion, and clarity of mind to rise up and see the effort through to real sustainable change, which to a large extent also depends on conscious choices as well as the availability of clean food, air, and water.

Berries, fruit, vegetables including lettuce, almost everything’s been compromizedpoisoned really. Flour is a real problem. Whole grain needs to be washed with hydrogen peroxide then dried and ground in a flour mill by hand to remove at least some of the neuro-active toxins. Of course if chickens eat the grain the contaminants transfer to the eggs too. Even supplements are suspect due to revised USDA standards for organics. Source bio-dynamic from local growers, get to know farmers who don’t put allowable anything on their crops (just make sure they protect themselves from sabotage) or try imported food that hasn’t been shipped from a country under the influence of GMO and food contamination policies. And beware of toxic product camouflaging as European imports, and of genetically engineered food mis-labelled as organic.

Why have we insisted on doing this to ourselves ad nauseum; this is the pressing question of our times isn’t it? Scientific, judicial, and social processes have become corruptible in the last few years especially. It would be naieve to believe we can reach realistic agreement regarding either the problems or solutions without a clear basis for understanding that we must live within natural laws to survive. Social decay is pushing our internal evolution like never before. We need to become clear about t scientific exploration fits our body, otherwise the perils that have threatened our health and well being cannot be overcome. Objective measurement of the possibilities of the psyche is required for full realization, and it’s easier when we know the territory, exactly. Otherwise as we’ve seen, we can end up back at square one in a most inopportune crisis if we don’t get it right and wake up.


Currently Body’Fit pH Fitness™ (short form… pHx™) isn’t available to the general public, please contact Meta Living Design for details.

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