David Suzuki at Occupy

To his credit, David Suzuki did identify nature as the pre-established template for economic sanity. He pointed out that nature doesn’t adhere to man-made concepts in fulfilling it’s cycles of health and well being, and if something isn’t working we can and must change it. However David Suzuki’s address at Occupy Vancouver fell short of a solution in that, I’m sorry, but the circulation of money has never contributed to our problems, on the contrary. No generation can be blamed for spending too much, not even if baby boomers presented a convenient scapegoat for the one percent. The call to younger generations by David Suzuki to lower their sights, spend less and save more with a goodly sprinkle of altruism, is propagation of exactly the same self sacrificing scarcity mentality that’s brought about this historical moment of planetary crisis.

To say that we should only have what we need, not what we want, is simply not enough for human beings to fulfil their potential. When we hold the belief that everything is scarce, we must continue to produce more and more out of fear just to make money – EVEN IF WE DON’T WANT IT AND IT’S HARMFUL TO US. So it’s this unsustainable way in which we’ve made money, and how money has been put into circulation as debt only, to allow the one percent to get something (just about everything) for nothing, which ultimately blocks unrestricted distribution of wealth. The bare essentials of survival may work for lower animals, however the moment increase stops in our lives, death and dissolution immediately set in.

To be fully human we must also have the freedom to determine our destiny and explore, discover and fulfill the dreams in our hearts; order without freedom is pointless. Evolution has provided for every human being to have everything we want. We live in a world of absolute abundance, there’s no need for repression. There’s enough wealth on this planet for everyone to have as many yachts as they want if that’s what we really want, but as things stand stagnant, symbolic of status, right now most people who own a yacht don’t ever hardly use it. (No one ever tells a tree to stop growing, it balances itself out. No one ever has to tell another species to control it’s population, it balances itself out. If we remember that we can all have what we want, there are too many yachts because only people who really loved yachting would own one, for a buzz of activity dockside.)

Unless you can use it for increase in your life, don’t plunder for the sake of status of ownership. Every room in the White House is used for example, but building a 35 thousand square foot mansion for two people who don’t actually use all the space except maybe once or twice a year for a party, is a problem because the resources aren’t being used for anyone’s increase. If every person who has 50 cars sitting in their garage, donated a Mazaradi or Ferrari to Zipcar, the shared-vehicle industry would explode. Driving a Lambourghini once or twice may be all that a lot of people want to experience, since it would give enough increase to move forward. Each time we experience an increase, it opens the door for more increase.

Restricting the possibilities of increase by corporately-funded policies eventually forces people into corner where the only option left is to Occupy public space. In my research I have found that some of the most brilliant young minds have staked their claim on democracy at Occupy Vancouver. The freedom stake-out community is constantly in committee developing and innovating; it’s an example of living democracy in action where the collective intelligence increases with a process where every voice can be heard independently. They’re attempting to define a method whereby what we choose. we choose together, consciously. Fortunately people have reached a level of evolution that they can achieve change peacefully without violence, as we saw in the Middle East when a government was overthrown by an internal commitment to unity in the hearts of it’s people.


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